On2: 26 ladies' techniques and 9 men's techniques

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Sina, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Oh, i wanted to tell dissonant harmony: your last paragraph is true. I fully agree.

    I do not want to produce anything... i try to follow... i would like to have words for it.
    I lost the connection with a leader once, because i realised after 30 seconds for a moment : omg... this was not his limit, he can do more . At the same time i try to get my **** together... basics, frame, positions of hands, light-not pulling- otherwise its bad for connection, core, centered, weight shifting, grounded... step a good 6 and 7.
    see... to have a deep theoretical knowledge helps me to make it... i know, that this might be strange for you and a lot of dancers ...just tolerate the difference, that's it.
  2. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Hi simbaaa,
    Yes something like that.
    I know all the mentioned names. And there are indeed a lot if variations.
    And i am looking for this system - probabely of E.T. or one of his famous students - which brings it down to the number of 26 or 9 and seperates between men and women.
    There are a lot or variations to lead a wt 1,5 right turn. But for the lady it is still a wt 1,5 left turn... only the man uses different technique (he can turn or not).
    I think the the system focuses on footwork at partnering.
  3. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I did not imply, in any sense, the post was ridiculous. I gave solid information that, ALL teachers ( and dancers ) should be aware of and,knowledgeable, about the dances they teach.

    There is much misinformation relayed to students, and my only objective, is put the "record " straight .

    "Words " used in dance, have specific meanings , but if you wish to continue on the same "path", that's OK by me.
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  4. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Then if that is the case, they would be "sequences ", again, a very descriptive term..( BR calls them precedes and follows ) .
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  5. simbaaa

    simbaaa Changui

    That sounds like a syllabus to describe the moves or patterns in words, that you would perhaps use if you saw a progression that you like on the dance floor, so you drop a quick note to yourself to try later, i.e. [inside turn], [change hand right to right, double pizza turn]. This is very individual and you could come up with your own naming convention and just use that? I don't know of any rules or set "techniques", other than generally agreed upon names, such as hammerlock, touch n go, etc
  6. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Yes, maybe my use of the word "techniques" makes it confusing. Maybe basic patterns, sequences or whatever is better.

    Terence, it is totally o.k. to correctme, if i did not use the right word for what i want to say. This thread is about words and meaning and certainly a system .

    Simbaaa, you understood. And because i feel that my system with own "naming" is weak and sucks... i am looking for someting better/more professional. And since i heard about this numbers of 26 and 9, i am curious about it.
  7. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    1... exactly

    2...Of course you can but, they may be only of use to you,and that's OK..

    3... there are set techniques in dance, that have been established for over 90 years . They follow, sometimes, the laws of physics, and in others,theories that are time honoured ;
    for ex. Footwork, Foot positions, Amount of turn. CBM .
  8. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    This site is here for many reasons, and one is giving info. to new people to the genre.
    You may get several answers to any posed question, and, there are some very knowledgeable people on this site as you will come to find out.
  9. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    Hold on! I never debate to "win":
    It's always about trying to understand each other more and developing the topic.

    At the moment - I already understand what you are talking about. Now I am just intrigued as to why it matters to you.

    -I actually like your question: That's why I was trying to understand.
    -I never considered you, or what you were doing ridiculous - I'm still at the phase of trying to understand you; how can I even judge?
    -I never called you a beginner or a terrible dancer. I don't even know you.
    -I never "accused" you of trying to get into the business - I did say that what you were looking for could be helpful to instructors who want to write a syllabus. (But less to people who want to sort, or understand their dance).

    I hope that my intentions are clearer now: I wish to discourage no one. My apologies; if I made you feel that way - then I'm really sorry!

    Oh!!! Now I get where you are going!
    -If you want to break amalgamations into bits ("Sequences"?), then you don't really need to look that far.

    Copa, CBL, Outside Turn, Inside Turn, Hand Toss, Check...That's pretty much usually enough.
    You may also need to describe the hold position (I.E: "Left over Right", "Hammerlock", "Guy stands to the left should of the lady, facing the same direction") and timing (I.E: "On Count 2") to complete your explanation.
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  10. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Hi guys,
    back to the topic.
    I am still looking for "it" (26/9 techniques/patterns/sequences... call it like it is correct). I think, it is only about footwork during partnerwork. (And i think, things like drop and catch, shoulder to shoulder.... do not belong there).
    And the "it" i am looking for, describes the "it" in a separate way for the leader and the follower. Is "inside" or "outside" really important for the follower? I would say, no. Because a wt x-left turn without anything else ends in a pivot and a wt-x right turn not (usually , i am not sure if there are exceptions).
    Afaik, inside or outside describes just the position of the leader but does not say anyting about the direction of the turn.
    See, that is why i am looking for this syllabus, hoping it has a convincing systematic.
    I am sure, that all answers i got might be of poeple with more knowledge than me. But until now nobody could/ wanted to help me with this small peace of knowledge.
    Please .... don't get angry with me, because i don't give up asking .
  11. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I believe you mean, foot "positions, I.e, the direction of the mans foot/feet , in a given set of steps.
    " Footwork" is the first part of the foot, that makes contact with the floor, when commencing to step, in any given direction.
    You will be better served, if you are able to post a vid. of yourself , dancing .
  12. Sina

    Sina Changui

    What a great idea, terence!
    What should i dance exactly for you? Which patterns, techniques, sequences?
  13. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Any... Simply, to see where your question applies. And, It's NOT for me it's for you !!....
    If you know a way that I can teach by the written word only, please inform me .
    And, you will not be ridiculed..
  14. Sina

    Sina Changui

    I am looking for a certain syllabus.
    I cannot understand how it should be helpful to make a video of a wt left turn with a hook on 6 of me.
    Or can't you imagine what that shoud be?

    Watch 1:15 to 1:17 of the youtube video with e.t.:

    That's it.
    To describe what they are dancing with words in a structured way (based on e.t.) that is what i am looking for.
  15. Sina

    Sina Changui

    Terence-sina-terence sina + a little bit dissonant harmony + simbaaa =
    Where are you girls?
  16. Sina

    Sina Changui

    There might not be too many people who have this specific knowledge and would like to share it... but this is a forum with a lot of knowledge, so there is still hope.
  17. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    I have no idea what ET bases anything on, but may be there are some ET advocates on the site . I do now have a clearer picture of what you need .
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  18. Dissonant Harmony

    Dissonant Harmony Rhythm Deputy

    I have no idea what this is "based on E.T', but it's a CBL (with inside turn) -> then you check the girl On1 and lead her to go backwards to the left of you (or just pass her from her right) -> Then you clear the slot for her to do another CBL. (In this video: He made it a 180, or 360, or "Rotating CBL", or whatever they call it. I personally never botherd to figure out).

    This is popular enough to have a famous name: "Around the World". (Although the variation I know works with CBL when you hold her left hand with your right, so after her turn it wraps here, and that's how you lead her back).

    In my venue they would just call the 1:15~1-17 part "Cross -> to check", which is often associated with "Titanic".
  19. Sina

    Sina Changui

    I am not sure, if the syllabus is of E.T. or of one of his students. Unfortunately I know only a part of it. But I feel that even this small part, is very helpful.

    Dissonant H.:
    From the follower's view i would never call the ladie's sequence in the video a "cross to check". And "titanic" is something different (l was tought at beginner's lessons) Why? Probabely because l had not your instructors. We are often tought different names mostly without any system.
    There is the strong argument: look, we are dancing and there is no need to talk about what we dance. It is the same with music, virtually there are no notes necessary... unless ...
  20. Desafinado

    Desafinado Tumbao

    I just saw this thread, and know what you're looking for. You've been asking so nicely and patiently, so here you go, directly from one of E.T.'s famous students, 12 follow and 9 leader footworks. I don't know anything about the missing 14 follow footworks, if they exist at all... you'd have to ask Eddie Jr. to look it up in his dad's big binder. :)


    Use it wisely! Send me a message if you need help deciphering the notation.

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