On1, On2, Cuban, whatever... SF salsa style guide

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by MacMoto, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Well done. You are the real Mac.... Kudos to you MacMotosan... lol!
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    Thanks, Mac! :D
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    ...so done!
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    Mmmm seems as though the links no longer work - a by-product of the site upgrade no doubt. Just thought I'd bring this to the mods' attention :)
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    Yes I'm aware of the problem - I will go over the links when I've got time so bear with me ;)
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    :cool: (also i can now re-use emoticons :eek::rocker::banana::roll:)
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    Links to SalsaForums posts and threads were like viewtopic.php?p=nnnn#nnnn and viewtopic.php?t=nnnn, and now after some software change they are like showthread.php?p=nnnn#postnnnn or showpost.php?p=nnnn and showthread.php?t=nnnn, with different numbers.
    The previous links don't work anymore and lead to an error.

    We can now search by Key Word(s) on Titles Only, so we can retrieve a thread knowing its title, however it looks like we have to exclude some words from the keywords (maybe small ones).

    General advice: When giving a link to a thread, it's better to give it's title and not only it's URL, and doing a link showing the title is easy with some simple tag (url).

    Thanks to MacMoto for providing these threads titles.

    So here it goes (with number of replies at the time of checking):

    General guide:
    Difference between salsa-styles and general knowledge (11)
    Inquiring mind of newbie on salsa styles: (35)

    Comparing styles/switching between styles:
    ON 1 & ON2 Dancing What is the difference (48)
    On1 transitioning to ET2 Corner (336)
    porting over on-1 patterns to on-2/ET2 (68)
    How is On2 styling different from On1 styling for women? (46)
    Dancing On~2 with an On~1 partner (18)
    Switching styles in one night... (13)
    LA style or Cuban?!? (12)
    Dancing in the slot or not (9)

    On2 (ET2, Power2, ...):
    On2 Basic --- Bewildering (58)
    Many questions on Eddie Torres On2 Basic Techniques (11)
    quick-quick-slow OR slow-quick-quick? Why? (53)
    What's the "shape" of NY? (32)
    Why do you have to alter the basic step to dance on 2? (10)
    Transitioning from Power2 to ET2 (9)
    Could someone describe On2 like The Peach did ET2? (21)
    What is the difference between P2 & ON2 Dancing ? (20)

    On1/LA style:
    My first LA experience... (18)
    LA Style survival guide - 3 tips (35)

    Cuban (Casino) & Rueda:
    Cuban style salsa (35)
    Learning Cuban Casino without Rueda (7)
    Cuban Salsa - You like it? Know about it? (52)
    Rueda de Casino (56)
    Is learning Casino Rueda good or bad for the beginner? (12)
    so i've learned a bunch of moves, now how do i dance? (24)

    cali style salsa (22)
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    Thanks for your help Alias! Much appreciated. Have copied the new links to the top-of-the-thread list. :)
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    Nice guide! Thanks for posting MacMoto!
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    wow, thanks for this post..i was looking for answers to alot of the topics/guides..you provided..just trying to uo my game to impress my gf..lol ;)
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    I can see the section on Colombian salsa is seriously lacking :p
  16. azzey

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    There have been many discussions about Colombian Salsa over the years. If you use the search function I'm sure you can find them and add them to the list.
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    Thanks for sharing such a great list of dance threads. I am sure it would help many users who love dancing and are keen to know about different styles of salsa.
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    Thank you! very useful!
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    Around the world many people talk about de The Cuban Salsa Style never visiting Cuba. How can they do that? I don´t know because the Cuban Style is more than style, it is a philosophy of living and dairy behavior. Take in mind that in Cuba any three four months baby is able to follow the music rhythmically with the head. It sound incredible but it is true. I saw many people abroad dancing Cuban Style and I can´t understand who trained them.
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    Thank you for this list.

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