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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by chrisk, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. chrisk

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  2. FionaWeslan

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    Thanks for posting this great list of threads! I will have to check out each one of them :bandit:
  3. ColdSalsero

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  4. misuakter

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    its no problem , you should dance a new girlfriend then it will be okay
  5. ColdSalsero

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  6. Just For Kix

    Just For Kix Changui

    Thanks a lot for posting these threads, Great work!
  7. Sally

    Sally Changui

    It is understood that generally those outside of the salsa circle wouldn't be able to understand the whole social dancing scenario. The dance movement itself is very sexy and intimate. It would take lots of compromising and understanding to work any relationship in that matter. Good luck to us all!
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  8. wildbill20056

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    Social dancing is, and has been, prevalent in various forms around the world for a very long time, be it Scottish ceilidhs, barn dances, balls etc. Yes there are parts of the world where these traditions are absent, but in general it's not such an alien concept to joe public. My girlfriend is a dancer, but not a salsa dancer, preferring solo performance to partnerwork for various reasons. The only issue we have is negotiating time that I can give to a time intensive interest that we don't share.
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  9. Sally

    Sally Changui

    Are we really subject to having partners of the same salsa or any form of dancing as others may not understand us?
  10. Sally

    Sally Changui

    Cold Salsero, I don't think you should be upset. A dance is just a dance. What's important is in the heart.
  11. chrisk

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    First, welcome to SalsaForums, Sally!

    You do realize that this isn't really a question asked by our member ColdSalsero, but rather him suggesting another thread to be added to the first index post for the theme "Relationships and Salsa"? Discussions shouldn't necessarily take place below this index post but in the appropriate linked threads.
  12. ColdSalsero

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    @chrisk about the list at the top, I think it could use a little updating with the additions I've mentioned, if that's possible?
  13. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    Yes, I was only adding another thread (not my own) that I thought belonged in this list. I have no problems with anyone dancing with other people (single or otherwise)! ;)
  14. chrisk

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    Sure, just updated it. Thanks!
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  16. Kromat83

    Kromat83 Sonero

    I'll have a look at those, as I just joined yesterday.

    With the breaks I've taken, I think I have been going to socials for about 6 months, and agree with others that social dancing shouldn't be taken so seriously, it's there to practice our dancing and have fun.
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  18. ColdSalsero

    ColdSalsero Shine Officer

    I'm seriously sick and tired of hashing out the same old arguments about being upset/worried over a significant other dancing salsa with other people, so I posted a Quora question about it, if anyone wants to add their 2-cents to it there.
  19. MacMoto

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    Great idea ColdSalsero :) I've edited the top post and also created a whole new sticky thread dedicated to this topic:
    Should I be upset and worried that my boy/girlfriend dances salsa with other people?
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
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  20. goldemblem

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    I meet my current girlfriend thanks to Salsa and we are planning on maybe getting married, this is a good topic to know what to expect and what to avoid, thanks

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