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    I don't believe I read the whole article! :D

    But honestly though, when you find a girl like that is very rare... So my honest question is what the f... are you doing in front of your screen, writting about her, when you obviously have something more important and better to do...if you get what I mean!
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    Like listening to lectures, using the other hand to solve problems, and hoping to get good grades so I can keep staying her and seeing her again? ;)

    The story actually has a continuation:

    She's a new student here. Lives in the same dorms. (That Salsa club is actually being ran inside the university).
    She left together with her friends. I went out (still in my socks) to say goodbye. The guys were looking at me and laughing: "See?! He's barefoot! That's his source of power!" (Foolish fools! little do they know - my powers rely in my mighty fingers!~)

    Then someone said something about how: "They just fixed the piano upstairs" and her attention was completely averted. Apparently she's a pianist. (I would've done the same, but I had actually found about it earlier that day and spent 2 hours there).

    I made a comment about how I forgot to bring my recorder. It's usually with me :(
    And kept chatting a little with those who didn't go to the piano.
    "Is there something you CAN'T do?"
    "Well, I really CAN'T remember who she is. She seemed to know me. Is it her first time here?"
    One guy bursted in laugher: "How can you not remember? I keep pushing her onto you every time. Twice a week. For a month now. I think you are the reason why she comes here in the first place".
    "Wait, what's her name"?
    -He told me the name.
    "Wait! Isn't *name* he curly one? I think I am confusing her with someone else...a blonde".
    "*Name* Is curly, and blonde".
    I looked very confused and we laughed. My visual memory is that bad.
    Then we started talking about recorders, flutes, cellos, contrabasses, church-organs and big instruments in general...When a song that I had previously requested the DJ to play (His response was friendly joke: "You are trying to end this party, huh? Good taste as usual. I'll play it as a last song though") started, so I applogized and rushed in to find a girl. By the time it was over they had all gone, so I hoped they were still nera the piano.

    She. Was. Too. Damn. Good. Many friends gathered around here. I tried to clear the path and go through the crowd: "Excuse me, I came to put a ring on her finger".

    I think 5 people answered me at the same time. :S
    I am almost positive one of the guys answered my joke with a serious: "She's taken ATM". (Though in hebrew it could mean that she's "with the piano right now, in a world of her own, so you can't right now").

    Another girl was saying a lenghty: "No! You guys can't date right now!" I was about to interrupt her with: "A date? no-no! Nothing as serious as that! Just marriage!" but she continued: "She doesn't have time for that" and turned to her: "You have to go to sleep!" *cough*
    She explained that every time she goes to sleep way too late and complains to here that she can't wake up. "In fact, she was supposed to be sleeping...ammm...30 mins ago!" Someone made a joke that she was like a drunk person, and then they together...Literally grabbed her away from the piano. LOL
    Being just as stupid as her, when I see an instrument, I forgot everything around and sat to play.

    Moral of the story: Always carry your recorders with you. I could be playing a duet with her. :(


    *Though (Anticlimatic mode: ON!) - with how bad my visual memory is, it's highly possible that the smiley-girl and the pianist whose friend kept pushing to dance with me were two different girls. Actually, the more I try to connect the dots, the more I realist that's the case. :S

    I guess this will all be solved the next time I see one of them. If the pianist is who I think she is, then our next dance will reveal it. (She's a beginner dancer).
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  3. Coelacanth

    Coelacanth Changui

    Piano's actually one of the reasons I really took to salsa dancing. Though sometimes a challenge, I sometimes enjoy arranging some of the "standards" I keep hearing around and enjoy dancing to... even if arranging bachata tunes is easier. ;)

    My own diary -
    Went to my first social in about a month... which happened to be the "winding down" of a fairly major mambo convention in Sydney (Eddie Torres Jr. was one of the guest instructors!) I didn't attend the workshops - just have been a bit out of it... but it was a small accomplishment to brave the crowds again.

    To my surprise, there were quite a few "Where the *hell* have you been?!" comments from various friends and acquaintances. My goal was simply to have a few good dances and ease back into it.

    Going "back to basics" a little bit, I've hired a personal trainer with an extensive dance/ballet background in order to help learn how to gain better control over my dancing. Core exercises, agility, with a focus on learning how to spin, lift, and dip down the track... Until dancing, I had no idea that "core muscles" were useful for much else than "looking good." Now, I'm trying very hard to be aware of my frame and movements, even for simple dances with a beginner.
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  4. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    After three weeks of not dancing, tonight I went to see Hector Acosta ("El Torito"), a Dominican singer, with three guy friends who took turns dancing bachata and merengue (and a bit of salsa :) ) with me all night: a Dominican/Puerto Rican, a Guatemalan, and a Costa Rican. :) Danced some awesome bachatas and some very fiery merengues in which I got to release all that pent-up dance energy I've been accumulating these past few weeks. The very last song of the concert was a fast, smoking hot merengue that I danced with my Dominican/PR friend (we both really love dancing merengue :) ). The word I would use to describe that dance is "dancegasm". :)

    It was a very nice night :)

    The cherry on top was that at the end of the night an older Dominican man came to me as we were all getting ready to leave, and offered his hand for a handshake. I shook it, looking at him confused, and he then told me--in a very serious tone--that I am the best dancer he's ever seen. :)
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    And that's without counting your smille™!~
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    *enters SF confessional and solemnly shuts door*

    It's been months since my last visit, possibly years since I've gone social dancing.

    Forgive me, I have sinned!
  7. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    Welcome back!! Now I am getting all nostalgic reminiscing about all the SF old-timers that were still around when I was a bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed brand new SF member :)
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    It's hard to be back after the Amsterdam and El Sol congresses. Last night, the usual place was less crowded than usual because lots of dancers were in Seattle. But that also meant there were few actual dancers there! I'd say it was about 80% party/drinking/date-night-lets-try-salsa crowd. And this used to be the place where the serious dancers went. Some still do, but they're vastly outnumbered by people bouncing around.

    OTOH, the Tuesday social that used to be mostly newbies is now the place to be. Funny how things change over time.
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  9. Dissonant Harmony

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    @Live2dance @Sabrosura

    The mystery of the blonde(s?) continues!~

    Found the blonde. (At least I believe it's her...Let's hope it's not a 3rd one! :p)
    Dance was fun, and funny. (Finger-powah strikes again: I mimiced her hand styling like a boss!~)

    Connection was good, but not "THE BEST!"
    My fault, though. I was too busy trying to make her hit every little thing on a very weird song. In retrospective: as 'weird' as it sounds, if I had ignored some stuff in the music, and just concetrated on building a good, and well connected dance, It would've been a much much better one. I guess I didn't treat her as a follow as fun as her should deserve.

    At one point, during shines, I started doing some lady styling - this time she mimiced me. Then I did one of my classics when I "flip" my imaginary "long hair" so it "covers my eyes", just to "fffffff" on it to "flip" it back. She laughed. We paired again.

    "Do you know I clandestinely love you?" I said,
    She played along with the absurd. (It's not secret if I tell!)
    -"Why keep it clandestinely? ;) " I laughed, said an: "oooooooh" and hugged her.
    As we resumed the dance, I said:
    "I must ask -
    "Were you the one who later went to play the piano...?
    The annoying one, that's out of tune?" (Note: I referred to the piano. In hebrew it was obvious).
    *silence*. *Cricket sound effects*
    -"I don't know how to play the piano".
    "Aaaaaah! Then you are not the one I clandestinely love!~" I said in a light and teasful manner, and dramtically turned away from her. (In a way that went along with what I was leading. :p )

    We kept dancing and it was fun. (and I also stopped trying to catch those very weird things in the music, and focused more on making her feel good).

    Dances was over. I did my usual bow+nod (I shoudl've been born japanese!~) and started slowly stepping back. She spreaded her arms, looked at me and then advanced forward to innitiate a hug before I dare leaving without one.

    *Later in the night, when I was about to invite her again, I saw he chatting with a guy. They seemed very close. Like a couple. And then he picked one (girlish) coat that was thrown there, 2 chairs away (he knew it's hers), helped her wear it, and they left the place together. I guess she was...taken? :rolleyes:


    *Well, at least now I know that those two were different girls. (And as the doubt is over - I also know for sure who the pianist is. I am not interested in her, though).
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  10. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    You have such an exciting life :D
    And here I am writing papers, studying and reading epidemiology papers non-stop for the past couple weeks and till my last exam on Friday. No dancing allowed during final exams here at Harvard... :(

    Then I fly to Cuba on Saturday and I will get to have an exciting dance-full life again :dancingbanana:
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  11. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    My exciting life mainly consists of me, sitting more than 12 hours a day in front of my laptop, trying to keep up with way too many recorded lectures, sped to x2.5~x3.4 (depends on the lecturer), because I skipped an entire semester of classes, and apparently, the exam is held...this month. :S

    (Going to 3 hours of dancing costed me...staying awake this entire night).

    I wish that you have enough fun to compensate for the lack of it during the recent weeks!
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  12. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    Nothing like the irony of someone turning you down for a dance and then posting on FB that people should show up for her birthday dance.
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  13. Al Israel

    Al Israel Tumbao

    Or aaking for a ride to a party and promising a dance for the one eho takes her.
  14. Dissonant Harmony

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    So, you guys know how I always complain that DJs fail to educate their crowd, or sometimes refuse to expose their dancers to a lot of types of Cuban music, because they (The DJs) think that it's boring, and that they know best what their dancers want. (A "cool", "young" and "refreshing" party).

    Yesterday I DJ'ed in a Cuban party, at a venue whose DJs 'feed' the crowd with almost exclusively Timba (and very specific types of Timba) and Salsatons, as well as some ocassional non-salsa latin-pop songs...

    There was some controversy regarding letting me DJ - as I am known for being against Salsatons, and Non-Salsa songs in a Salsa party, and I tend to preach that Cuban music isn't all about hyper-active Timba. (As there are many types of Timba, and also...a lot of genres of Cuban music that scene happened to completely 'forget'). In the end I was allowed to DJ, but on one condition: I had to create a post on their FB page, and invite the crowd to request for songs that they want to be heard. (Which is no big deal, since I intended to do that anyway).

    My philosophy as a DJ:

    -For every dancer, every 4 songs will consist of: 1 song that he absolutely loves, 2 songs that he'll enjoy, and 1 song that he may perhaps hate.
    -I want at least 25% of the songs to be new to every dancer. (And preferrably of a genre he's not used to do).
    -Once in a while, there will be played a song that's there for fun. Even if I find it not-suiting my standards of a 'Cuban-Salsa' party . (a Reggaeton / Bachata / Merengue / Pop / Line-Dancing...)
    -I want to be an approachable DJ.
    -I want to educate people about the music, expose them to new things that they may like, and inspire them to explore and figure their own preference and taste.

    Here are the requests I got (Via that post, or PMs):

    1) A girl asked for LVV's Temba Tumba Timba. (Quite the staple - as people like to form Rueadas on it).
    -And that 'Hello' (Adele) cover. Wishing to be approachable and educational - I r esponded by asking if she knows that there is a cool cover of Rhianna's Umbrella. I posted it there and she liked it and thanked me.

    And then my 'VICTORY' startrted!

    2) A guy asked for a Salsa cover of Coldplay's Clocks (Guess what, dear DJs, some people like Salsaish songs, and even slow ones!)
    -And then he asked for a certain...Guajira! Overjoeyd, I regarded him with how awesome that request was, wrote a little about that genre, its characteristics, and how to indentify it, and posted an additional Guajira there, and asked him if he could noticed the similarities, and other things I had talked about. :)
    He liked it and thanked me, and also had a little conversation with me about the matter.
    Another guy liked that post and thanked me there for the interesting information.

    3) Another guy asked for a Marc Antony song, and said that he knows that DJs usually don't like playing Marc Antony - "But I will try my luck".
    On one hand, this was 'good', because it was romantic and it 'proved' that the audience wanted things other than fast-and-furious TImbas, but also 'bad', because it wasn't Salsa, and it was also a considerably long song.
    I explained to him that while this song wasn't Salsa (and also quite long for a party), Marc Antony DOES have Salsa songs. I posted 'Contra la Corriente', and also added some trivia regarding the album itself, and asked him what he thought about it.
    He liked the song, and also noted that it's really cool that I explained things, and contributed to people's knowledge.

    4) A guy asked for Willy Chirion's Tu Eres Mejor. Once again - Romantica. He then PMed me and we talked about Dominican Bachata. At one moment he sent me an interesting Merengue, and I said that i'd play that one. :)

    5) One of the DJs of that place asked for an Issac Delgado song...Which I then found out to be a disappointing fusion of Reggaeton and Timba. :S

    Anyway, crowd has spoken. They wanted sweet-sounding songs!!!

    This is how the night ended being:


    Highlights of the night:

    1) People barely stopped to rest! (And those who did, did so only once a few songs)!
    2) A veretan DJ was there, and he kept coming again and again to look for names of songs on my laptop.
    3) Another DJ (My absloue favorite!) was surprisingly there! He told me again and again that the music was good. :)

    4) Best moment was Crowd's response to Orquesta Aragón - Mi Son Es Un Vacilón!

    I played it right after Yo Vengo de Cuba (to which people did one big Rueda), so when its intro commenced - most of the people were in pairs.
    And they looked at each other in hesitation: I saw the entire crowd, already sorted to couples, some holding each other, some just looking at each other...Standing. Trying to digest that new suspicious thing, that sounds completely different from everything they know...I feared that I had killed the mode...I was that close to cutting the song.... And then. at ONE go!!! - ALL OF THEM (!) started dancing!!! And hell, they seemed to enjoy it! I was sooooo so sooooo satisfied!

    5) later in the party, I played a Charanga version of Son de La Loma. And upon hearing the intro - people rushed towards each other to dance! Before all the girls are taken! Boom!
    (And I doubt they knew that song from before).

    6) I heared good comments about that 'special' version of Chirrin Chirran. (They all know LVV's).


    After everything was over - I posted the playlist history, and also uploaded all of the songs to a certain place, invited people to tell me which songs they liked best (and also said mine), and encouraged people to explore,and find which songs, bands or genres the like, and ask DJs to play them in events. :)

    Do what the two most downloaded songs were?

    1) Orquesta Aragón - Mi Son Es Un Vacilón!
    2) Johnny Venruta ft SIlvio Rodriguez - Flor de Pantano.

    First song is a damn old Son in Charanga format - the type of music that's never played in the Cuban venues around,
    and the second one is something I can't really defy (I doesn't sound like a 'pure' son to me and it has some Danzon and...perhaps Bolero? Influences in it, yet it's clearly not a Danzor, nor Bolero) - but it matters not: It was a 'chilled' song, with an 'old' vibe - far far faaaaar from those 'young' Timbas that the DJs there swear by them. :)

    -In that post - people thanked me and said that they DJing was great!

    -I think that the crowd has spoken. I rest my case. :)
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  15. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm in Johannesburg for a Thursday and Friday and have found salsa parties for Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I'm so depressed and wanted to tell all of you. :(
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  16. azana

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    I got my salsa fix in Dubai. Ah, that feels SO much better!

    I hadn't danced for a good 6-7 weeks and I was jetlagged, but I was just on point tonight, with the steps and the movement falling into place. The joy of dancing again energised me :). It was nice being asked constantly and receiving pleasant compliments; even the DJ came out of his booth to ask me twice.

    I felt obliged to buy a drink as there was no cover; the piña colada came served in a whole pineapple! That one was a conversation starter :)
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  17. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    Haven't gotten around to sharing stories from my latest 2-week trip to Cuba at the end of December. :) (Just got back from India.)

    A new salsa venue had opened in Habana Vieja, called El Canonazo, it is open late so usually after the Hotel Florida salsa ends people head there. The first night my bf and I went to check it out we met one of the managers when we got there, then proceeded to dance. Afterwards as we were leaving, the manager was sitting outside smoking, and we said goodbye. He says to my bf, "Is she cubana?" He goes, "No." Manager: "She dances like a cubana." We smiled (we had heard that a lot in Cuba :) ) Then the manager immediately adds (and this is the priceless part :) ):
    "Pero no como una blanca -- baila como una cubana prieta!" (But not like a white one -- she dances like a black cubana!" :) :)
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  18. Offbeat

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    Was his implication that black cubanas dance one way and the white cubanas another way or black cubanas dance better than white cubanas :p
  19. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    The second one ;)

    @vit So no excuses anymore that we white dancers are incapable of learning to move like black Latin dancers :p
  20. vit

    vit El Sabroso de Conguero

    Well, I think I didn't say that white dancers are incapable of learning to move like black dancers ... but it is obviously hard. That said, in my venue, there are or were a few salsa and/or kizomba followers that look/looked reasonably close. As about us guys, I think nobody is/was even close ... So, my congratulations :)

    We can however make a test. Next time when you are in Cuba, make a clip of you dancing with someone next to real cuban couple, making sure it is recorded so that we can only see silhouettes and we can't recognize you (for instance against the lighting). So we will try guessing from the movement who is real black cubana and who isn't ;)
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