What makes a favourite lead/follow?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by salsachinita, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    One of the things I enjoy about my favorite follows is a sense of playfulness which allows me to improvise slightly outside the box without getting the Evil Eye.
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  2. Ron Snijders

    Ron Snijders Tumbao

    Definitely! The ones that give you a wink instead of a frown when you do something silly :)
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  3. Slowdance

    Slowdance Descarga

    I like a follow who doesnt balk when I try anything thats not on the list of moves that she knows I know. These ladies scared me when I first started dancing because they would react to what I was doing ... but I had little awareness of forces or indications that I was giving, but was unable to tell that I was giving.

    But now that I have a little more body awareness, these follows are great because I can see if my lead is clear, because they will respond to exactly what I do, whether I execute it well or not.

    Still, I try to maybe throw only 1 new thing into a dance with this type of follower because I dont want them to feel like an experiment. :)

    But its nice to be able to do something unexpected and have a chance it can work.

    Also, one thing that I like that probably speaks ill of me ... I like follows that can style without making it harder for me to dance. For example, doing a booty lift on 4 is fine, so long as they arent taking so long to come out of it that I struggle to move them down the lane on 5. I have actually been knocked off balance a couple times. Some follows tho can do the same styling but be ready to go on time. Thats what I prefer. Maybe its just poor skill on my part. Probably.
  4. HavanaCola

    HavanaCola Son Montuno

    My favorite poster on salsaforums doesn't post in red font as it make my eyes uncomfortable and changes my mood for worse.
  5. Same here. For me this means a bit of chit chat, laughing. Friendly social skills Sensuality trumps gymnastics. A guy can be an 'ok' dancer as long as he has confidence. We are all attracted to certain personality types and the guy either has it or he doesn't. The guy I'd want to dance with is the same one I'd want to spend 30 minutes having a coffee with.
  6. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    To me, the traits I want in a follow is a little like Maslow's hierarchy. At the bottom of the pyramid is lightness. This is absolutely essential for partnerwork 'flow,' so it's number one. Of course, because it's at the 'bottom' doesn't mean it's easy to achieve, because following complicated moves while being relaxed is extremely challenging! Second would be legit musicality, a girl who actually knows to count and accent the music. Third and at the top of the pyramid would be a playfulness to interject either in the middle of patterns or doing interesting, and even funny, shines. If she breaks out of the Susie Q mold and does the Nae Nae or even a running man, I might put a ring on it.
  7. cachondea

    cachondea Son

    For me ideal leads are those who

    - (if technically advanced) provide reassurance to me as an intermediate dancer. They do not have to totally adapt to my level, they can be as challenging as they want as long as I have the feeling that it is totally fine if I misread a signal. I like those who can laugh with me about “deer in the headlights” moments.

    -seem to enjoy and feel the music and are somehow able to reflect the flavor of the song in their dancing – and this is NOT a matter of repertoire (I’ve had a handful of amusing encounters with leads who after a few dances apologetically said that what I had seen were “all the turns they knew” as if had used them up :) ). I will HAPPILY follow a very basic pattern combination if it reflects the mood (changes) of a song.

    - not only “lead” and try to “parade” me as nicely as they can but actually dance themselves and seem to take pleasure in moving their own body. Again, not a matter of triple spins or show-off shines, but I prefer people who involve more than their fingertips in dancing (esp in line dancing, and there esp. on2)

    - aim to have a connection with me, which is related to avoiding unnecessary force and successfully guiding me through unfamiliar moves.

    So yeah, the usual suspects: positivity, musicality, sensitivity.
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  8. Nika

    Nika Son Montuno

    That´s more important to me than hitting every break! (Although I loove hitting the breaks, too :))
    And agree with everything else you wrote!
  9. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    The key word for "Follow " ( Its really us, the "lead", that follows ) is..quick response time.
  10. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    My favorite leader is
    1.Someone who invites me to create our dance togeter, and not just practicing his favorite combinations;
    2. Respectful, neat;
    3. Who likes experiments and try something new;
    4. Who does not show off;
    5. He also prefers to be himself and not copying someone else;
    6. The sense of humor and playfulness;
    7. Self-confident and independent. He is working on his own style.
    8. If we dance together, we both have to feel freedom and comfort.
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