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    New club night and classes starting at The Cuban bar and restaurant in the heart of Camden market (yup in London UK) from Thursday 12th Jan.

    Alastair of Streetbeat Salsa is organizing and promoting this new Salsa venue. Website when it goes live will be, but for the moment you can find out about the venue itself at

    Info from Streetbeats newsletter is as follows:

    The club will be in The Cuban restaurant where DJ Darryl El Diablo (Salsa Republic) and the best bands, will be playing the very best in salsa.

    Next door we have the facilities of the Karmaa martial art centre where we can hold many classes.

    In addition to the Salsa Rapido team Alastair and Amanda, we will be joined by Mo Flex.

    That leaves room for guest teachers galore.

    If you are that guest teacher or would like to recommend a teacher that has inspired you, please email
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    In addition to the above....

    Frank Santos will be running his UK's first ever Bachata course. This 4 week course will go far beyond the workshop tasters. Course starts 12/1/05.

    Address of the venue is:
    The Cuban - Camden
    Camden Town
    Stables Market
    Chalk Farm Road
    NW1 8AH

    There is a special launch offer where the first 4 weeks classes cost you only £10.00 - this includes the Bachata course. To sign up for the special price go to or Just send your name and email addy to with the subject Camden Launch Offers.

    You don't need to pay in advance but you do need to register if you want to use the offer.

    Please PM me if you need more info, or I'm sure Alastair can answer your questions. Streetbeats number is 020 8888 5507.
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    Launch night went really well - just shy of 200 people in total - created a great atmosphere. This week the class offer drops to 3 consecitive weeks classes for £10. If you're in London you should come along. Classes are longer than normal 1.5 hours generally rater than the normal 60 mins.
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    The Cuban Thursdays - Update

    Tonight 9/3/06

    Bachata Returns to The Cuban after a 4 week break plus Rumba Guaguanco & Moe Flex is back.

    Thursday 9th March

    This Week Frank Santos brings you an hour of Bachata and 30mins of Rumba Guaguanco.

    Rumba Guaguanco is danced by couples and is characterized by its risque sensual content. Sometimes its movements are compared to those of a rooster courting a hen. The man relentlessly pursues the woman, strutting around with his chest poked out as if he were puffing out feathers. The woman pretends she is disinterested at first, but is eventually attracted to the man and permits him to get close. In essence, he attempts to consummate the courtship by thrusting his hand, foot, or pelvis towards the woman in the gesture known as the vacunao. The woman attempts to resist the vacunao by covering her pelvic area while maintaining the rhythm and flow of the dance. If he succeeds without being blocked, he is the better dancer. If she succeeds in eluding him, she is the better dancer! (c/o

    This Week's line up
    Beginners - Amanda
    Improvers - Alastair
    Casino/ Street-Rueda (Intermediate) Moe Flex
    Frank Santos. Bachata and Rumba Guaguanco
    All is followed by the most excellent DJ Darryl El Diablo
    Club admission £5 10pm-2am
    Classes £7 - 7.30 - 10pm

    Buy a Streetbeat Discount Card for only £25. Save £3 (based on £7 per class)
    The card is valid at any Streetbeat Venue for any four classes.

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