website in spanish dedicated to salsa music?

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  1. cachondea

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    i'd like to work on my spanish while learning about salsa music (all genres) - i'm looking for a website that introduces new albums/artists and also discusses established artists and their music. can any of you recommend something?
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    There are probably some Colombian sites I would expect so maybe someone can help with that soon. In the meantime there is which is about Cuban music in general - not just salsa and really only Cuban music.But you can practice your Spanish.

    Here is an example of an article about a guy who is promoting a salsa romantica remake of his reggaeton song Déjala ir featuring a duet with Alexander Abreu

    Here's the song the article is about
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    thanks, i was looking for something like that! lots of interesting articles to choose from! (eg "mujeres que han hecho grande la musica cubana") I can't post links yet.

    on my own I've found ""
    additional suggestions are still very welcome!
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