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  1. khabibul35

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    I agree with you in general, except this part. Yes, romantica can be fine, but the type of romantica is important; it needs to fit casino (such as Es Tu Mirada by Leoni Torres or some HDP). Rey Ruiz does not fit the style of dance and is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Your idea of authenticity is also dubious. Should Calle Real not be played at Cuban Salsa events because it's a Swedish band? Should Mayimbe not be played because the band is from Peru?

    Rey Ruiz being from Cuba doesn't make his sound any more authentic in terms of music choice. He is a data point for sure, but we should take into account that his target audience is linear dancers! Meanwhile, Mayimbe and Calle Real are not from Cuba but make music for dancers of this style.

    My point was this: I put him in the "Salsa from Cuba" because this is clearly where he belongs, music geared toward the linear/Miami traditions. And while I'm glad so many people here like to dance to it, it's just not good for casino and I don't think casineros would enjoy widening their repertoire for music that clearly doesn't fit their dancing style.
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    I'm sure Rey Ruiz has never aimed his music at linear dancers in particular. His music is for people who like it (and/or like to dance with a partner). Plenty of those people are Cubans on the island, Cubans not on the island, and other assorted Latins and non-Latins. That would include people who dance casino, Miami style Cuban, old school PR style, S American style, new school slot style and whatever else - plenty of whom have never gone to a dance lesson in their life. (Remember the whole romántica thing was massive in the 90s, when the salsa scene i.e. dance lesson-based was still in its infancy.) How can hardcore casineros consider such music unsuitable for dancing when so many Cubans love to dance to it? What do Cubans do when they dance to it?

    I appreciate that you don't like such music so you don't want to dance to it - again, I'm not saying you should. In fact some linear dancers hate romántica too. The fact that the DJ choose such an uninspiring example of the genre doesn't help matters.

    But I still don't understand why the whole genre is not good for casino.
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    Khabi, could you dance to this one? What about if a super fine cubana asked you to dance to it?
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    Sounds fine to me. Strong, well-tuned voice. Competent orchestration.

    My God this forum has me bored sometimes. Its so predictable. If its not an slammin in clave 2-3 Ismael Rivera jam, its somehow not good Salsa.

    Broaden your horizons.
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    This is my ****.
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    You're making unsubstantiated claims here. I'm not the expert, but at least I've been to Cuba. I seem to recall you saying that you have not.

    Also, you're confusing dancing with listening. Not every person who listens to music actually dances it. However, those who go to dance clubs definitely don't go there to listen to it and my guess is that a good DJ should consider that.

    GTFOH with that nonsense... you don't bother to read the thread and know nothing about my musical preferences and then come in with that?

    FYI, I'm not a "salsa" fan of any sort and the discussion wasn't about what "good salsa" is. My initial comment was lamenting that the song was played in a club where it didn't belong (since it wasn't a salsa club) and the conversation since is about where it fits.
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    No, I wouldn't dance to it. By that, I mean I wouldn't ask any woman to dance no matter how fine she was. If asked, I would probably say yes, but if I'm honest, the more fine she was the less likely I'd be to say yes to a dance with her. Dancing with a beautiful woman to crappy music that doesn't fit the dance genre you're supposed to be dancing is a let down.
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    I'm not getting the **** the **** out of anywhere. And in the future, apologize to me if you ever have a similar thought.
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    If a super fine cubana asked me to dance to this, I would THROW DOWN.

    Or I guess nicaraguense, in this case. Yo no discrimino.
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    New salsa romantica by Leoni with just a touch of timba after 3 minutes
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    The last two videos (Luís Enrique and Leoni Torres) are very nice!!!

    That is how I like me my salsa! ;)
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    Palatable yes, but not much more than that :p
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    Taken down
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    Here's from his official site so I expect they won't take this one down.
  18. timberamayor

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  19. Dissonant Harmony

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    One of the only salsa singers whose singing I actually somewhat appreciate.
    I really like his A Mi Manera, and Luna Negra.
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