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Discussion in 'Websites of Interest' started by Nuyorican, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Hello everybody –

    I have finally read all the old posts (of interest) on this forum starting from the beginning. I have to say it was eye opening. I am very grateful that this was the first website on Salsa that I visited. You guys have been amazing with the amount of good info and insights I have found here. As a result, I have been saved from becoming a pattern monkey as the school I take lessons at right now is a drop-in pattern of the week type school. It’s the only one I can take lessons at now due to scheduling issues.

    But now that I am caught up on the threads, I don’t know any other websites that have the type of info this one has. I have also already gone through the posts in the “websites of interest” , “music” and “dance “part of this forum.

    When I Google Salsa dance blogs or articles I don’t get websites that can even come close to this one. Most of the stuff I have come across has been pro nonstop spinning/turn pattern type stuff (not interested). I have even come across sites that put down live music (WTF - I recently saw Willie Colon perform at the Barclay Center in Brklyn and he was amazing!).

    Can anyone point me in the direction of another forum or website/sites that have the type of Salsa dance/music information that this one has? Looking for something to read on my downtime at work and right now I am addicted passionate about all things Salsa related.

    Thanks in advance
  2. TwoLeftFeet

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  3. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Thx TwoLeftFeet but I have already inhaled all of Dons articles. Great stuff.
  4. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    This is it, so enjoy.

    However if you want to go to the roots, try Unlocking Clave on Facebook.
  5. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    You actually read ALL the posts that related to your interest.. wow, what a mammoth task tha was !
    Anyway, as to teachers, I gather you are in the NYC area, and if that be the case, you have a wide choice of teachers .
    Buena suerte .
  6. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Terrence – Gracias. I have been lurking and learning from this site on my downtime at work for about 4 months now. It’s been an eye opening experience – to say the least (loved the sabor thread BTW).
    I have learned so much from you guys/gals and the info on this site has definitely shaped the way I approach my Salsa journey, thanks to knowledgeable people like you, Borikensalsero, Azzey, Richie Blondet, Sabrosura, Timbermayor, DJ Ara and others.

    I am a beginner dancer who loves the music with an insatiable appetite for all things Salsa related. I have not found anything even remotely like this site on the internet.

    I am going to my first Salsa Congress at the end of August (NY). Based on everything I have read here about congresses, it should be interesting.

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  7. BullitproofSoul

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    Now you create your own thoughts and post them.
  8. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    marseal - There is alot of good info on the sister site Danceforums. I tend to read the old posts starting from the beginning to now.
  9. Jaywhack

    Jaywhack Changui

    Try a new site called LatinDanceCommunity.com. There are some good articles there.

    Thisweekinsalsa.com is a pretty good podcast as well.
  10. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I'll vouch for ThisWeekInSalsa, they have some pretty big names on that podcast like Joel Dominguez (La Vieja Guardia, New York).
  11. dantes71

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