Should I be upset and worried that my boy/girlfriend dances salsa with other people?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, May 7, 2014.

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    If someone dislikes the things in your life that make you happiest, they are probably not a good match for you, or you for them.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    The salsa scene is just like the clubbing scene with the guise of being "more cultured". When it comes down to it, the salsa scene is not much different than a meat market. I'd like to think it's different, but the majority of people I know come to dance to find a partner (temporary and permanent). And why shouldn't they? The opportunity is there.

    I admit I have done things in the scene that I am not proud of (not nearly as bad as some others I know....). And I consider myself someone who respects people and their relationships, but yes, when you have people literally throwing themselves at you, those boundaries get crossed and get crossed often.

    In bigger cities, it may seem like salsa is less scummy than clubs, but you still have a huge percentage of people just looking to hook up.

    The Bachata/Kizomba and sensual dance scene is even worse. Don't tell me most people dance those dances because of the music. LOL. What a bunch of baloney.

    So no, you shouldn't be upset that your partner dances Salsa with other people, but when you have a bunch of young horny people together under one roof, I wouldn't turn a blind eye to it either. I don't trust people in the scene at all.

    Truly loyal partners will remain loyal no matter what. Those who are on the fence may only need a little bit of encouragement to be unfaithful. But it's up to you to decide what constitutes as cheating and being unfaithful.

    Your response is very eloquent, but I feel like I have to be quite honest about it and not sugar coat it.
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    What a fascinating thread this is. SO many of us have seen problems develop, where they otherwise would not have, and relationships destroyed for that matter.
    And yet so many people commented that there's no problems!
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    It's only expected that men and women engaging in an activity that consists of meeting each other on a regular basis - may find particular interest in each other. It could be Salsa, for the matter, but it could be a weekly Origami workshop, or the nearest Chess Club just as well...

    -I did see relationships develop in the scene, some flourished, some didn't last,
    but I have yet to see, however, a healthy relationship ruined because one counterpart* was dancing and the other wasn't...


    *Is there an English word for one-part-of-a-pair?
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