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Are you happy with the direction I am taking or is it undermining the cultural history of Salsa?

  1. Yes, well done! :)

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  1. Aditya Upadhya

    Aditya Upadhya Changui

    Dear Salseras and Salseros,


    My name is Aditya Upadhya, from India. Its been years that most of you have been in this group and been dancing Salsa for a decade or more. A lot of you have witnessed scores of amazing shows at various Salsa Congresses around the world, as I have. We've always waited in anticipation for new shows by our favourite artists and seen how they interpret the songs musically through dance. Much of those have remained sources of inspiration for dancers even years after.

    I would like to share with you two of my performances. The reason for this share is to see if you like them, of course, and also to see if you like the direction where I am going with Salsa or Latin dancing per se.

    My approach behind these choreos is to break the barriers of dance styles and to just have 'dance'. I'm sure i'm not the only one, but I hope this is interesting to you.

    Please find my videos on youtube by searching
    1. Poetry by Shane Koyczan - performance by Vive la Salsa, India
    2. Vive La Salsa India show 2015

    All my team members are amateurs.

    God Bless,
    Aditya Upadhya (find me on FB with this name)
    Vive La Salsa, India
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  2. Chris_Yannick

    Chris_Yannick Shine Officer

    I really enjoyed them! Very interesting concept. Nice choreography. Skill level is much higher than most amateur groups I've seen at many festivals. I am impressed with the quality of movement. Bravo!
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  3. Aditya Upadhya

    Aditya Upadhya Changui

    Thank You Chris!
  4. dav7802

    dav7802 Son

    I really liked the second one. It was great how it done at a slower pace. Salsa is often times more difficult to do slow and make sure everything is correct and the body is doing exactly what needs to happen rather than speeding through a song. It was a good length also, in the salsa performances I have done they are all kept around 2 min. After that it seems the audience gets distracted.
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  5. Aditya Upadhya

    Aditya Upadhya Changui

    Thanks Dav, you're absolutely right about the how the audience can get distracted. Appreciate your feedback and thanks for taking time out to watch both videos.. Cheers!
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Very imaginative and nicely done. Very good dancing. I liked the choreography in the second one. I could relate to some parts of the choreo of the first, but not to the others parts (I thought the salsa partner dancing bit was unnecessary or could have been done differently).

    Great concept and great imagination! Something very different and refreshing..
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  7. Aditya Upadhya

    Aditya Upadhya Changui

    Thank you, for taking out time to watch and for your feedback! :)
  8. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I like both of them. But the second one touched me emotionally. And I like lady's costumes in the second video. Thank you very much for sharing, please continue creating ...

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