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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I have pre congress syndrome. Knowing that in one week I'll get an overdose of best social salsa on the planet. Local parties don't cut it.

    If they give me visa
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  2. Chris_Yannick

    Chris_Yannick Shine Officer

    Rostov? Seems like they switched to being more of a salsa marathon.. (no workshops, no shows, no big name celebrities). Sounds like my kind of festival.. but the location.. omg. How the heck do you get there?
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  3. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I'm still waiting for visa. Should get it tomorrow night. I've been there 2 times already.

    There are a lot of celebs. But they act like dancers. :)

    There are flights from Moscow, Istanbul, Prague.
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  4. Tomm

    Tomm Tumbao

    looking forward to SHO on Saturday in Zürich...
  5. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Paris linear salsa scene feels a bit similar to New York to me. Diverse dancers, various styles, many really good, many really bad dancers. More on1 dancers than in NY. Good follows dance it all. Not friendly at beginning, ladies did not ask me a lot, got refusals in first night, but no more in next. Also like in new york.
    The level of dancing is much higher than in NY. Many good leads. Locals complain that it's not so good as few years ago.
    Next time I'll come Friday till Tuesday.
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    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    Looking forward to your Steve Starmambo video from Paris ;):cool::D!! Now that you've danced both in NY and Paris, how do those scenes compare to Eastern Europe? I still think New York is a salsa mecca, but not for social dancing. I only really enjoy LVG, it's an amazing place if you want to learn (IMO). I am also hearing far too many New Yorkers rubbishing their scene.
  7. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    Since I'll be in Luxembourg for the next five months, starting in October, I'm looking forward to doing frequent weekend trips to Paris salsa parties :dancingbanana:
  8. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Oh, I talk about social dancing. If it's live music, NY is obviously better. Eastern Europe is different, various. I like it a lot, but I have also invested more time there to know partners and adjust to them. The comparable by size is only Moscow. They also complain there, but Moscow is very good. Lot of good dancers. And more friendly. First time I went there I did not stop for 10 dances in a row, probably, and had no time to change shirts.
    NY/London does not have kizomba infection as far as I know.

    Also from my experience, many good follows in NY /London /Paris are from eastern Europe. People migrate. One of coolest girls I met here was from NYC.

    What I regret is not staying till Tuesday and going to Agua.
  9. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    Dancing is joy!
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  10. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    I have just danced Cuban Salsa after a 3-month-long break. (Meanwhile: I have danced WCS and Dominican Bachata, and also started going to the gym).

    -The good: I still remember how to lead.
    -The bad: my poise, footwork and body movement are now all very messed up.
    -The interesting: My lead "Zoukish": smooth and light as usual, but this time also elastic. I have not used such dynamics to that extent before...
  11. Marisha

    Marisha Descarga

    I noticed that most of my favorite partners in salsa NY, LA and Cuban are Chinese and Cuban:D
  12. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    In my very limited experience, Paris is like NYC of Europe when it comes to linear salsa. I am curious how Milan compares since it has at least three well known instructors based there. I was in Milan and attended one night of dancing at a local congress (that no one knew about).
  13. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    It is always relative. That is relative to what is used to be or what it is when more of the good dancers show up. I occasionally rubbish my local scene. But when I travel I realized how good it is (still) :D. E.g. Last Sunday (before I traveled to Berlin Salsa Congress), Adolfo was in town. We had two nights of social dancing organized around his workshop weekend. I only went on Sunday ( which usually will always have smaller crowd compared to Saturday). The venue was packed and dance level was several notches above than at Berlin Congress (and perhaps Paris congress as well). The visiting dancers were also good. The social is 90% on2. Only weakness is average skills of followers vs the leaders.

    If I compare the best days of San Francisco scene (pre 2008) with my limited visitor's experience (2008-12) of the best of NYC socials, I will say they are comparable. E.g. I think Thursday Salsa at Cocomo was better (more dancers, live bands, more social, good dancers, bigger and better dance floor) than Thursdays at old Cache in NYC. Unfortunately both venues are gone :(

    On the other hand it is very hard for any Congress to reach there level of dancing seen at Warsaw. Maybe NY, SF or LA at their peak.
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  14. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    From what a few Parisian followers told me, Agua is hit or miss. When I went in Sep, the venue and number of dancers were much less than I expected.

    Paris has no socials on Mondays if I recall. :)

    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    I am thinking that in regards to New York, a lot of the really good ones(dancers), go to the Manhattan socials rarely. I was beginning to have a downer on NY after my last trip, but that all went out of the window last weekend, but I had to go to DC to meet some of NY's finest, 3 follows, one Zafire lady (awesome shines), one (based on her body movement and connection to the music)Frankie girl and the other a Nuyorican from Brooklyn, I was totally blown away by her flava and musicality, these were easily the best dances I have had since a Korean Lady in Paris and dancing with Delia (ex-Yamulee) at east meets west and Natasha from SF. So there are some gems out there in New York, you just have to get lucky. I danced with some really good follows both on1 and on2 in Paris, but a lot were missing that extra "sauce" you get from some of the follows in NY...hey it's just me. When I was in San Francisco for Jnr's weekend I thought the same as you, but I really liked the fact that I could dance every dance On2 and the overall friendliness of the follows. I would really love to be in Warsaw, I've heard so many great things about it, but alas, it's two weeks before Seattle, also the missus isn't too crazy about the follow heavy European congresses.
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  16. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    I may be wrong, but as far as the golden period of social dancing in NYC goes, I think it was from 1998ish to 2010ish. I can't think of a single follower with fame from NYC that started dancing after 2010. Can you?

    I never danced socially in LA. But witnessing the dancing level of LA dancers at LA and SF Congress compared to pre-2008, it seems to have declined more than NYC. Overall I think US salsa scene is in decline relative to before 2010.

    P.S. Natasha is a very very very good dancer and with fabulous attitude. A lot better than a lot of big names I hear or see these days. But she moved here from socal and was already as good as she is. Can you believe we had several more as good dancers as her back then! Unfortunately they all moved or are no longer active in the scene :( The new corp has simply not achieved the levels that the previous followers did.
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  17. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    It doesn't compare well. No one knows of social dancing in Milan.

    I don't know about instructors, but from celebs, I heard only Sosa teaches in Milan. And he's celebrated as an artist, not social dancer afaik.
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  18. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Isn't Adolfo and Matos also based there?
  19. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero


    You know where they were last weekend. And did you dance with any of their students?
  20. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Makes it three :D

    I had heard from a few people that Italians are good dancers but they never venture out of Italy for dancing. I hardly met any good dancers from there. JV, Matos, Adolfo, Sosa, that Cuban guy whose name slips me atm, all moved and are based in Italy.

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