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    May I say something, dear members? The fathers and mothers of Cuban music was the social groups called Cabildos.
    Cabildos preserved African culture and traditions, like Orishas for exemple. Cabildos played afro rhythms. People from Spain brought their own music and also Jamaica influenced Cuban music. Now, we have the name afro-cuban. Fernando Ortiz described Cuban music as a mix of African and Spain culture. Later, 1920 -1930 this cuban music was influenced by Jazz : Birth-hour of Mambo.
    I think many peaple say "Cuban salsa" and mean dancing style, but not music., I like very much afro-cuban or mambo
    and I like to dance to this music.

    p.s: forgive me my bad English
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    In Cuba, a popular dance which we say Casino was marketed abroad as Cuban-style salsa or Salsa Cubana.
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    Exactly, although in this case we are talking about the music as opposed to the dance. In this thread Cuban "salsa" meaning Cuban contemporary popular dance music that bears a greater resemblance to the type of non-Cuban salsa music largely listened to by dancers of non-Cuban dance styles. I.e. Cuban music that sounds similar to "regular" salsa.
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    I am 99% sure he's a bot. :p

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