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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by salsalexx, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

    12) Ray Pérez - anabacoa

  2. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

    7) Fruko - achilipu , recently re-printed for the first time on a CD: TREMENDOUS SOUND!!!

  3. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

    11) Mina - moliendo cafe :D :D :D
  4. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

    You are definitely right, that song is very good for dancing.

    And what about this?


    - Willie Colon
    - Marc Anthony [new!]
    - Johnny Ventura under the name of MUCHO GUAGUANCO
  5. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy


    Celia Cruz con Tito Puente - tatalibaba
    Likely... Sonora Matancera - tatalibaba (to be confirmed)
    Sexteto Juventud - tatalibaba


    Sonora Matancera - se formo la rumbantela
    Javier Vasquez - se formo la rumbantela


    Fruko - toma sabon pa que laves
    Daniel Santos y Sonora Matancera - toma sabon pa que laves


    Bobby Valentin - cuando te vea
    ??? HELP ME ??? - cuando te vea


    New Swing Sextet - vete pa'lla
    Mon Carrillo - se equivocaron
  6. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    anther version:

    Rafael Labasta - Mucho Guaguanco (Aguanile)
  7. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    Here is my Help :)

    more versions:

    Cruz Control - cuando te vea
    Frankie Hernandez - Cuando te vea
    German Villarreal - cuando te vea
    grupo mandinga - cuando te vea
    Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Cuando Te Vea
    Tito Puente - Cuando Te Vea
    yvette watts - cuando te vea

    and on YouTube:

    Bobby Valentin - Cuando Te Vea
  8. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    La sopa en botella

    1) celia cruz - sopita en botella
    2) Grupo Mango Dolce - Sopita En Botella
    3) haila - sopita en botella
    4) Senen Suarez - La sopita en botella
    5) Sonora Matancera y Celia Cruz - La Sopita En Botella
    6) Yamile - La sopita en botella

    On YouTube:

    Sonora Matancera y Celia Cruz - La Sopita En Botella
  9. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    Yes, there is a Celia Cruz with Sonora Matancera version.


    El Gran Combo - Tatalibaba
    Direct Latin Influence - Tatalibaba

    I thought I'd point out, Tito Puente has the original version of Cuando Te Vea. Also, there are 2 versions by Bobby Valentin - one from Rey Del Bajo and another from 25th Anniversary.

    Have we done Bilongo? There's tons of it out there... I'll start.


    1. Eddie Palmieri - Bilongo (off Superimposition)
    2. Eddie Palmieri - Bilongo (off Live at University of Puerto Rico)
    3. Tito Rodriguez - Bilongo
    4. Ray Barretto - Bilongo
  10. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

    Ray Barretto - Bilongo?

    Well, an MP3 dropped onto my hard disk with that name, and when I heard the voice of a clear Ismael Rivera, I have re-named it into:

    Ismael Rivera - Bilongo.

    Can anybody help with this?

    I mean: is there any version of Bilongo played by Barretto band and vocalized by Ismael Rivera? If yes, I had never known of such collaboration.

    So, perhaps, it's just a bad-named MP3. :eek:
  11. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    Bachata Rosa

    1) Juan Luis Gerra - Bachata Rosa
    2) grupo aventura - bachata rosa
    3) Ivan Ivan - bachata rosa
    4) Mocedades - Bachata Rosa
    5) Nana Mouskouri - Bachata rosa
    6) Benedict & The Magic Band - bachata rosa

    On YouTube:

    juan luis guerra - bachata rosa
  12. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    Mmm. I guess it's a mistake by me. I was driving with some friends with one of them playing around with my iPod. He decided to play some Ray Barretto from the album Descarga Criolla (compilation of his UA work from 1965-1967). A song came on with the chorus…

    Quiquiribu, mandinga
    Quiquiribu, mandinga
    Quiquiribu, mandinga

    This is identical to the chorus from Bilongo…

    But the rest of the song is a little different… very similar but just a little different.

    Anyhow the Ray Barretto song is called "Esa Es La Del Solar." Because I was driving, I couldn't check at that time and just assumed that it was another version of Bilongo. And I wrote the earlier post from memory in a rush job. Sorry.

    To make things worse, Ray Barretto also has a song called Bilongo in the same album - and it's a completely different song by the way.

    It reminds me… he also played "Marge" from the same album, and pointed out that it too is quite similar in part to another well-known song. He asked me to guess which one, and after a little listening I said, "Rumbon Melon." I'm not sure but I think Rumbon Melon (Joey Pastrana) was released before Marge (Ray Barretto).

    It also reminds me…

    Siguelo (Que Se Sepa)

    1. Javier Vazquez - Siguelo (off La Verdad -- come on Fania / E-musica! Reissue it!) (original? and composer?)
    2. Roberto Roena - Que Se Sepa (off Y Su Apollo Sound 6 -- composer = D.R. ??. note: the song of same title in Su Apollo Sound 5 is a completely different song)
    3. Chocolate Armenteros - Que Se Sepa
    4. Benedict & The Magic Band - Siguelo

    More versions of Bilongo (composer = Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe).

    4. La Plata Sextet - Bilongo (La Negra Tomasa) -- I think this might be the oldest version I've come across thus far
    5. Fruko Y Sus Tesos - Bilongo (La Negra Tomasa)
    6. Caifanes - La Negra Tomasa (this is more Latin pop/rock/cumbia type)

    Tipica '73, Compay Segundo, Ismael Rivera (with Cortijo? or with Roberto Roena?), Vocal Sampling are possibilities... probably many more....
  13. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    Ay Candela

    1) Ibrahim Ferrer - Ay Candela (original)
    2) Azucar Negra - Ay Candela
    3) Los Bocucos - Ay Candela

    On YouTube:

    Buena Vista Social Club (With Ibrahim Ferrer) - Candela
  14. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy


    I am listening to Descarga Criolla (grrrrrrreat compilation) and the Ray Barretto's Bilongo has NOTHING to share with the classic Bilongo (also known as La Negra Tomasa, and Ki-kiri-booh Man-din-ga)
  15. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy


    Is there a version of Bilongo (=La Negra Tomasa) sung by Ismale Rivera?
  16. hyh

    hyh Rhythm Deputy

    OK. I wasn't clear enough. Let me try again.

    Ray Barretto's song Bilongo from the compilation album Descarga Criolla IS NOT the same as "classic" Bilongo (Negra Tomasa).

    Ray Barretto's song Esa Es La Del Solar from the album Descarga Criolla IS SOMEWHAT SIMILAR to "classic" Bilongo (Negra Tomasa) - they share the same chorus "Quiquiribu Mandiga" or "Ki-kiri-booh Man-din-ga").

    ^^ in other words, I made a mistake.

    I don't know for sure. I've read from some website about there being one or more versions of Bilongo by Ismael Rivera. One version is apparently with Cortijo. Another version with Roberto Roena supposedly exist also. I cannot confirm either.

    Here's the source of the Ismael Rivera Bilongo rumor. Read the comments as well as the main post.

    w w
  17. Claude

    Claude Rhythm Deputy

  18. tiger007

    tiger007 Changui

    I would like to say that Oscar D'Leon was a vocalist for Dimension Latina, so in reality you should have 15 instead of 16 songs, I am sorry for intruding but I just wanted to clear that up for you.
  19. salsalexx

    salsalexx Sonero

    Soy Dichoso

    1) Ray Barretto - Soy Dichoso
    2) Joey Pastrana - Soy Dichoso
    3) Tommy Olivencia - Soy Dichoso
  20. Berzin

    Berzin Changui

    Speaking of songs with different versions, I just listened to Marc Anthony sing some Hector Lavoe songs from the soundtrack to the movie "El Cantante".

    Sorry to say but he sounded listless and did not seem to put his heart into it.

    I was especially disappointed in his version of "El Dia De Suerte". Wow, was that a letdown.

    He definitely has his place in salsa music, but he could not hold a candle to Hector Lavoe.

    The more I listened to both men singing the same songs the more of a loss it seems to me that Hector is gone.

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