Overused lines in salsa songs

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    I was just about to post that one!
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    groovetpt Capitán Del Estilo

    Can you count how many times Tito Nieves says "Chula!" in a song? I think I counted five times once.

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    Linda melodia !!! ....everyone's favorite (I think)
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    I love that one. What songs do you hear that in?
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    A lot of piano solos get introduced with this line.. I think there was a thread about this on this forum....

    edit: just checked the thread, it was started by you, so i guess you know :)
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  6. It's not really a fair answer but I hear Corazon wayyy too much in songs.
    One which I have heard a fair bit (Tosco, Tania Pantoja, Issac to name a few) is something which sounds like "Gabira". I asked a Colombian trumpet player what they are saying and he told me it's "capoeira", another source told me it's "gambina".
    Can anyone clarify this and explain what it means?

    Another one - atención!

    Just realised my answers apply more so to Timba than Salsa but oh well.
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    Give me an example of the song where you here the mysterious word and I'll see if I can help :) But spontaneously I wonder if they're not saying camina
    Alexander Abreu always says "camina por arriba el mambo" when the mambos start like at 2 minutes here
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  8. Yehhhh Camina! That is defintely the case with Issac and some other examples. What does it mean? Translate says "walking" but there is a probabaly a colloquial interpretation right?
    She's almost certainly saying Camina at earlier parts of the song, but at the link I have provided it seems like it could be a different word. Still can't post links for some reason...
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    yeah literally it means "walk!" like a command but obviously we wouldn't say it. that's what makes translating lyrics so hard. Maybe we would say "Let's go!" or "C'mon!" or something. Depends a bit on the context but it's sort of like an exclamation but not really adding meaning to the song. Like "Ahí na'má! Of cousre it has a literal meaning but mainly it's like throwing in a little spice to the salsa LOL

    Then there are common phrases suchas "si cocina como camina"... if she cooks the way she walks ... menaing a woman has a very sexy walk and of cours ethe cooking could be iteral but could also be a doble entendre referig to sex.

    In Cuban music "agua" often refers to sex. Also the song I posted the link to - la bailarina - bailerina is a slang term in Cuba for marijuana. So again a song with double entendre
  10. Haha that might explain the Los Van Van song a little more, I remember one review complaining that the lyrics were not that deep, perhaps they missed the point.
    So how about in the youtube ID I posted (it's time stamped), is that just Camina as well?
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    Yeah that was camina. that's actually an interesting version of that song. It's Tana Pantoja singing. It was never recorded by her on a CD. Haila did it for both Bamboleo and then Azúcar Negra. Tanja took over a main lead singer when Haila left but they never recorded a CD when Tanja was singing lead. then she left and went to Bamboleo and Biunaikis Marquetti and Ailyn Dalleras joined. The Biunaikis moved to Romania and Ailyn was the olnly lead female singer. then she went to Bamloelo and then Ingrid Leyva joined. Then Ingrid moved to Miami and that's when Limonta stopped having female singers LOL. It's a shame too because he was one of the best at writing good lyrics from a woman's POV. Too often songs written for women are rather weak IMO. Did I digress?
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  12. Ah thanks for the info!
    There is a great live version here with Tania.
    K22HPmtkPLA I really like her stage presence and energy.

    I thought one of the Bamboleo versions was Vania? This one... aeXw33sa278
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    In 1998 Bamboleo released the CD Yo no me parezco a nadie and the song (most of the songs on that CD) was written by Limonta and specifically about Haila. She sings it on that album, but Limonta, Haila and most of the band left Bamboleo in 1998 to form Azúcar Negra.
    EDIT: It is safe to say there has been major bad blood between these 2 bands over the years.

    You can hear a snippet here. I couldn't find it at youtube.

    So the 1999 CD Ño has Vania singing. the period with haila singing it was fairly brief. And then they did their own version with Azúcar Negra, which I actually prefer of the two versions.
    Tania has tremendous stage presence. I saw here with AN in 2003 I think here in Stockholm. She dominated the stage and had qute the sexy dress.
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