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    Good documentary about post revolutionary Cuban Music - Música Popular Bailable Cubana but in Spanish
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  2. If someone can summarise what Samuel Formell says from the 12.20 mark I'd really appreciate it. Especially regarding the Songo.
    I promise I'll learn Spanish soon!
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    OK here are those forst 3 minutes of the Samuel interview. He says more later but this is the first part more or less.

    When I was 3 my father created Los Van Van in the year 69 on Dec 4 and from that day forward I don't think I ever missed Los Van Van. I went to the rehearsals, I went to the recordings, I went to the live concerts. When a record was released he would put in on at home. And all the time there was always music - seeing my father composing, arranging - the different stages of the orchestra Van Van from the 70 which was a decade when he was very influenced by North American music, by pop - also by rock. He mixed all of these things, this music these musical genres inside himself, expressing the clave cubana - the movement of the cuban dancer - he mixed this and I think that songo came out of this.

    What is song? Let's define it.
    Look, songo has - because there are many variations within songo itself - there is something very important, which is the clave. You always have to keep in mind that we make the music over a clave, even if the clave isn't in the arrangement. But internally we have to's always there. So, one of the things that began to differentiate was what I mentioned to you - the piano tumbao, the pattern of the bass, the rhythm of the drums because the first group that had a drum kit in Cuba was Los Van Van. So my dad mixed with Changuito this same .... (makes drum sounds) with the high hat as if it were a beat, but (sings more drums) also with a different conga pattern. All the rhythm of the congas of Los Van van (sings) this same (sings again) so when you add the bass, you add the piano pattern - it's a music you dance to.

    Instrumental demo
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  4. You are too kind!
    I wonder if you're kind enough to translate the whole thing :p.
    Pupy and El Tosco as well! I am missing out :(
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    If no one else wants to have a go at it I can do some more when I have time. I was thinking of writing to the guy who uploaded the video and asking him if he might add English subtitles because I think a lot of people would be interested. He seems to have uploaded more than one Cuban music documentary.

    I did that subtitling of the Que Suena La Timba several years ago. Took a long time and now I've seen someone has downloaded the video from my channel and uploaded it to their own channel and it's being shared around. I find it irritating but what can you do? I don't own the rights to the documentary. But I wish people wouldn't do things like that. Sorry got a bit OT. Good night!

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