The role of instruments in salsa

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by El Conguero, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. El Conguero

    El Conguero Tumbao

    Interesting little rhythm you've developed Sweavo, I'll have to try it on mine. I think too that for those who incorporate it into "salsa" (or rather son montuno based salsa) play 3-2 clave so that means the timbalero would play 3-2 cáscara or mambo bell... I think :) Anyway does any1 else have any ideas about this?
  2. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I can't claim to have invented it (hear it in the lower clave-like sound here for example)
  3. El Conguero

    El Conguero Tumbao

    I didn't really see timbales in that arrangament, plenty of cajóns and congas (it was cool to see a Cuban cajón - I have a Peruvian one that I use in church mostly in place of a drum set) and some kind of shaker thing (not maracas). But as far as rhythm goes I think I get what you're saying. I"ll definitely have to mess around with it =D
  4. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Yeah it wasn't played on timbales it was played on guagua.
  5. salsa4fun

    salsa4fun Sonero

    And what is a Guagua ?
  6. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez
  7. El Conguero

    El Conguero Tumbao

    I'll have to watch those on the vdeo again. Anyway thanks for showing me that - I didn't know what a guagua was either :)
  8. rob88

    rob88 Son

    Luis Angel Silva "Melón".

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