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  1. DJ Yuca

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    In almost every salsa gig I have done I have had to play tunes for pragmatic reasons rather than due to my personal tastes. In such a category I would regard any bachata. Also I often play more romántica than I would like to hear personally, although I do like to hear some at a salsa night. Where I draw the line, if at all possible, is salsa in English i.e. tunes like the above.
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    -And sorry for "dragging" you into another comment after you said "let's leave it at that".
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  3. terence

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    I was "raised " in the Mambo era of the 50s teaching and dancing.. will that suffice for you ?..dancing to many of the bands "live" that are now legendary.
    I have a pretty decent collection of 40/50s music, enough to satisfy requests, and, I do use them from time to time in my teaching ,illustrating how music has evolved .

    The one newer genre I tend to largely ignore , is Timba ( I do have a few albums )and the one I wish more would get invovled in is Son.

    My tastes are very eclectic, musically speaking, and I do appreciate the skill and talent of many current day bands,
    and that is not to say that, I would teach or DJ using those.
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    ! and 3 are passable, IF one likes pop style music but, even if they were sung in Spanish,I would probably still not change my opinions ( neither are really that special ) .
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