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    Does Bachata warrant a mention in the dictionary?
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    Well Bear, it's not really Salsa... ;)
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    3 of the most important terms-- Danzon, Systemo Cubano and TRIPLE Mambo would be more in keeping with origins .

    These are the basis for which all the current social dances (Mambo, Salsa and Cha ) have their roots .

    Also Pachanga was huge in L.A. in the late fifties and early sixties -- had many people come in for lessons .
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    I got one.
    Being a musician I've been stumped on the official meaning of the word so it'll be good to find info on it. I've gone with it meaning a particular style of playing congas but the word is........


    I've heard it used in sentences to describe other musicians (mostly congueros) like:

    "chacho bro, ese tipo tiene un mazacote bien cabron."

    (my spanish might be a lil off, lol)
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    Litteral meaning is.. Hard, as in not soft
  10. This is not a real different this is just a concrete description of each of these styles. I think you need to go to music structure and culture for more details.
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    Very well done. Thanks for sharing such a great info.
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    great post very informative, I can get here great ideas.
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    Wow, you've made my day with this. As a Cuban i actually never knew about these genres. Thank you so much.
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    Great dictionary of terms. Very helpful. Thanks for posting!
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    nice, thank you.!!
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    Note that many songs are not always 100% of one type. Just like in many art forms people blend and mix and come up with new styles. So one song can have the main structures of one style but with stuff added to that..
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    pretty thorough list! didn't know they were called bongoseros!
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    Awesome Breakdown!
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    Great post!!!
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    Great post and very useful !!!

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