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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I also saw it several times:)
  2. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    A Fad/ fashion statement from UK univ in the 30/40s, but they were sweaters often seen among the sporty types, cricketers are a good e.g. ( and so called "upper " class )
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  3. Abraham440

    Abraham440 Changui

    On Saturday I went to my first non-school-affiliated salsa social, alone. It went....okay. Mostly because of stuff in my head....I'm a fairly shy person who has never had a lot of confidence in anything, so approaching random women for a dance is kind of nerve-wracking. Plus, the typical beginner leader concern of "oh no, I'm going to bore her!" Going to a school social would've helped with the shyness, but I wanted to start working to get over that. Plus, it's a better indication of how good/bad my leading is, since the followers I dance with outside the school don't necessarily know the same preprogrammed strings of patterns that I'm likely to default to, so the autopilot effect is diminished.

    My poor, well-meaning friends. They like to encourage me by pointing out that I'm Hispanic (I'm a Dominican/Puerto Rican/Colombian mutt) and grew up listening to salsa, and have always loved it and listened to it frequently even after moving out. While that's true, and maybe it helps with some things--I do "get into" the music a lot and am pretty good at predicting when breaks and transitions will occur in salsa songs I've never heard before--being Latino does not give me any advantage in things like leading, connection, transitioning between techniques, body awareness, balance or the like....i.e., the things I struggle with! Unfortunately, all their well-intentioned encouragement does is cause me to think that everyone expects me to be awesome already because of my heritage. Which is funny, because I've read the threads here on that issue and I know that isn't the case in the trained dance community. But the mind is a funny thing.

    Once I got out of my head and actually asked people, it went okay. I had fun, at least! I need to work on the clarity of my lead, which isn't surprising, but there were no full-on disasters or BSOD moments on my part and I did get an appreciative laugh for goofing off during some shines. Interestingly, I felt like I generally had better connection during salsa than when I danced bachata, even though I generally consider myself markedly "better" at bachata. I dunno if I was dancing with better followers in the salsa room, if I was just getting lazy in bachata, or what.

    I think a big part of getting in my head was that I spent too long watching people and "getting the lay of the land" when I first showed up, which led to me getting intimidated. This weekend I think I'm just going to saunter in there and ask the first girl I see to dance the first song that plays, and just go for it.
  4. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I think it's about leggings. They expose your not so great booty, and even great booty is not always meant to be shared. Also it has dress like qualities.
    Also pro tip - it can be used as a shirt!
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  5. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    But what is 'plaid fannel shirts on the waist'? Any pictures?

    I think 90% of the guys at the festival wore leg hugging tight jeans or similar. When did such tight fitting pants became so popular!
  6. G809

    G809 Changui

    For example:
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  7. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    It is a protection mechanism in case they rip their leggings when they are doing splits!
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  8. Abraham440

    Abraham440 Changui

    That look reminds me of something I used to do in middle school in a failed attempt to look cool. I don't think it looks bad by any means, I just think the cyclical way of these things is amusing.
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  9. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    Dear diary:
    Something strange is going on. I do not go to kizomba and bachata room; I just do not want.
    Tonight I had a lot of fun. My feet are sore.:D I decided to experiment a little bit. Usually, I avoid eye contact because of shyness tonight I looked into leader's eyes and smile. Oh...It is kind of interesting. Leaders like that:D. Tomorrow my friends want to invite me to sensual bachata I am thinking how to escape this torture.:eek:
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  10. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    Guys still switch from on2 to on1 with me because I am stronger on1......It is not a compliment for my 0n2 dancing.:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::panda:
  11. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    May be they cannot stay on 2 :D, However, there are times during a song that it seems better to switch .
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  12. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    When a follow doesn't look at me during a dance I die a little inside. You don't have to stare but eye contact and a smile every 10-15 seconds.
  13. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    Interesting...nope I do not stare...I just cannot:D
    You know some guys also do not look at followers, they are so busy doing all sort of patterns...
  14. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    No, it is my issue. Yesterday I danced with a leader who dances both. I asked him to dance with me On2...He did..and after he said: I know you are good dancer on1, let's dance next song on1..and we did, and he had much more fun.:oops:
  15. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    In El Sol, I trolled @Sabrosura by changing from On1, to On2 to On3 every few bars. :troll:
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  16. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Technically it's called stumbling, or casino.
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  17. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    It's Israeli style. Whatever you are doing at the moment is right!
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  18. Tomm

    Tomm Tumbao

    Iam just back from the Gilberto Santa Rosa concert, was a blast, it seems he appeals to both linear and cuban dancer, both present, nice mood

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