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Discussion in 'Salser@s Anonymous' started by memphis salsero, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Traveling the memory lane .. learning about American culture.

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    Lol, this guy is hilarious.

    Sharp album cover. Clean and professional.

    Listening to the first track now. Very elegant
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    So Omi is a Cuban American who studied music in Cuba before his family went to Florida when he was 9 where he continued his piano studies. Eventually he became a music producer and working with Descemer Bueno, Descemer convinced him to do a ballad and also to sing, which wasn't something he had in mind. The result was "Ella",which was on Descemer's album "Bueno" and was a hit in Cuba. Now Omi has recorded a full album of romantic songs and is working on another more dance album. Amnyway, here are a couple of clips "Ella" and 14 de febrero" from the upcoming Omi release. Omi has a nice vocal style.

    Interview with Omi

  5. Resides

    Resides Sonero

    Yesterday we were lazing at the ocean and played hot summery music. Beach Boys, some instrumental surf compilation of the Ventures, Surfaris, Shadows.

    On the way home in the Jeep I hit the stereo button and there was a CD already inserted. Birdsongs of British Columbia and the Yukon.
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    Isn't he canadian? Anyway love his obra ;)
  7. The Beach Boys go with halter tops, flip flops and sock hops. Makes me crave for a cherry soda. Barbara Ann was the first song I danced to with a boy back in Eureka, California. I think I asked him and we did the Bunny Hop.
  8. Resides

    Resides Sonero

    We call soda just 'pop'.
    We moved to Montreal and there were dances in my new school in the gymnasium at lunch. No idea of the song but I danced with two girls, Chantelle and Giselle. I found it all embarrassing because my sister was there and I was worried she would tell my older brother. Her name is Michelle and I threatened to sing the Beatles 'Michelle' (my version...poubelle means garbage can) forever if she did.She still hates that song.

    The songs were probably top AM radio in the early 70's either 45s or cassette.
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    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    One of my favorite Brazilian artists

    MAMBO_CEC Sabor Ambassador

    Another one
  11. I have a stack of CDs in my office.

    The most played over the years is The Tijuana Brass. I used to fantasize Herb Alpert had a son just like him.

    I might not play these CDs for months at a time but I always come back to them.
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    Some of my favorites from this year. The first one is the one most likely to have broad appeal here, I think:

  13. HothouseSalsero

    HothouseSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    New Matthew Shipp too, though I only just discovered this was released and have only listened to the album once (barely):

  14. azana

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    Not altogether historically accurate :), but my students and I are hooked on the Hamilton soundtrack. What better way to start discussion in class on the challenge following the American victory in the Revolutionary War than Benjamin Rush's words combined with 'What Comes Next?' from the soundtrack? :) Currently, 'Yorktown' and 'Satisfied' are my other faves :)

    Supposedly opening in Oz in 2017!
  15. HothouseSalsero

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    UK garage DJ supergroup (if that's not an oxymoron). They eventually stop saying their name over and over again after the intro. (There are some conventions of electronic dance music that drive me crazy.)

  16. HothouseSalsero

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    And on a completely different tip, over the past few years enough Oum Kalthoum rare recordings have migrated onto youtube to keep me busy for a lifetime:

    Still my favorite vocalist.
  17. azana

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    When I travelled through Libya, my driver would put on awful Western pop CDs: boy bands, romantic diva songs and so forth, clearly thinking that was the kind of music we listened to. Whenever he stopped for a break or errand, I would quickly take them out and fish his Oum Kalthoum live and Lebanese pop CDs out of the glovebox and put them on instead. He soon realised I preferred the regional music (I don't even mind Arabic pop - such a beautiful language for singing - and admit I have the likes of Amr Diab, Sherine and Elissa on my iPod) and when I flew out to Qatar presented me with a bag of gifts, including several (pirated :)) Arabic pop CDs. Still love that story of Qaddafi postponing his coup by a day as Oum Kalthoum was playing a concert in Libya on the originally chosen date so he knew attention would be diverted :).

    I bought a copy of the Hamilton cast CD at the Borders in Honolulu; the cashier gasped "Ah! Hamilton!" and started singing "Lafayette!" in the shop :)
  18. HothouseSalsero

    HothouseSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    I'm not sure I've ever heard that one! There are so many stories along those lines.

    This channel on youtube has an enormous collection of Oum Kalthoum's live recordings (I love the photos too):


    I agree that Arabic is a beautiful language, especially the more proper versions of it.
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    Happened to catch a program on Jamaica ( all about their music ). It had Reggae, a form of Jamaican Rap and Trans. "They" said also, that , Rap in the US originated in Jamaica .

    It went into how the government was trying to ban the "dancehall " music , as it's called .

    It was recorded by the Viceland TV channel ..

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