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    I guess we haven't mentioned it here, but it's been all over my FB feed ever since the news came out on Monday. She is moving to California to live with her husband and thus can't continue working with the band. I wish her and Erick much happiness in their new life together. But sad to see her go. I can't imagine any other female singer filling her place. It will be interesting to see what Samuel does.

    One of my favorite live recordings of Después de todo (yes not perfect audio quality but lots of sentimiento y manana).

    Ahh both Formell and Pedrito Fajardo have passed away. Wow these were good days... :(

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  2. Lucky I saw them in France late last year! She was really impressive.
    Where on Facebook does this news exist? Google doesn't give anything away. Did she issue a statement? I'd imagine she will still pursue solo projects. Maybe Mayito will return and I can see them play La Habana a Matanzas 0_0
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  3. timberamayor

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    The news came out 1 week ago. No official statement just sort of the grapevine. She wrote about it a few days later and I think she even recorded a video talking about it but I wasn't able to find it. I wrote post about it at a few days ago and she even shared that at facebook :) I think Cubadebate also did a tribute thing of her 5 most popular videos.

    Here is anyway a link to her response to a Miami guy who tried to make something sinister of it.
  4. If only I understood Spanish... I got a rough idea of her posts from the translate tool though. That's enough of a statement I suppose. Timba has lost Ailyn and Yeni to USA :(
  5. timberamayor

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    And others as well who hadn't been singing as long so were less well known. Yordamis - from Bamboleo, Ingrid - From Azúcar Negra
  6. timberamayor

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    Ingrid - When she left Azúcar Negra Limonta finally decided to not have anymore female singers.

    Yordamis - I always loved this song. Ah back in the day when Vania was still in the band.
  7. That's a shame, what was the reported reason? The females of Azucar Negra have given the band a lot of identity in my opinion.
    Ingrid sounds good, I will try find more AN songs with her on, thanks!
    Whenever I listen to Bamboleo they seem like a second rate AN :/
  8. timberamayor

    timberamayor Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I think he just got tired of looking for more female singers and being "betrayed" - but he said that inside Cuba it's better to have guys because the ones who go out then are women and here the women go, the men go :)
  9. Haha I'm not sure how valid that reason is, I would think the former reason you suggested is more likely the case.
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    Oh wow ... so glad I got to see LVV with Yeni before she left.
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  11. timberamayor

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  12. The announcement was a bit anticlimactic, kind of hard to disagree with you but its still early days so let's see how she performs on new recordings. She did a pretty good song on Arrasando.

  13. Marcos

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    Women seem to do just fine in the US, in fact the last two Superbowl performers were women (Beyoncé, Lady Gaga); so I wonder if there's some machismo culture thought process to think women only pull men vice other women also (as if the reason I like to see a live band it's to check out the singers). I also think it's a bit of a double standard to mention a feeling of being betrayed by female singers, when it's so common for Cuban male singers to drop their band and switch at the worst possible timing for the band. I remember when Pepito left Pupy and he had to re-record "Se Parece a Aquel" with Michel Perez for the music video, who left him after they'd already recorded a number of songs for their next album forcing Pupy to re-record the songs.

    I think Vanessa can do fine singing, I'm more concerned that she joined them as a favor and will only stay for a short time until they can find a more permanent replacement.
  14. timberamayor

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    I think you will definitely see more women at a CH concert than a Bamboleo concert, whether it is machismo or whatever. Anyway, Limonta did not say he felt betrayed, that's my word. maybe more correct would be that he got tired of looking for female replacements. It is definitely harder to find female singers who are good at singing timba (or interested in singing it?) It's much easier to replace a male singer in Cuba than a female singer, so less of a headache if /when bandmembers leave.

    Lots of the 2nd and 3rd tier bands are constantly "mined" for singers. Calzado has taken singers from AN as have Maykel Blanco and Bamboleo while MB has in turn lost singers to Manolito and Pupy etc etc.

    I guess we'll see how things turn out with Vanessa.
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  15. Marcos

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    I fully agree with you that female singers are hard to replace, not only in Cuba but worldwide in timba, salsa, merengue, and other Latin genres.

    I thought about this and also came up with a theory as to Limonta's problems, which is that Limonta developed his female singers first and foremost, so that when they left him for more popular bands or to do solo careers it was harder for him to maintain the popularity of his band as many of the fans also left with those singers. Point in case I listened to 3/4 of Andar Andando (AA) this morning, and then listened to Ya No Hace Falta (YNHF) (just had time for the one track and not the full album). The differences were exactly what a person would predict based on the different backgrounds of Limonta and Valdez, but not only that the male singer doesn't get a song out until after 3 or 4 Haila tracks in AA. In all of the Haila AA tracks the band sounds more like they're backing her VS YNHF, which along with two other tracks in that album is longer than any AA track, but it also has more breaks, mambos, and montunos that give more emphasis to some or all of the musicians than I heard in any AA track.

    BTW, when I first heard the YNHF I didn't even know who Limonta was and all the drama of their departure. But listening to the song now, in the context of its release right after he split from Bamboleo, it does appear to take direct aim at Limonta.
  16. timberamayor

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    I've never though of YNHF in terms of their relationship but that could well be :)

    I think that AN was definitely focused very much on a Haila cult at first. I know that they used to have fans rushing the bus when they would tour Cuba with her. He was lucky to have another strong female lead with Tanja after Haila, but then things faltered a little in terms of having someone who totally dominated the stage. When I first met them it was Biunaikis Marquetti and Ailyn (who was 17 at the time) and within a couple of years Biunaikis moved to Romania leaving just Ailyn. I'd say that Ailyn grew more into that type of singer towards the end of her time with AN and kept developing in Bamboleo. Then after Ingrid moved to the US I think he just was tired of it. I would have been LOL
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