Woman weight to be lifted in tricks?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by DiVachata, May 2, 2017.

  1. Dissonant Harmony

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    Good things I have been told I have the instincts of a father! :cool:

    Thank you! This dance was very interesting to watch - it actually made me want to dance Argentinian Tango as well.

    -Plus I really liked the music!
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  2. terence

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    Most that begin T/Arg, never quit .
    The variety of styles are also interesting, from Nuevo to Milonga ,and Tango Waltz ; it has more " drama ", dance wise than any social dance..
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  3. DiVachata

    DiVachata Changui

    Oh my , you liked it Dissonant ! Then you have to watch this:
    Its called milonga, a quicker paced Tango

    youtube . com / watch?v=_4G03HpzArc
  4. DiVachata

    DiVachata Changui

    Thanks! Any other tips Live2Dance ?
  5. Live2dance

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    Any time DiVachata! My advice is to reduce the lifts to a minimum especially in a social context. I enjoy watching dancers which are "grounded", in other words they "feel" the floor or push/apply pressure into the floor if you like. If you are going to do a lift then the same push into the floor should be there but this time "through" your partner. This is why you both need to have good postures/frames and be close to each other during the lift or risk both of you ending on the floor.

    But as I said above, my advice is to reduce lifts and concentrate on the quality of the dance. Especially this "grounded" feeling. Bigger ladies are usually more grounded than thin ones as they prefer to really step every step (transfer fully their weight) while more often thin ladies tend to keep their weight in the middle. Full weight transfer helps the dance a lot and this is why I don't mind at all dancing with bigger ladies. In fact, I would say that up there, on my top 3 dance experiences are 1 if not 2 ladies which were definately rounder but dancing with them was divine. One was an Italian lady called the "queen of reggaeton". Amazing! So don't worry too much about size but focus more on quality.
  6. Offbeat

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    WTH yuca ? :) You don't even live in LA! I don't think lifts are common in LA social dancing.
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  7. DJ Yuca

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    Apologies to the LA salseros, however to be fair they did make a name for themselves back in the 90s as tricks fanatics. Glad to hear that's no longer the case.

    Incidentally I have already been corrected:

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  8. DiVachata

    DiVachata Changui

    Sorry been MIA in some tango workshops that happen once in a blue moon around here so you cant miss them ! Super advice !!! Awesome, yes !
    The push of the ground now I recall those words from a workshop taken about 3 years ago and can relate it to tricks too.

    Im glad you had a great dance with the rounder girls :) thats cute !!
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  9. MacMoto

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    You've already received good advice, but I'd like to stress that you should NOT try lifts in socials! Lifts and tricks require very specific training, and you risk injuring yourself or your partner if you don't know what you are doing. Both you and your partner need to have core strength and know the exact technique used.

    When I was in a student team, our choreography included a shoulder-height lift. The instructor demonstrated it first with his favourite tricks partner and it worked fine, but when he did it with another teacher (who was very slight and slim but hadn't practised the lift enough), it didn't quite work, and he pulled a muscle and was in pain for a few days as a result.
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