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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by matty, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    Hey everybody

    im in Lisbon at the moment and I am missing my Salsa..... any recommendations of good locations to Listen too, dance to Salsa? see Salsa bands? buy Salsa CDs & Lps ? talk about Salsa? or anything else Salsa related

    where to go to take classes mid week?

    what clubs & DJs play the best tunes in your humble opinion

    and what about kizomba? its lisbon after all ("when in rome" and all that)

    Obrigado !!
  2. Kalash

    Kalash Changui

    Hi Matty,
    if you are looking for classes go to jazzy dance school, they have an web site that i cannot post, its the best school in lisbon (in my opinion)
    For parties the best way is to search on Fb... but you have the club "Barrio Latino" where normaly there is salsa and kizomba parties. During the week you can only find kizomba parties i think...

    Hope I could help ;)
  3. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    And give us a report young matty on your efforts and successes/failures, etc..
  4. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    Ok, I went to Barrio Latino last night (Thursday)
    Apparently its the only nightclub of Latin music in Lisbon , according to the taxi driver who braught me there (can that be true??), there are however lots of clubs which specialize in african music and Kizomba. I have enough Portuguese now to make some taxi drivers think I speak Portugues, he turned out to be quite the Salsero and we had a nice broken conversation about his and my collection of salsa documentary DVDs :D

    Barrio Latino is in a very nice modern neighbourhood with a lovely walk beside the water and a cable car nearby.Its the only nightclub, all the other places along that stretch are bars and shops.
    The windows were open as it was a quite a hot night, and I could hear the Kizomba bellowing from the venue so I decided to take a stroll until the DJ rotated it around to Salsa. Then I realized that this Salsa was never going to come and I decided to look inside the bar.

    Low and behold the Salsa is in the back room and Kizomba in the main room. (Tonight:Friday its the other way around, which is why im definitly going back )

    The kizomba room was bumping, loads of people of all kinds. I guess you could say it was a lot like a regular club really. The sound is great, the setting and lights etc. the place has an overall red and bluish colour, all very nice.

    The back room was not a patch on the front room in terms of decor and sound. Not so many people, basic seating, They are using RCF speakers which normally are one of the best brands you can buy but the sound is not great. It was nice to listen, but lacked a bit of 'oomph'.
    The lights are RGB capable of illuminating the walls of the room every colour but for some reason the DJ had them set on a pasty horrible yellow/green for the whole night.
    (this is all stuff that DJs notice LOL)

    despite the name "Barrio LATINO" I didnt really see any Latinos in the Salsa room, per se. All studio cross body dancers in fact, they had a huge mirror on the dancefloor. Im probably not the best person to review this place in this case because thats not really my scene. South america has ruined me in way, in that sometimes I would prefer to just drink a bottle of aguardiente, sing the songs and thrash a campana rather than practise "shines". But the dancers were fairly good and nice people too !

    I like the DJs music selection, no complaints here. Good authentic Salsa. It was all very studio dancer friendly, I suspect he may have turned the pitch controll down a little at times to slow the tempo. Mostly 1970s, lesser known tunes eg: he played a great tune which I think was an alternative version of Chico alvarez - Rumba en el solar" . He also played a few more well known ones such as "Eddie maldonado - Para que volver" (love that tune!)
    If i could make a complaint it would only be that It was a little 'samey', keeping it within comfortable son rhythm and 190-200 BPM for the dancers, but im not sure if thats really a complaint.
    He did clear the room once with a Bachata track and I could see him biting his lip and quickly cutting back to Salsa. I guess Bachata just doesnt offer a good enough alternative now compared to the Kizomba room next door.

    It seems 2am is kind of peak hour there, I stayed until about 3:30 which is probably early for them, the kizomba room was still mobbed by this point, could hardly move in there. I think it closes at 6am.

    Im looking forward to returning tonight for Salsa in the main room. :)
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  5. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    So, I went to Barrio latino again last night (Friday night) : Salsa in the main room

    My first thaughts on arriving were "where the heck is everybody??"

    Compared to the previous night with Kizomba in the main room, there were far fewer people. However it had been a bit too packed the night before, this night, there was a good enough size crowd, and it did increase as the night went on.
    I know from my own DJ business that its not good to presume that a venue is always packed or not , based on one nights experience, these things fluctuate.

    The music was great ! Banging Salsa tunes all night. It was funny, the DJ (different guy tonight) played that Chico Alvarez tune again just after I arrived. I really enjoyed the music ,and it was great to hear it on the main room sound system this time.

    Again the crowd was pretty much all cross body studio dancers, I liked the atmosphere.
    There were some very good dancers, people were having a lot of fun on the dancefloor, especially the women (some of the women were the definition of sexy :D). I guess it makes me want to learn more cross body.

    I was tired after the previous night out, so I only stayed about 3 hours. There were just two Bachata tracks played (and I didnt like them), the rest was really good Salsa.

    The K room was a little more sparsley populated than the Salsa room, but at least the DJ changed the colour of the lights to red this time. I didnt really go in there. Maybe one night I will take a lesson just for kicks.

    So my conclusion: Venue was a little bit quiet on this particular night, but the atmosphere was nice and music great, If i lived in Lisbon I would probably go here every Friday.

    Thumbs up from me !
  6. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    Ok one more report from lisbon... my non-salsa friends were still hungover from a night out three days ago, and they were not up for going out, so I decided Salsa was on the menu again. I went to a Salsa social last night in "Jazzy" Dance studios

    I was really impressed with the studio itself, really well organized. They had two large rooms, one Salsa, one Kizomba and a kind of bar area where you could sit and drink and look into the "dance room". Entry was free! The sound was good. The atmosphere was friendly. I liked the music, it was along the same line as the other nights I attended, Nuno Melo and some others were Djing, I spoke to him for a while.

    I know i talk a lot about lights, but.... once again there were good (RGB) lights capable of mixing any colour under the sun, and they were set to the one colour those kind of lights dont do well, white ! which illuminates the whole room in a kind of glaring clinical look feeding into the image that all the dancers are somehow performing on a stage. If someone was overcome by the music and needed emergency open heart surgery on the dancefloor, these lights would come in handy.I guess very bright lighting is what dancers prefer here in Lisbon. Is this what you prefer in your part of the world? Personally I prefer a semi dim lit clubby feel, but I suppose thats why the phrase exists "para los gustos hay los colores". There were many familiar Salsaholic faces from the other nights and then some. Most x body, but a few Cuban style dancers too. It was a nice friendly atmosphere.

    The Kizomba room by contrast was very dark, lit only by very vibrant red lights on the walls, it was a similar size and was densely packed with dancers. Considerably more densly packed than the Salsa room, I could hardly even enter.
  7. sunsoul

    sunsoul Shine Officer

    That was a good report.. I am thinking about going to Lisbon for a month or two next year after some hard work in the desert making my bucks.. Any updates welcome!
  8. pcanoe

    pcanoe Changui

    Go and see the site www dot salsainlisbon dot com to have more info there they post events from time to time
  9. bqnm

    bqnm Sonero

    Hi Matty,

    I did not realized that you were asking informations about the Salsa scene in Lisbon. If I knew, I could certainly help you here. Anyway I'm happy that you had a great time here in Lisbon.

    BTW, I'm celebrating this year my 20 Years in Salsa and I'm really happy that the Salsa scene in Lisbon continues to be vibrant and with new people coming regularly.

    Next time you come to Lisbon, let me know.

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  10. matty

    matty Shine Officer

    Thankyou Nuno
    I plan to return to Lisbon at some point
    and next time you are Ireland we should organize a Salsa Vinyl Session :)
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  11. bqnm

    bqnm Sonero

    Hi Matt,

    That´s a really good ideia... let's go for it... Dublin Vinyl Session !!!
  12. Dragan

    Dragan Changui


    I am in Lisbon today (only today). Does anybody know where I can dance salsa tonight?


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