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  1. salsera1

    salsera1 Changui

    where to dance salsa in toronto
    Acrobat Lounge
    2464 Yonge Street (just 3 blocks North of Eglinton Ave W on West side)
    (416) 489-1105
    Salsa Evenings: Fridays only
    Lesson: Available from 8:45pm – 9:45pm with rotating instructors
    Cover Range: $10, ladies are free before 10pm
    Notes: Big open space, very hot, good beginner and intermediate lessons

    2409 Yonge Street (just 2 blocks North of Eglinton Ave W on East side)
    (416) 481-6865
    Salsa Evenings – Mondays only
    Lessons: Available from 8:00pm – 9:00pm
    Cover Range: $5-$7 depending on coat check
    Notes: Small space designed in a C Shape
  2. catarina

    catarina Son Montuno

    Hey Toronto peeps!
    I'll be passing through Toronto for one night & would love to go dancing! I'm hoping to hit up the Cuban dance scene while I'm there in particular. I'll be there Thursday, July 8th. Recommendations? Anyone want to meet up? :)
  3. ShineGuy

    ShineGuy Son Montuno

    Best place to dance in Toronto hands down is the Sunday Salsa Social at the Dovercourt House.

    • 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON
    • Best music, best DJ, best dance floor
    • Free parking, free coat check
    • Best bar prices (eg. $1 for water)
    • $6 for social dancing only (actually now 2 socials in one, zouk/kizomba in lower lounge)
    • $10 for social dancing + complimentary bachata lesson at 5:15-6, zouk 6:15 to 7 in lower lounge
    • social dancing from 6 - 10 pm, later hours if its a holiday
  4. Ohwc

    Ohwc Changui

    Any updates for Toronto? Will be in town on a Friday night. On 2 preferred but don't mind dancing both!
  5. Chris_Yannick

    Chris_Yannick Shine Officer

    Which Friday?

    Check out the Facebook group "Toronto Salsa Fridays". These parties normally attract On2 dancers. This event is every other Friday, so double check which Friday(s) are having the event.
  6. Kromat83

    Kromat83 Sonero

    I live in Ontario, and frequently visit Toronto, just not for Salsa, but Bachata.
    I think i am a little late, since the Friday you were planning to visit most likely passed.
    Uptown Loft is your best bet for Salsa, or now Fridays at Dovercourt 2nd and 4th week.
    There's iFreestyle which focuses more on2, but our community is more on1, it isn't like New York. Cuban Salsa, is also becoming more popular.

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