What kills salsa

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Burritos, Jul 3, 2015.

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    I sent you a PM.
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    A thing that I don't like about salsa is the over saturation of it, it's like everyone thinks that someone should like it because they enjoy, but we all have our preferences and i prefer the variety, that is why I mainly prefer Bachata and sometimes try out Ballroom.
    Schools are too keen on patterns without working on the technical side and musicality suffers with most.
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    That article has been around since 1999 I think :) I am sure someone could have written a similar article in 1989. It is only restricted to the music part and doesn't have anything to do with the dancing aspect (which this thread is about). I think Richie covered more elegantly some of the aspects what the author of that article touched upon.

    The article explains the structure and why author likes the music from pre-70s. It does nothing to say "what kills salsa" really. One thing to note is that nowhere does author even allude that outside forces are killing it. Where as on the dance side, the most common refrains of those who criticize the way outsiders (i.e. non-latinos) dance, also seem to blame the outsiders for killing salsa :)

    Music and dance are both evolving. They may not be evolving according to what purists would wish. But more people are doing it than before (and of course perhaps less people in the country where the art form originated). Therefore it is kind of mental gymnastics to blame outsiders for killing an art form. Did pop or rock or country kill classical music? I doubt it. It is just that pop, rock or country became vastly more popular than classical music. Now the classical music aficionados can certainly blame the pop/rock/country crowd for killing classical music and how far it is removed from what "music" was supposed to be 17th or 18th century. But no one in their right mind will agree that any of these other genres killed classical music.
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    Your right. What was I thinking!!!

    The music never has anything to do with the dance. Not here anyway.

    I must have forgot where I was. My bad.
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    I think you misunderstood my comment. Are you saying the music is killing the dance ? :) Even if music and dance are intertwined (at least for the dancers), the forces that are changing the music and the dance are different. Music and dance are not the same thing. Dancers may care about the music. But how many people who are into music only, really care about dancing? And there are far more people who perhaps listen to the music, than those who dance to it.
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    Where I live, a whole lot (but not as much as before cause the music has changed).

    Maybe that's the way it is where you are from. The people I grew up with and around love both.

    We dance because we love the music. Because of the way it makes us feel.
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    And there, in a " nutshell" , is the driving force..
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    The number of salsa events and people at salsa events has been dropping for the last 10 years or so. Fashions change and many people are influenced by fashion. (There's still a big scene though.)
  10. Well that depends of the context. At least here in Finland the dance has been growing for the last 10 years :) If you don't count the general "latin" boom that was 10-15 years ago, but that has very little to do with salsa and more with basic clubbing to "latin" themed music and drinks. It seems to be coming back, anyway.

    And I agree with the people here who say that the dance and the music scenes are different. With the music scene I'm referring to musicians (professional and amateur) who don't necessarily dance, and with dance scene vice versa. Of course there are connections between the two, but at least the professional musicians who are also dance professionals are a rarity between non-Cubans! The stuff music students do in university-level education has very little if any connections to the dance scene, at least here. Maybe that's a bad thing, but it also means the the interests might go up or down without any direct contact with the other. And again, I'm not saying there aren't any connections between the two, it's just that they are not usually the same people who dance and who play music!
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    I have not been in a scene for 10 years, but I would say it is very stable for last 4-5 years. And what would be the new dance fashion? Kizomba seems over the peak of popularity. Pure kizomba parties are very rare, kizomba + bachata parties are may be 1/10 of salsa (counting linear and cuban together). But it is true, most salsa parties now are mixed salsa/bachata/kizomba.Swing dance scene (WCS, Lindy, etc) is more or less the same as before. Not involved in Tango, but it sounds very stable as well.
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    That could be very true for where you are at. But empirically not just in Cuba, NYC, PR, Columbia, DR, etc and not just in case of Salsa, but also in all other geographical areas and dance/music genres, far more people are music lovers that care very little about dancing. Wouldn't you say that is true? Is there something wrong about people who like the music and don't dance or don't like dancing to it?

    We are having this discussion in the context of the article which was cited. That article was all about changes over the time in Salsa music. That is all that author discussed. The author of that article was not approaching his subject matter through lens of a dancer. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? (query more directed at terence).

    Can we please keep discussion within the context. You are creating a strawman's argument (in this context).

    As far as relationship between the music and the dance, that is a fair game. But not in the context of that particular article. Plus we have been having and would continue to have many discussions on that relationship. Just that there is no need put up strawman's argument.
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    What the hell are you rambling on about ?? . I agreed with NYricans assessment, and you don't like my response ?

    Please forgive me for having an opinion !!!
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    Yes but we posted another article linking the dancing too! It is innefficient to keep openning new threads.

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