On2: 26 ladies' techniques and 9 men's techniques

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Sina, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Desafinado

    Desafinado Tumbao

    At 1:15 she's doing the 1st half of follow footwork #12.
  2. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Thanks Defafino.
    There is a lot to think about for me. I will definitly come back to you.
    And yes, when i saw the list, i immediatly thought about the #12 (must be the video).
  3. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    This is clearly a CBL with a turn, except she doesn't complete it - as she evidently stops on count 3 - Because he checked her.

    -Now, please bear in mind that 'CBL', 'Turn' and 'Check' are unreservedly universal terms.
    There is no 'Follower's perspective' in the matter: We are discussing a partner dance with a lead and a follow here, not choreography.

    If you want to describe the girl's steps here - then you can easily get around saying it's the steps of CBL with an inside turn - interrupted at count 3.
  4. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Hi Dissonant H.,

    I am sorry, that i could not find the time to answer sooner. I have a deadline for a project till end of may. So my thoughts are more focused on that.

    But I still want to answer:
    You seem to refuse a separate follower/leader's view. If It works for you, why not.

    For me it is necessary. It gives me a better focus on my steps.
    From what i know a cbl includes only a half turn of the follower. In the video the follower makes a full turn betwen 2+3 and 3+4, then on 5 to the side, on 6 the hook...
    And yes, the leader has to break the movement of the follower on (you said check) ~3.

    And you already mentioned the choreo exception thing:
    If I (follower) want to exercise a choreo alone, then I have to know my steps without a leader. There is no need that the follower memorizes the lead. But maybe it would open a new perspective

    I think muscle memory is very helpful, thus sometimes it is not bad to practice allone, even for social dance.

    There might be parts of the choreo, where the leading of the partner is very little. But l think it should be still there and the follower should follow. Maybe the followers are not enough patient to wait for the lead, because they know what follows....

    haha, this weekend a friend tried to lead his new choreo while dancing with me. I did not know, that it was the new choreo... but it worked . Well, without the lady styling .

    so, there might be a lot of options, how to memorize partnerwork. And I like to get your way to know. Thanks!
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  5. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Dissonant H.: the more i think about the walkthrough and the cbl, the more i come to the conclusion, that cbl might be more correct.
    Cbl left turn into a hook on 6.
    There is no walkthrough (under the arm of the leader)
    Lesson learnt, thank you!
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  6. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    TBH, considering I am some sort of a troll in this thread - I am only thankful you answer me at all. :)
    GL with your project! :O

    I do not separate them - because they are connected.
    It's not an "I do my job - you do yours" thing!

    Names or moves are just...names, descriptions, terms, codes, whatever...They are made so we can have a common language.

    You teach your students 'Lento' once, 'Enchufla' once, and 'Vuelta' once, 'DLQ', once...And then when you want to teach someone: "El Dedo" (which is made out of those "components"), you don't have to teach him everything from scratch, You just can use his previous knowledge...Common language.

    -A beginner lead-follow relationship may go:
    1) I want to do the move called 'X' ->
    2) So I do the "lead for X" recipe I had learned in class ->
    3) Girl figures out I want her to the move 'X' ->.
    4) Girl executes the steps of move 'X' she had learned in class.

    -But when they grasp leading and following (and not: Choreography reciting) it's more like:
    1) I want the girl to do something. Understanding the mechanism of the dance - I lead accordingly ->
    2) Understanding the mechanism of the dance - girl follows the lead accordingly.

    *An observer may be able to dissect the dance into "sequences", but that would just be a way to describe our dance via 'names', 'common language' that we agree on.

    The lead is what you are supposed to be following. o_O

    True - practice the patterns at home, and you will use them on the dance floor "naturally".

    Impressive have no clue what I'm going to do 1 second to the future...
    Are you telling me you girls know seconds ahead in time? :O

    I do not memorize partnerwork:
    -Lead a girl to do something (or just tell me what you want her to do) - and I will come up with multiple ways to make her do so.
    -Lead me something new - and I will follow it anyways.

    When I join a partnerwork class - it's there to pick some interesting ideas I had not thought about before. (not to learn how to lead them).

    It's less about the underarm thingie - and more about the fact the girl does an inside turn during a CBL.

    For all I care - if it's a CBL with an inside turn: You can do it with any of her hands, any of your hands, or no hands at all.

    0:20 CBL
    0:21 with an inside turn.
    0:22 but he doesn't let her finish because he checks her on count 1.
    0:23 he goes around and clears the slot, which functions as another "CBL". (with an inside turn).

    0:16 CBL
    0:25 with an inside turn.
    0:26: but she can't finish because of the hand wrapping.
    0:37: he goes around and clears the slot, which functions as another "CBL". (with an inside turn).
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  7. Sina

    Sina Changui

    I think, that the "he checks her on 1" is in man's count . Right?
    I still see some disadvanges in explaining with the words "inside,outside" . I explained already, why.
    Question: from the view of the lady: what is the difference between a cbl and a walkthrough x-times left/right turn?
    I would say the underarm thingie. Anything else?
    I know another cbl with a half outside turn. I could not find it on youtube.
    But what is saw, is that a there are a lot of videos about cbls and that some of them are - from what i was tought -walkthroughs. Do you call all kinds of inside turns cbl?

    At the choreo, the girl know what follows.... if she is good, she dances the whole choreo without a leader. And if she is very good, she can even move her arms like if there is a leader . So it can happen, that the girl goes on her own-what is not good.

    how many beats before you know, what you will lead the next 8 beats?
  8. I too read an article regarding techniques like Posture and Hold,Spine positions etc which are more often used by professionals. I think this comes under Latin techniques.
  9. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    Not sure what "Man's count" means, but MB: I meant on 3*! My bad!

    "Inside" and "Outside" speaks the direction of the turn in relation to the guy.

    Think what would happen if instead of standing to the ladies left when I do a CBL, I will stand to her right. Then I will hold her right side and slowly raise it.
    The result would be a "walktrough" - except this time she does it while turning counterclockwise...

    Normally, in CBL, the follow does a 180d turn (Direction: "inside") to face you. In walkthrough it's "outside".

    CBL is that thingie when the guy clears the slot on count 7 (Traditionally: Stepping to the right), so she can pass.

    I am talking social-dance here.

    BTW: In competitions - you still have to lead the follow, and she still has to follow: If it doesn't appear that way - judges may subtract points.

    Many times: 1~3.
  10. Peason

    Peason Son

    How about 0 beats? Sometimes, stuff just happens :)
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  11. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    How about -4 beats? Sometimes you know only when it's way too late. :D
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  12. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Suggestion...study basic musical composition. Salsa, for all its complexities, really has a clearly designed format in its bar structure .
    The musical " breaks " and changes, from verse to verse, are quite distinctive , in most cases.

    There is a song on the " what's the name " section vid , by Nicholas and Marion, that defines every 8/16 bar sequence, and even sets up the "changes.
    ( Its a great song ! )
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  13. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Interesting. To be a follower has its advantages (and disadvantages).
    I am still thinking about the cbl and walkthrough thing. I have not finished yet.
  14. Sina

    Sina Changui

    As i was tought to lead the cbl , i can think about it as leader and follower.
  15. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'El Diferente' Canales

    Search the forums and you will find the dozen basics feet movements discussed and listed.

    26 is too a large number for ladies feet movements. It is closer to 13.

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