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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by BullitproofSoul, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. calichris10

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    I do and I like them but I don't find their sound similar to La Excelencia/O.SCC.
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    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Yeah, Terrance that particular song is not quite as close as others I would compare. Calichris, I guess the Colombian voice seems very similar & the speed and tempo of the music seem to have a similarity too me, also the fact that they are both young groups doing salsa dura. But yeah they not exactly the same. Here is a more upbeat Calambuco recording, maybe this may be closer?

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  3. terence

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    Another great song, and maybe a tad closer to SCC.... will have to add them to my library..
  4. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I really like them and dance often to their music but I am still not hearing the similarities. Maybe its cause I have listened to LE/SCC a lot more and have seen them live numerous times :)

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Calichris & I have been listening to Calumbuco for years and just got exposed a few years back to La Excelencia by accident while browsing youtube for videos. I downloaded all the La Excelencia music I could find & made a CD out of it and heard it in my car along side my Calambuco music. But there were only a few tracks that sounded very similar to me. Either way they both make great music. Have you heard of La Sucursal from Spain another group of young salseros making dura. They have a distinct sound but I listen to them alongside these 2 groups.
  6. Richie Blondet

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    The leader of La Excelencia was Jose Vazquez-Cofresi. Julian Silva was a founding member. And so was Edwin Perez. So was Willy Rodriguez. So was Charlie Dilone. So was Ron Prokopez, etc. None of them "owned" or had any legal rights to the name or the company. The only person whose name was written on paper, because it was his project, was Jose Vazquez-Cofresi. (As one shyster club/dance promoter in NYC was forced to discover after attempting to register the name for copyrights.)

    Julian was perceived as and given the courtesy of respect accorded a 'leader' because of his personal relationship with Jose, going back to when they were both members of a band in the Louisiana area. Julian had seniority over everyone else because of this earlier affiliation. But La Excelencia belonged to Jose. Legally and otherwise. He was the owner. It was Jose who came to settle in NYC first and created the support network that allowed for Julian to also later make his way to NYC and, along with some of the other guys, attain employment at the company Jose once worked for. In order to make ends meet by day and rehearse/play at night.

    Few persons in the general public know any of this. What most of the public know is what they see on youtube or read on the internet and create a whole scenario without knowing about any of what is in between what the public is allowed to see or via public discourse. I'm sharing this because I see that this thread veered left and became a Reality TV episode. Instead of strictly focusing on why this band was one of the best to come along in a long while. One side is receiving all of the benefit of the doubt because of what is written or isn't written on Wiki or Facebook. The other side of the coin is the following...

    ... That Julian contributed arrangements or lyrics doesn't equate him to legally having ownership. Which is what one aspect of the disagreement was about and why it was brought into court. Julian wanted to "officially" be an owner of the company and the band. To own a business, its not about how many arrangements or compositions you wrote. It's about how much $$$ you are willing to put in to the business. If you don't or can't put anything into the pot, how exactly are you supposed to 'own' anything?

    The woman who you quoted and wrote that revisionist comment on FB is THE reason why Julian is no longer in a working relationship with the current Orq. SCC. She is the "Yoko Ono" of this story. There's an even more justifiable reason why Julian was fired from the band. But that is nobody else's business. (And I think I'm being polite when it isn't merited.) With that said, you should all know or remember that Julian was not the only one to be ex-communicated from the orchestra. Which is what happened. Nobody just left. They were let go. La Excelencia continued on without them, prior to re-emering as Orq. SCC. In their shoes, I'd have done the same thing.

    BTW-La Excelencia was around before Gilberto Velazquez, aka 'Don Sonero' was a (and not 'the') vocalist of La Excelencia, and had also gone through other musicians before settling on the core group that would record the debut CD. Furthermore, 'Don Sonero' did not leave. He was uninvited. Like El Gran Combo operates, La Excelencia was a co-operative. Meaning, as long as you work with the band you receive the perks entitled to the band. He left to go work with another project on his own accord, but still wanted to attain his "rights" as a member of the orchestra. That's not how a co-op works. Think of a union. You don't cross the picket line and work as a scab, but then expect union benefits after the fact or expect to have a job, once a strike is settled. Eddie "La Bala" Perez of EGC had a similar scenario with Rafael Ithier/EGC and which caused his exit. The recent exit of Charlie Aponte from the same EGC is also a similar scenario. Whatever Charlie was coming to him as a member of EGC no longer stands. Because he is no longer a member of the EGC. The same applies to 'Don Sonero.' (Who I think is an awesome vocal talent. Especially when he tries to sound like himself. Which is what he should focus on doing as much as possible, IMHO.)

    The moral of this story is... if you want "rights" to something, or feel you are deserving of residual income as a result of your participation in a project... sign a contract. Like every other professional artist does seeking the same. Without a contract, you are a pay-per-gig part-time employee and owed nothing past your last gig. The honor system is a two way street.

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Well I know very little of La Excelencia and never knew Don sonero was part of it once. He does have a great voice when doing dura, but he goes romantica too & I don't think it fits him.
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  8. This entire thing is ********. I was a real true fan of La Excelencia and became friends with many of the musicians. You guys only hear about jose and julian but you guys don't know anything about the musicians and their experience. Julian great writer but bad business man which is why he let jose take care of the business. But then jose is good at talking BS but also another bad business man. So when you have 2 men that are bad at business what do you get? nothing. It's not all about the money. The money is just a piece of the issue here. There is a bigger story that led the the demise of jose and julian . Yes, julians partner is the yoko ono of the group no doubt about it. But jose and edwin also play a big part as to why the group broke up. The funny thing is no matter what you ask them, they will both deny it and lie about it and blame each other. Obviously to protect their image. But the ones left in the dirt are the fans. We truly held you guys up high. We would rally up and go to your concerts together. It felt like we were one with La excelencia. We knew every single musician there. We knew all the songs. We came up with dance steps to your songs. We the fans know alot more than what you guys think. Jose/Julian/Edwin you three messed up something that was gold. Over nothing. Its a shame, you guys could of been HUGE , but you let your egos, righteousness , and selfishness get in the way. By the way, when you guys changed the name to SCC you had us all confused. The music was mediocre and not the same energy on stage. That is why less people started going to your shows. Who ever decided to get rid of the main musicians is a fool. The energy La Excelencia has was it. No other salsa band had what you guys had. What ya'll need to do is stop the BS jose, julian and edwin and reunite everyone. If that is even possible. I see that everyone is working on their own projects. Anyway, I'm done. (Angry Fan, dancer and old friend)

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  9. Richie Blondet

    Richie Blondet Shine Officer

    C'mon buddy. Move it along. Its over. You're way late to be griping about something that's already long buried and forgotten.
  10. Nuyorican

    Nuyorican Son Montuno

    Can you direct me to where I can purchase their music? (MP3 download)
  11. tallpaul

    tallpaul Pattern Police

    Don't know about downloading, but there are used copies available of the La Excelencia CDs on Marketplace at the moment at reasonable prices. ("Salsa con Conciencia", "Mi Tumbao Social", "Ecos Del Barrio").

    The SCC album "Renacimiento" is available on Amazon or CDBaby for download.

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