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    I'm noticing two (unrelated) trends:

    I’ve probably never seen a more obvious example of “monkey see, monkey do” as the current trend among dancers of wearing a shirt tied around the waist and hanging over the butt, sleeves and all flapping in the air, especially at workshops. You’re even more in trend if the shirt is a checkered type. I’m puzzled by this trend because it obscures a dancer’s movement and body, particularly for instructors, who I believe started it.

    Another trend I notice is for people to post on FB photos taken on the plane when traveling. This seems to also have been started by pros/instructors, presumably to advertise the events they’re traveling to. But for others, what’s up with that? All photos look the same, not that interesting scenery on a plane. Isn’t it better to post photos from the place you’re visiting (if you must post photos)?
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    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

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    thanks a lot!
  6. olamalam

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    Thanks. She is a ballroom dancer. But she dances salsa as well. We met in a salsa concert. In the wedding we played many salsa&bachata songs :)
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    You know I'm at an 'academic' school when...

    Our library's electric stapler went missing. It can staple a large number of sheets together and was very popular with the students. The librarian duly put up a notice on the school's electronic bulletin requesting the prompt return of the stapler. Instead, he received a ransom note, along the lines of "If you want to see the stapler again, put $50 in the third microwave opposite the canteen." He put a photocopy of a $50 note in the microwave :). Unforunately, the photocopy was never collected and the stapler hasn't been seen again...

    On the farewell board for the graduating class, one of the students wrote "Whoever gets the lowest ATAR [i.e. tertiary entrance ranking score] has to run naked through the..."

    The city centre's Bourke Street Mall? The cathedral that is the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)? Flinders Street Station?

    "...State Library!"

    The graduating history class superimposed a picture of me onto a Bolshevik propaganda poster, with the caption "Victory to Comrade [Azaña]! Glory to the 2016 History Class!" I received a framed, signed copy :).
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    "Miss, a dog ate my PowerPoint."
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    On behalf of all decent, sane, caring, inclusive, and respectful Americans I apologize to the world at large for the shameful antics of last night in Las Vegas.
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    thanks a lot! :)
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    You know you're studying at Harvard when you have to formally "apply to graduate" if you want to actually graduate :p
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    So if you don't formally apply then what? You don't graduate but you have been schooled?:p

    Or if you don't apple to graduate can you claim your tuition fees back :D
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    "Miss, are you coming to the Year 11 social?"

    "I play hockey Wednesday nights."

    "Didn't you get hit last week? You should come to the social. You love your homegroup!"

    "Believe it or not, my idea of a great night out is not hanging out with teenagers."

    "Come on, Miss, it will be fun!"

    "There is NO ONE in the school who is good enough to dance with me."

    "Oh. Oh yeah. Okay, bye Miss!"
  16. Offbeat

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    Every time you narrate, calling teacher a "Miss" appears odd. Yet when I was in school we would also refer to a teacher as "Miss". It was always "Sir" and "Miss". I am trying to jog my brain to recall if we ever used "Ma'am" (never used "Madam" as far as I can recall). Would be interesting to know in how many parts of the world "Miss" is still used.
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    As you may well imagine, same in the UK .
  18. SnowDancer

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    My company is being bought by Siemens. I wonder if I could work in Germany for a while (like the next 4 years :)).
  19. Salsa Student

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    I hear Sabs is taking residency applications.
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    I wouldn't mind living in Romania for a while.

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