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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by lyndwode, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Speaking of awesome Celia songs, one of the instructors at the last congress I went to (Jose Diaz) played this killer tune:

    I totally fell in love and had it glued to my brain ever since. Recently visited Kuala Lumpur and requested the song from the DJ. He looked at me funny and said sure, he'd play it. After he played it and me and my gf had an awesome dance to it (with applause from the locals :) ), I went to thank the DJ for playing it. He had a tear in his eye as he said that was one of his favorite tunes, but unfortunately the local dancers didn't appreciate that style of salsa so he rarely played something like it. Made my day finding someone like that in Kuala Lumpur!
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    Willie Chirino....El manisero
    Alf De Fe...Juanaquita

    Latin Giants of Jazz... A Sunny day

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