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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by BullitproofSoul, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    hey all, been listening to Excelencia this month...mostly my social tumbao over and over. A strong contender for my favorite Salsa album since the turn of the century.

    Lets talk about the group...the usual questions:

    Anyone have...

    - Anecdotes about the Lebron Brothers?
    - Seen them live?
    - Sit in on any of their recording sessions?
    - Pics of them/with them?

    and, if all else fails...

    a favorite song of theirs?
  2. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I have seen La Excelencia live...loved!!! Small club, no stage, danced on the same floor as they were intimate to dance so close to the musicians! Fav song is a tie between Ahora que te teenage aqui and American Sueño. Also Caminando! Charlie D on percussion is one of my fav cowbell players!

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  3. jgomsi

    jgomsi Changui

    I love "Aña Pa' Mi Tambor", though at 240 BPM I can hardly dance to it

    I also like "Iyáñlá" because of the lyrics ("El que no tiene de Congo, tiene de Carabalí...")

    Here's a short interview with Jose Vazquez-Cofresi and Edwin Perez
    Donde Está La Música (episode 8) - La Excelencia
  4. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Great band to experience live. Very high energy. I've seen them a few times in clubs and an abbreviated outdoor summer concert that sadly got cut short due to rain. I love that they feature the instrumentalists and give the horns extended solos out front. They have been a breath of fresh air in the Salsa world with their message and dura style, and it's very cool that they have become something of an international hit.
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  5. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    So I know from the wikipedia pages for SCC and La Excelencia the basics of how one band ended and the other began. Is this the real scoop?
  6. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    Lol, I'm just catching that I forgot to change the "Lebron brothers" to SCC in the first post. No was going to tell me, were they?
  7. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I saw it but I knew you meant LE/SCC, don't like to not pic ;)
  8. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    There was a falling out between the two founders...Julian Silva and Jose Vasquez- Cofresi. Silva left the group. The wiki page on SCC doesn't even mention Silva...inaccurate.
  9. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    Wait. Not pic or "knit pick"? :p
  10. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    stupid auto correct:mad: *nit pick
  11. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    Ok, now this is getting juicy.

    The La Excelencia wiki doesn't mention Silva either, weird, if he started the band. Even on the song's written credits, look:

    Hmmm...I wonder who "J.S." is?
  12. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    hmmm, interesting

    so, have you seen them in their old incarnation and in their new? is there a difference in sound and feeling?

    also, who's who in the photo you posted.
  13. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    I saw them as La Excelencia both with Gilberto and without. Great sound both times. Have not seen them live as SCC.
    Pic left to right: Charles Dilone, Jose Vazquez-Cofresi, me ;), Edwin Perez, & another vocalist, forget his name :(

    I think the group now has a different sound now because they no longer have J. Silva..he wrote and arranged so many great songs..For me the music now is lacking the edge it had before.
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  14. BullitproofSoul

    BullitproofSoul Shine Officer

    I wonder what country the lead singer was from on Mi Tumbao Social. I take it most of the band is North American, but the leader sing is definitely singing from a Latin American perspective.
  15. calichris10

    calichris10 Sabor Ambassador

    Gilberto " Don Sonero" Velazquez is Puerto Rican..born in P.R....brought up in NY.
    Edwin Perez , not sure but I think Puertorican decent also
    Julian Silva is Colombian
    Jose vazquez-cofesi also puerto rican but born here.
  16. El Caobo

    El Caobo Maestro 'Salsa' Palmieri

    There is an interesting story about some of the things that happened that caused this band to break up and what happened afterwards. I would be betraying a trust if I revealed some parts of the story. What I can tell you is that Julian moved from New York to somewhere on the west coast, San Francisco I believe. From there, he tried to maintain his position as co-leader of the band, but that was obviously impossible since all the musicians were still in New York. Things went downhill rapidly from there. What I will tell you is that one of their lawyers contacted me and asked me to send him a copy of the interviews that I did with the two leaders. I interviewed them three times. I did not want to get involved, so I would not do that without a court order. The rest of what I know about the story, I cannot share.

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Speaking of "La Excelencia" I have heard a lot of their music on youtube & find it overall good. Their upbeat style and young musicians reminds me of another group based out of I believe Bogota Colombia. I am talking about Calambuco which in my opinion is better in compositions, musically & their vocalists too. They only made 2 CD's from what I know, "Como En El Barrio" and "Rompiendo El Cuero". This is a very surprising group out of Colombia because their style is more Nuyorican than Colombian, although same as La Excelencia the Colombian does seep thru. My wife stays in contact with them thru Facebook and she says they are reuniting, not sure what that means if they will produce new material or what. But anyone else know of Calambuco? And do you also think that there is a strong resemblance to La Excelencia?

    RICKJDLT Descarga

    Ok, seems no one is familiar with Calambuco, here is Maria Juiliana, you be the judge

  19. groovetpt

    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Orchesta SCC is currently recording a new album.
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  20. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I like the song, but, I don't feel any connection between them and SCC. .SCCs brass seems to be more power driven, but again, the tempo of this song makes it difficult to compare..

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