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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by Brownskin818, Jul 15, 2009.

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    All my favorite follows have great dance technique, but the reason they are my favorite follows is not their dance technique ... :D
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    I was dancing with someone new at a social a few weeks ago. He wasn't a terrible lead, but he was a bit of a pattern monkey and a little bit rough/sloppy with his lead. he also kept trying to get me into uncomfortable feeling patterns (he was super tall, the height difference was challenging), so i kept hijacking :eek: because i didn't feel like doing salsa gymnastics.

    after hijacking like 3-4 times i apologized to him and i guess he must have taken it like i could not follow him based on the level he was leading at. he said something like, "don't worry i'll just do easier patterns now."

    so i'm minorly insulted and i raised my eyebrow at him like "dude, are you serious? my ability to follow you has nothing to do with the complexity level of the patterns you are leading". but i didn't say anything because i didn't think it was worth it. i told my boyfriend later that i hoped that guy had seen me dance with others after we had danced and realized that my "inability" to follow him had nothing to do with him being more advanced than me LOL.

    i just thought it was annoying he assumed that.
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  3. elanimal

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    I used to be like that. It's a long road to realize that girls don't want to be ragdolls, if no one tells you straight up, in a position of power... aka, your teacher. Most of us leads only see what other leads do and might assume a lot of force is necessary, especially when a musical lead hits different parts of a song aggressively.

    Honestly I still haven't come across a single group class that teaches, in depth, how it should feel. That includes numerous classes in NY, Boston, PR, congresses, etc etc etc. I often wonder myself how advanced guys learned if not through privates.
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    honestly, the best dancers in terms of how they feel to followers in new york are trained by frankie. it's actually amazing because i can always tell if someone has been trained by frankie. i've had so many dancers with people that were great and i asked the lead afterwards, "have u trained with frankie martinez?" and they say yes! and then some of them ask if i have as well, which i always consider a great compliment. there are others in the scene who have managed to learn to lead without making the follower feel like a ragdoll, but i think most of them have either been dancing for years and years OR they have taken enough classes at enough different schools where they've sort of taken the best of everything and combined it into a style that works and feels nice.

    but yes, to your point @elanimal, nobody that i've taken classes with besides frankie puts any emphasis on how it should FEEL, both to lead and to follower. so no wonder the ragdoll effect is so common.
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    This about sums up our year on salsa forums :D
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