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  1. Benjamim Nande

    Benjamim Nande Changui

    At www.salsaportugal.com you can find everything about Salsa in Portugal. Where to dance, where to learn and much much more...

    In Portugal you can salsa :
    T Bar - Chaves - thursdays
    Lagar's - Braga/Amares
    In Club - Braga
    Sabor a Cuba - Porto/Matosinhos - Friday and Saturday
    Havana - Porto/Gaia
    El Sonero - Porto (biggest venue on the north) Thursday to Sunday
    Pé d'Salsa - Aveiro - Friday and Saturday
    Olaria - Aveiro - Tuesdays
    Autocarro Bar - Aveiro - Thursdays
    Azúcar e Salsa - Aveiro - Friday
    Via Latina - Coimbra - once a month
    M'Juana - Coimbra - Fridays
    Clepsydra - Coimbra - every other Wednesday
    Be'Bop - Montemor o Velho - once a month
    Sabor Latino - Leiria - Fridays
    Telles Bar - Fátima - every Monday
    Barrio Latino - Lisboa (biggest venue in Portugal) - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
    Havana Expo - Lisboa - Thursday Friday and Sunday
    Havana Docas - Lisboa - Thursday
    Mojito Compay - Lisboa/Bairro Alto
    Hawai Docas - Lisboa - Tuesday
    Tasca Latina - Almancil
    Havana Club - Armação de Pera
    Black Jack - Vilamoura - Friday
    Manjar - Portimão - Saturday
    Vitaminas Bar - Lagos
    Bar Património - Faro - Friday

    For detailed information, visit: www.salsaportugal.com
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  2. pr

    pr Capitán Del Estilo

    Welcome Benjamim Nande!!! :D I hope I will see you in the discussions too... :p
  3. estrella

    estrella Tumbao

    Hi benjamin is there some Salsa dancing in Semtember around Lagos ??? Would love to dance a bit there :)
  4. Miguel Miles

    Miguel Miles Changui

  5. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    Any new info welcome, especially about Lisbon... Is Barrio Latino still open?
  6. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    this weekend you will have a nice party

    Afterwards it really depends on when you go to Lisbon. Every time i went to Barrio Latino at the Expo, you would have lot more Kizomba dancers then salsa (they have 2 rooms).
  7. Thanks for that hint. Great!
  8. Juancho

    Juancho Changui

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum, I see lots of good information and I'm loving it. I don't know how to start a new thread thus I hope is ok to join this one as I have a related inquiry.

    I will be in Lisbon for three weeks in April, I just recently started learning Salsa On 2 and want to continue while I am in Lisbon. Could you guys recommend good academies in Lisbon to take On2 lessons. I understand that in Lisbon On1 is more prevalent but I am sure there might be some On2 venues. I thank you in advance for your recommendations.
  9. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    will you always be in Lisbon, or will you have possibility to move with a car?
  10. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Couple of things to keep an eye on:
  11. Juancho

    Juancho Changui

    Hexlibris, Many thanks for the information. I will get to Lisbon on the weekend of the 16 thus will try to go to the Salsa Open looks to be a great event with the DJ from Paris. On your first question, I will be in Lisbon and only see myself moving by public transportation when Im there. I see that two of the events you recommended are sponsored by dance schools, is there a best one to go to while Im there? The two I see are EDSAE and Jazzy Dance Studios. Thank you for taking the time and providing this information.
  12. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    Is Barrio Latino near Santos on Av. Brasilia? Some maps show it elsewhere..

    Is Barrio Latino Expo another club near Oriente?
  13. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura Maestro 'Sonero' Lavoe

    Hi guys, I'll be in Lagos between July 25-August 1, any salsa there, or near Lagos? The salsaportugal website doesn't seem to exist anymore and I couldn't find much info on Vitaminas Bar, the venue referenced in the original post.
  14. Hexlibris

    Hexlibris Sonero

    Sorry just came back from Lisbon, was on vacations :)

    Barrio Latino is near Terreiro do Paco. Correct address below:
    Rua da cintura do porto de lisboa armazem 1

    It was indeed at the Expo, but they moved some months ago.
  15. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    I went to Barrio Latino and it was good to see some nice dancers but it wasn't for me... As matty mentioned on another thread, very studio orientated and a lot of people coming in groups or as couples and not mingling so much. If you like on1 at a fairly good level it might be worth checking out, though.
  16. Mysto

    Mysto Changui

    Hi there I am new to this site! I read Matty's post. What does that mean 'very studio-orientated'? I am going to Lisboa this wednesday till saturday, so I have the wednesday, thursday and friday to go out. And if they all dance in pairs or come in groups I'll just drag one to the dancefloor...
  17. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    Is there a new site for salsa information in Portugal?
  18. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    Hi Dantes
    I will be in Lisbon and Porto during weekdays for meetings.

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