Salsa in Luxembourg?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Sabrosura, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Sabrosura

    Sabrosura ¡WEPA!

    I will be working in Luxembourg between October-February, anyone have any info on the salsa scene there? (I imagine it must be pretty small, hence my plans to attend most of the European festivals in the coming months.)
  2. bas

    bas Rhythm Deputy

    It's small indeed. If you have access to a car and don't mind driving (or taking the train) for a couple of hours (2-4) you can extend it quite a bit. You can even get to Paris in a little over 2 hours with the Thalys.

    I haven't lived in Luxembourg for years but will ask around to see what's going on there these days.

    Come to think of it, it must have improved a bit with Fadi living and teaching there.
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  3. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    My thoughts exactly.

    Not only the festivals, you can easily reach some of smaller events or special socials happening around too :) Though I don't know how European experience would be from follower's side.
  4. bas

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