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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by terence, May 26, 2013.

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  1. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Went to a local Social last nite (25th ).. apart from the music being some of the worst ever played, a very very high profile teacher, made this comment ( para. ) Just want you to all know, Im a Muslim and that, all muslims are not like the current killers in London " .

    This little speech, was given in the middle of a class segment, I happened to be watching.. thoughts ? appropriate ?,, Not ?
  2. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    If people are thick enough to not realise that already, I can't imagine telling them will help. Still, when someone is under pressure it can cause them to act inappropriately.

    What was the music like? English language salsa? I have visions of someone playing So Sick of Love Songs for the 10 000th time.
  3. Ciaran Hegarty

    Ciaran Hegarty Descarga

    Even if there was nobody there thick enough to believe that all Muslims are Islamic militants there may well have been people there wondering what his thoughts on the matter were. If he felt it was something that he needed to say then I don't see any problem with it.
  4. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    let me put it this way.. he ended the nite with a song by Shakira, in English ( the last ,of several others in english ) 3 decent salsas ALL nite, very up tempo, and more Regat. and Bachata than one can imagine.
  5. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    People may have been wondering if he had sympathies for psychotic murderers, because they share the same religion as him?

    I don't see a problem with it because he may well feel under pressure, however what he said was too obvious to need stating.
  6. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    Oh dear. Sounds like an Anglocised latino night.
  7. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    "Just want you to all know, I'm a Muslim and that, all Muslims are not like the current killers in London."


    I agree that most people are either intelligent enough to know that or too stupid to ever get it. Still, it needs to be said. The world always needs voices of truth and wisdom, especially in these complex times.

    The only criticism I have is dissing "the current killers" in London. Were they really Muslims, or were they operatives? If they were Muslims, WHY did they do it? Did they lose their entire families to Western bombs?

    To put it another way: How can the media call this an act of terrorism when NATO soldiers are killing people in several Middle Eastern nations on a daily basis?

    I haven't had time to really sit down and analyze this latest episode of terrorism, but I've heard some really weird stories about it, similar to the Boston Marathon bombing, which I'm absolutely convinced was NOT perpetrated by the people it's being blamed on.

    So people are free to seek safety with the flock and keep their mouths shut or speak their minds, but the former will never have my respect.
  8. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    By the way, if it isn't too late to change the title of this thread, it sounds awfully confusing to me. Based on your first post, it sounds like this guy really didn't offer too much information at all. Rather, he made a short controversial statement.

    No big deal. Just my two cents.
  9. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    not appropriate

    I don't think people should mix the two topics.
    in the capacity of a salsa event, people come there to forget about their worries and have some fun.
    talking about these things would make people feel uncomfortable.

    if you go to a restaurant the waiter is not going to blurt out something like this at you when you are ordering your food.
  10. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    I wouldn't compare salsa and dining. Latin dance is - how do you say it - worldly? It's a cultural experience. It has very deep roots in the community, even if those roots have largely been severed.

    Yes, people dance salsa to escape, but they're escaping different things. I've read so many stories about bike messengers who like to imagine they're important, computer programmers who like to imagine they're real men. I like to imagine I'm among intelligent, caring people - which is a huge escape from the reality that surrounds me.

    And if we start looking for excuses to not say kind things on behalf of Muslims or other persecuted groups, when are those things going to be said at all?

    I guess everyone's looking for their own bubble. ;)
  11. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    no i just think that when people go to a Salsa class, they go to a Salsa Class. not Necessarily to talk about politics, racism or religion.

    what he said, may be interpreted as a "nice thing" to say about muslims, but on the other hand you would have to be a complete dope to think otherwise, so it could also be interpreted as him thinking these people are complete dopes:) you just don't know how people will react.

    why not compare salsa with dining? :D
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  12. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    But it wasn't a salsa class; it was a social (a dance). And to be perfectly honest, we do live in a world of dopes. In fact, I've seen some pretty amazing, almost grotesque, statements on this very forum. If the salsa scene has really become that right-wing, then may members of the community need to start punching back.

    This isn't the best example, but it kind of makes the point. Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing, someone posted a link to a memorial for a professional dancer whose foot was blown off. That's undeniably tragic, but I was a little shocked to discover that her husband had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan - as a Major in the U.S. Air Force!

    So how many children's heads did this guy blow off? Serious question. The masses mourn for his wife while ignoring the countless children who have been maimed and murdered.

    This isn't a trivia game; it's reality - it's the world we live in.

    Now if someone interrupts a salsa dance to deliver a lengthy political diatribe, that might be a little tacky. But this - "Just want you to all know, I'm a Muslim and that, all Muslims are not like the current killers in London" - is not only appropriate, it's cool. I have ten times more respect for that man than I do for those who support the war machine or don't give a damn because they're too apathetic.

    P.S. Your point about most people being complete dopes is a good one, however, and you do need to choose your words very carefully.
  13. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

  14. manteca

    manteca Son

    Yes I think his comment as appropriate for a social dance. If you want everybody to enjoy a party and relax, sometimes it's good to point out the white elephant in the room that everybody is trying to avoid mentioning. Once you get it out in the open, people can breathe, relax and get on with enjoying the night. Good call on his part.
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  15. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    Good point. In a sense, you're doing everyone a favor by letting them know who/what you are. If they're apathetic, fascists or just plain stupid, they're free to dance with someone else.

    Now that I think of it, I'm tempted to drop a political line now and then just to avoid some of the dopes I've danced with. ;)
  16. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Thats exactly what he said, no more no less.. and, a class setting is, in my mind,hardly the approriate place to give a religous viewpoint.. In matter of fact, In all my yrs ,never heard anyone invoke religion , into a class setting.. just sayin
  17. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    WHAT white elephant ? who the hell knew he was muslim ?, ( and more important ,WHO cares !! ) that only may serve to exacerbate any hidden feelings.
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  18. Paredón!

    Paredón! Son

    I thought you said it was a social? A class would be a little different.

    Also, I wouldn't really call this a religious sermon. In the U.S., just about anyone who has dark skin and wears a scarf or turban or throws a towel over their shoulder is likely to be labeled a Muslim.

    The bottom line: A group of millions of people are being unfairly and ferociously persecuted around the world, while most Americans just sit on their butts in apathetic silence. How is the situation any different than Nazi Germany? Seriously.

    If there's a really stupid person at the social who thinks every Muslim/Mideasterner has a bomb hidden in one of their shoes, then let them show some similar backbone in voicing their concern... "Could you please let us inspect your shoes?"
  19. nowhiteshoes

    nowhiteshoes Pattern Police

    This thread will not end well....
  20. DJ Yuca

    DJ Yuca El Sabroso de Conguero

    I don't know what it's like where you live, but in pretty much the whole of the UK, we live side by side with Muslims, and we all know the overwhelming majority have no sympathy for the deranged individuals responsible for the recent incident in London. Violence against Muslims has increased since the murder, but if someone is moronic enough to randomly attack someone for their religion, then they're not about to change their opinions in a hurry, and they're very unlikely to be at a salsa night.

    No one would know this instructor is Muslim - he doesn't wear Islamic dress, or even have an Islamic name. And even if people somehow did know, Muslims are very commonplace in this country.

    Your perception of what happened in this lesson seems to bear no resemblance whatsoever to what has been described, or to any lesson I have ever attended or heard of, so your opinions are ridiculous.
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