Whom have you danced with from SF?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Jambo, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Kading

    Kading Rhythm Deputy

    Danced with first SF'er today: MacMoto!

    May the list continue to grow!
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  2. I think I've only danced with Brownskin818 so far. She's an amazing dancer!

    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

    Lolita!!!!@NY congress last year, and LVG the year before, I remember the LVG one was so much fun!!!!,Thanks SF shine compilations.

    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

    I would like to dance with her too!!!
  5. David

    David Administrator Staff Member

    So great to see this. I need to see who is in Southern California, preferably OC and hopefully dance with someone too. I think I am at zero. :(
  6. GoofusMaximus

    GoofusMaximus Changui

    Is there anybody from Bay Area on here? I also want to rise up from nil.
  7. salsamarty

    salsamarty Rhythm Deputy

    Danced with Azana tonight at El Valenciano in San Francisco.
  8. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    See? If you dance with me, you get lots of likes! Hint, hint :)
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  9. salsamarty

    salsamarty Rhythm Deputy

    Azana, thanks so much for the dance tonight. Glad you got to see San Francisco while we were having some summer-like weather. Have fun in Tokyo.
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  10. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    its not easy to find you. thats a success!

    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

    Scubasalsera @ Houston Salsa Congress, thank you for a really fun dance!!! It was also really cool to meet you for the first time!!
  12. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    Oops I haven't been updating this for a while...
    1-10: yola / salsaForfun / Claire_Brummell / Jamie / manou / praecantricis / azzey / HF / z_zapper / sweavo
    11-20: Capibaribe / Deeply Dippy / Daffy / Pierre / TheBear_CanDanceToo / KP-salsa (both K and P) / mamboboy21 / pr / Supersoren / Goace
    21-30: DjDuste / salsashoes / Jambo / Brendan / narcosis / hyh / nowhiteshoes / shaka / Brownskin818 / GForce85
    31-40: Offbeat / opm1s6 / PielCanela / vin / Beto / AndrewS / smiling28 / jayzen / sac / AndrewD
    41-50: Sunsoul / KelvinYee / Luke / Caroline / Flujo / TrulyMadlyAmanda / SalsaGipsy / DaveFUK / Antigone / SheilaB
    51-60: lolita / dj_nick / J&A (J but not A) / Blair / emarrific / Oki_On2 / Julliet / Jolinia / Yupuhhuh / Ptwist
    61-70: LastQuestion / vata07 / mangomotion / Salsamarty / SuperMario / Emma Moore / GuyDC / redsalsero / kbitten / olamalam
    71-80: Lilith / thepresenceon2 / Ayatakeoks / Estoniana / Andree / WessexSalsero / Toan-Hoang / musicistheanswer / DJJamil / TallMan
    81-90: Sam Mr.Sleek / TwoLeftFeet / tresto / lurker / bolivicano / SnowDancer / RugKutta / assinie / Pexava (both Shelley & Gill) / londongirl
    91-100: Soplo / desconocida / SirDancealot / wildbill20056 / salsology / Ciaran Hegarty / bas / D-riz / Flying Donkey / Sabrosura
    101-110 : Deeone / Alvinthethird / LookUpMaestro / DJ Yuca / robbertvw / chrisk / lyndwode / gijoy / tallpaul / owldancer
    111- : Smejmoon / Magna / super_tuga / Kading / GoldVision / salsaflix

    It was great to catch up with some of you in the past week :)
  13. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'd been planning to post my update, but a little intimidating to follow MacMoto's! I'm roughly one hundred behind, closing in on 10...(slot #10 has Smiling's name pencilled in :) ).

    However, I've been very fortunate - I've had multiple dances / interactions with everyone on my list, and the guys are all simply such lovely people. Local Hock Siew is a fabulous follower framer, and girls, if you haven't had a merengue with Offbeat, you is missing out! (and I got two HAHA! :) :D )

    1. Hock Siew
    2. Jag75
    3. Enetheru
    4. Natty
    5. Tresto
    6. Offbeat
    7. Salsamarty

    I strongly suspect there's at least one more in there, but haven't been able to confirm...
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  14. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Ok, I forgot to give you my SF name again. Because I use it only online. My 'Merican name's G. We met on the boat, but danced later at night. Lovely dance. We were surrounded by beginners on both sides at the stage. Whom you did not want to crush. I gladly would :)
  15. TrulyMadlyAmanda

    TrulyMadlyAmanda Shine Officer

    Ohhhhhhh! :D that explains why you remembered me from another year. :) you're a lovely dancer....more, more, more, please! :)
  16. thepresenceon2

    thepresenceon2 Rhythm Deputy

    Adding Cabaiguan, really fun nd easy follow, really really musical. Hopefully I'll see you again at lvg, looking forward to more dances.
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  17. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Adding GForce85. He's awesome!

    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

    Yeah big ups for GForce85 :dancingbanana:
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  19. GForce85

    GForce85 Rhythm Deputy

    Aww, thanks! Love your get-downness! Not even gonna try to find my last post in this thread, it has been a while lol
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  20. Slowdance

    Slowdance Descarga

    Has there ever been an official SF meetup? Like maybe a SF salsa cruise? :)

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