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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by David, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. David

    David Administrator Staff Member

    If someone apologizes too much, does that bother you? Maybe they didn't execute the move right, or they hit you with their arm. How do respond to someone that is always saying they are sorry?
  2. LarsM

    LarsM Nuevo Ritmo

    Depends on how well you know them, how many times they've done it etc. More context :)
  3. BMorin

    BMorin Son

    It can be annoying because a fair clip of the time I botched the lead (or lead a thing I shouldn't have) and the follow isn't experienced enough to know that.

    Sometimes I'll whisper "my bad" or "opps" when I blow a lead. But overall, this is a thing that happens a lot less as ladies dance with stronger partners.
  4. MrR

    MrR Son Montuno

    99% of the hits i take are not worth mentioning, taken by their impact.
    Some i make jokes about - like hits to my buffered chin or followers fingers in my nose (happens surprisingly often).
    Sadly often times the people, that really hurt others by kicking around do not apologize. Had a friendship breaking because a person injured me on an evening, that was important for me, and never apologized at all.
    Crashes to other couples are worth apologizing quickly most of the times. Within the couple, it's often times better to dance them off.

    In misfollowing the only thing that bothers me is counter leading. And those in most cases are not aware of their fault or even blame me for their mistakes. My DNA list has a lot of those ...
    There are some follows around who are aware of their tendency to back lead and apologize when they do, that is ok to show, that they are aware of it.

    But for normal misfollowing I advise all the follows i dance with: do not care. It's my job.
    If the connection breaks and you feel lost, do a little basic sexy move, smile and offer your hands (and don't forget to raise the left arm for a DQN/CBL or other catches).
    If they respect these 2 "rules" over 99% of the misfollows can be taken care for with beginner level methods without any problem.

    Another point i think is important, is apologizing for accidential inappropriate touches. Well, i do not dance ballroom Salsa, the hand can land wrong. I think a quick "sorry" and a bit more distanced dancing for a while to show, that you mean that, is appropriate. Specially with unknown follows I think it is important to make clear, that this was an accident but also not to draw too much attention to it.
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  5. David

    David Administrator Staff Member

    I thought you made some excellent points. I find myself apologizing to beginners when I dance with them sometimes. It may just be part of my personality but I try to show a sense of humility to make it clear that everything I do is far from perfect.
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  6. Joco

    Joco Changui

    When I dance with a beginner or a clearly less experienced follows than myselfa, and I notice they are a bit nervous, I say "my bad" or something like that whenever they mess up. It often relaxes them a bit.
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  7. meatythud

    meatythud Changui

    I spend a lot of time laughing while dancing, and some of my most FUN dances have been ones with lots of mistakes as we've just been giggling away together the whole time. If a follow doesnt get what im trying to do (probably my fault or else they just never learned it) sometimes i do it myself with a silly bit of exaggerated ladies styling. But if i've caused pain or accidentally mistouched then laughing as if having a whale of a time is clearly not the answer - a quick apology whether verbal or via hand gesture makes sense
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