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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Hock Siew, May 20, 2010.

  1. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm bumping this thread so Natty can have a look :)
  2. Natty

    Natty Son

    Thanks azana! We will have to book some nights in when I come to visit :D
  3. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    You're on :) . Feel free to add in Adelaide listings as well - it's good to have a comprehensive thread just in case people come visiting :) .
  4. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    Ello Australian Salseros, can I be so rude as to intrude to ask a question?

    I have a friend currently in Australia over the Festive period/New Year.

    She's run out of things to do. Is there anyplace in either Melbourne or Sydney between now and the 4th of January to get any dancing done?

    Thankies, Will.
  5. Natty

    Natty Son

    Sorry Will, I'm based in Adelaide! But methinks Sydney would be cranking right now - hopefully someone else can lend a hand :)
  6. Natty

    Natty Son

    Attn Melbournites! Is there anything on Wed nights? I will be in Melb for Soundwave & my mate is going to another concert that night & honestly, I'd much rather dance. Fingers crossed there is some social going on!

    I'll be in Melb Wed 29 Feb - Sat 3 March but won't be able to dance on the Fri or Sat.
  7. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Spin City runs workshops on Wednesday night - they're different every week and walk ins are fine. You should check up and see if Sharon Pakir's teaching that night. I'm planning to try to get to a few myself this year.
  8. flowrite

    flowrite Sonero

    Anything in Darwin? I want to return one day.
  9. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    The Moorish Cafe downtown has salsa on Thursday nights, and can probably tell you where to go on other nights.

    I may be through there in April if I decide to go back to Dili for a bit.
  10. Natty

    Natty Son

    Ah yes, the Moorish Cafe! We spent a lot of our honeymoon in Darwin, the one night I convinced hubby to go there for salsa the State of Origin was on! ARGH! (to make things worse, I forgot Darwin is a maroon state & I'm a die-hard blues girl, and we lost HARD)

    Thanks azana re Spin City, I'll get on it! :banana:
  11. Natty

    Natty Son

    Just remembered to add Adelaide in here, Enetheru did a great job of making this list:

  12. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Was that May last year by any chance? I was in Timor researching my Masters; had to come back through Darwin. I couldn't find salsa, and I couldn't sleep all night (was staying on Mitchell Street) due to that ^#%^)*^&^@ State of Origin blaring out of the bars ALL night! I had to get up before 5 to get a flight to Melbourne in time for a lecture. Well, had no idea it was on or who won or that people even watch it in the NT, but it would be nice to return to Darwin and actually enjoy it (all two blocks of Darwin...) i.e. salsa, sleep ;)
  13. Natty

    Natty Son

    May 2008 :D I'm so keen to go back to Darwin, one of my favourite places in the world. And sorry azana, I'm probably one of those rugby bogans causing a whole lot of noise too hehehe

    re Spin City, Sharon Pakir is doing Rumba & Afro that night... :eek:
  14. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have some salsa fanatic friends visiting me from Medellin in November, who want me to show them Melbourne's salsa scene. I'm already embarrassed... I don't think the music will quite compare, to begin with. I've made sure I've asked them "Now, you are going to Sydney, too, right?" That should hopefully compensate!
  15. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Latin 24/7 dates 2012 (Melbourne's biggie):

    Tonight was pretty good! :D

    April 21st Brunswick Town Hall
    May 19th Coburg Town Hall (90 Bell Street, Coburg)
    June 23rd Coburg
    July 28th Coburg
    August 18th Coburg
    September 15th Coburg
    October 13th Coburg
    November 17th Coburg
    December 8th Coburg

    Returning to Brunswick 2013; which is good as my house is on the same road, only about 6mins drive!
  16. Natty

    Natty Son

    Look out Melbourne! This is your 12hr warning :D
  17. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, we're setting the scene for the Melbourne Festival in April, right? Anyways, Natty and Azana is about to wreak havoc :together:

    Then Azana crawls to work on Friday... :)
  18. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    The one decentish weekly party in Melbourne (Conga Room, if you don't mind the poor music selection) has put its prices up - by $5 a ticket! If their was an accompanying improvement in quality / better DJs I wouldn't mind so much, but it's quite a hike and I think I might just have to find somewhere else for now.

  19. Natty

    Natty Son

    Soooo, guess who has a dire need for salsa in south-east Melbourne now? :D
  20. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    Natty in Melbourne? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh wow, I have a regular dance friend around now! I just arrived back from Africa this morning and straight away checked out the party dates as I am desperate to dance (just ask my bedroom mirror). Will be at Latin 24/7 on Feb 16 and Spanish Harlem Club March 2. I think the Spanish Club (where the Bullring used to be) may have regular Friday night parties without band, so I'll check it out; otherwise might have to start going to the Conga Room again.

    As usual, once a great party gets started in this city, it closes down. It's a curse. This entire city seems to be "undergoing renovations" on a regular basis (even the stalwart Latin 24/7 is onto its third venue since I moved to Australia). This time it's the monthly Hilton South Wharf, which had a great live band. It was also the only party I could bring non-salsa friends to and they really enjoyed it.

    As for the south east (of course, I live in the north west :) ), Dance 101 is based in Bentleigh, and I believe have some parties there as well as classes. The lead teacher is extremely good; I've had some killer everybody-watching-us dances with him at Conga Room. Unfortunately, he's one of those teachers who ignores you most of the time if you're not giving him business, and he quickly discovered I wasn't interested in the classes. I am actually - and I mean it this time! - intending to go back to classes this year, with Sharon Pakir's school, which has 'ninja level'. Might be a little inconvenient for you, as it's in Brunswick. If Sharon can't get group advanced on2 going, I think I'll just try privates.

    Hope to go out dancing together soon!

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