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Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by bexiga, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. bexiga

    bexiga Changui


    I've just started salsa a couple of months ago and was very surprised to hear English songs being made into salsa versions. I've heard the Lenny Kravitz, the Pink Panther, Coldplay. Was wondering if there were some more similar.

    I've also looked around and read that there were remixes by Sean Paul and songs like No Woman No Cry and Ain't Nobody Salsa versions. Would it be possible to hear them from someone.

  2. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Anglo-salsa music

    There's also a salsa version of Bill Withers' "Lovely Day", and one of "Lady In Red" (my SO owes me BIG TIME for dancing with her to that).

    The coldplay track is from a charity album full of latinized pop music. Personally I find most of the album somewhat gimmicky. If you want really gimmicky, and are old enough to remember Kraftwerk, try Senor Coconut's "El Baile Aleman".

    If you want a more serious Anglo-Latin sound, check out Alex Wilson (his track "RnB Latino" was very popular in Britain a few years back)

    Finally, check out Salsa Celtica for an accessible blend of latin and scottish traditional music.
  3. ville

    ville Nuevo Ritmo

    Hola bexiga!

    Welcome to salsaforums :) Can I ask you what song from Coldplay you have heard, was it any good? I would also like to hear that song!

    There are many remixes from english songs, Get Busy and No Woman No Cry also, but many many more. I personaly haven't heard Ain't nobody, but I assume it's good :)

    I would recommend Massimo Scalici (You, Fragile, Something Stupid), he's made lot's of remixes all together. Then there is also Eurocuban Project whom has Never Leave You and Get It Up remixes (for my information). I also have salsa remix fro Beatles's Yesterday, but it's pretty awful :)

    IMO the best salsaremix is Regresa A Mi from Nklabe & Kiuldret, it's from Toni Braxton's song Un-break My Heart, following Kevin Little's Turn Me On salsa remix. 50 Cent's In Da Club salsa remix is too played imo.

    Hope these helped!

    edit. And of course there is La India - Si Tu Eres Mi Hombre, from Celine Dion's Power Of Love.
  4. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    there's also

    Hotel california

    When i need you

  5. ville

    ville Nuevo Ritmo

    I forgot Orquesta La Palabra - Careless Whispers! There is also a salsaremix from Backstreet Boys's song but I can't remember which one :)
  6. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    ah, thar she blows!
  7. DeeplyDippy

    DeeplyDippy Pattern Police

    Coldplay's Clocks, remixed as a Chachacha is enough to get me to go buy this album :)
  8. bexiga

    bexiga Changui


    This is the first time I've ever joined a forum so you can imagine my surprise getting so many replies so fast. Thanks for all the info. It was very very helpful.

    Now, another thing is I've tried locating some of the songs through a program called LimeWire but can't seem to find any of them. Is there another way to get them?

    Ville - The coldplay song is from the album Rhythms del Mundo. Do you know where I can find the Get Busy and No Woman No Cry?

    Sweavo - got the Lovely Day song and its amazing! Tks
  9. praecantricis

    praecantricis Descarga

    Bexiga check your PM's.

    I have the album (Rhythms del Mundo) , all it all its very mellow - almost evey track is a C3 though and I don't know anyone that can lead it which is very frustrating. My fave DJ sped up the sting fragile a tad last night to make it salsable - it worked very nicely.

    I still can't get the track dancing shoes out of my head - it's the first time I've heard a song that to me screams for a choreographed routine. There's a repeating punctuating bit in the music - bam, bam, bam, bam BAM....I have in my head 4 spins and a body roll...the whole thing danced by 2 girls, mainly footwork but some bits in partner work with the lead going back and forth between them. It's driving me nuts.
  10. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    It's surprisingly good!! :D As is Franz Ferdinand's 'The Dark Of The Matinee', sorry I'm repeating myself........said all this on the 'what I'm listening to' thread :oops:

    Hello bexiga :D Welcome to the salsa world!
  11. DeeplyDippy

    DeeplyDippy Pattern Police

    I'll have to see you again before BritSalsaFest ! My Chachacha isn't the best but I love it :D
  12. DeeplyDippy

    DeeplyDippy Pattern Police

    bexiga - welcome to SalsaForums :D
  13. Jambo

    Jambo El Sabroso de Conguero

    I know what you mean :cry: I always seem to end up leading, come to think of it, I do with bachata too (a bit of girl on girl action :D)
  14. DeeplyDippy

    DeeplyDippy Pattern Police

    Ho ho ho :lol:
  15. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Yes, there's a technology from before LimeWire that should be able to get it for you, called SHOPS. You pay a small amount (the 'price') which goes to fund the production of the music, including a cut for the artist, helping to keep salsa music from disappearing altogether, PLUS it's not theft!
  16. bexiga

    bexiga Changui

    Thank you all for your warm welcomes.

    Just wondering, was in a salsa party last night here in Dubai and heard a song which had the main words Stormy Weather. Any clue of the proper title and who sang it?

  17. ville

    ville Nuevo Ritmo


    I know it's difficult for people who buy ALL their albums/songs from shops, but sometimes people should accept that not everyone has extra money to buy albums, that is simply a fact. And it's not like those people dont support the industry, of course they do. Don't get me wrong, of course I'm into buying, but also supporting the industry by spreading the culture therefore making WAY MORE effort than buying one album/month. And If I would have a steady job instead of college, I'm sure I would use all my EXTRA money on albums. And how crazy does this sound, why can't rich musicians support my dancing since I dont have any money to go to classes! :)

    Just kidding, buy albums if you have money! If you dont, dont feel bad about it :)
  18. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    Heh. I don't own all the tracks in my possession, and I truly believe that peer to peer stealing of tracks helps consumers make decisions and encourages spending in niche markets.

    I think the corporate music industry does not support consumers, artists or art but only its own pocket and I abhor the way the industry decides what the 'consumer' wants by plugging away at airplay and saturating the market and the minds of the people with lowest-common-denominator dross.

    If you are curious about an artist or a track, and you don't know how to get it, sure turn to illegal downloads to make your decision. But if you know the track and artist, please buy the music! Musicians are humans too, not just data on an iPod. They are not our music-producing biatches! (they are the record company's music-producing biatches however but that's a different story!)

    We don't ask our window cleaners to clean our windows for free because we like the way they clean our windows best. We don't go into Starbucks and steal their chai tea latte without paying because we truly appreciate chai tea latte and deserve to have it, but can't afford $3 for a coffee!

    Uh. Can you tell I used to be a musician?

    Ville, the people who do not have extra money to buy albums are the people who should "accept the fact", and fricken well go without. Or skip one night out to save up enough money for the album!
  19. DeeplyDippy

    DeeplyDippy Pattern Police

    Nicely said.
  20. sweavo

    sweavo Maestro 'Guaguanco' Rodríguez

    I got PM'd asking about how to get hooked up to SHOPs, try this much-overlooked article from the turn of the millenium:

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