marketing On2 while making fun of On1

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by granrey, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. terence

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    Paralysis by analysis......
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  3. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    yep, I think you are right. I guess it relates to the rocking step in On2 being longer than On1 (due to shifting the beat). it kind of gives you a different feeling.

    it's kind like you do two quick steps for something but this time for some reason after the first quick step you hit your big toe with furniture and you end up doing the second step very slow (while arching your body) rather than normal speed. thats kind of how strange it feels.
  4. vit

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    I thought it was shorter in on2 (due to shifting the beat) :D
  5. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    well it should not be. On1 the rocking step is a quick, which includes the hip movement. but On2 the rocking step is a slow.
  6. Dissonant Harmony

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    It is more natural for me to do a very tiny breaking-step after a 'slow', compared to after a 'quick'.
    Therefore my breaking step when dancing On1 / Power On2 would be shorter than my breaking step when dancing "ET style".

    *How small? say: "Freeze" right when I break - and I'd be in the 3rd position. (sometimes 1st!)
  7. vit

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    I tried observing where I'm placing my feet if on1 or et2 ... was pretty much the same
    Obviously dancing theory is much more complex than just comparing quick and slows ... for instance you can reverse you direction before, at or after the beat even if you do the break step exactly the same time, depending how you do it ... and the moment when you have maxium weight on particular feet also differs from dancer to dancer / venue to venue etc ...

    Granrey, I suggest learning several on2 styles first and see what are the differences between them and between several on1 styles, they you can try making some theories of your own ... but generally yes, they are all permutations of each other
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  8. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    do you mean shorter in time or shorter in distance?

    MAMBO_CEC Capitán Del Estilo

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  10. Dissonant Harmony

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  11. Offbeat

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    This video is pure gold!! Thanks for finding it. It is the ET that I have heard when he talks and discusses music, conga, on1 and on2, etc. but there is more in this 30 minute video. I would say everyone should watch it.

    This is why I like ET. He is humble. He doesn’t put down others. And he is able to explain why he does what he does!

    He also says have fun on the dance floor :)

    P.S. - It is also an example of thought leadership and intellect rigor, I was referring to on the other thread.
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  12. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    I also have to say that there is nothing in what he is explaining that I wasn’t taught in beginning days of my salsa dancing. It didn’t take him more than 20 minutes to explain many basic things that I think all salsa students who have gone and taken (structured) classes for more than 6 months should know. Yet sadly they don’t.
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  13. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    this a very good video.

    I liked the part about being structured. I mentioned in another tread that Tango is more structured than Salsa.

    I also liked the talk about the clave. Years ago when I came to this forum to learn about bits. I got to read somewhere that Grupo Niche wrote couple songs without the knowledge of clave and when they went to New York, they were overly critized for it. I think is something similar to what he explained.

    A thing that confused me on the video is that he mentioned. On1 is quick quick slow. while On2 is quick quick quick (this would mean a pause on the 4 like you would do On1). Which I disagree but hey, he is the master of this. So the odds is I'm wrong. Btw, On1 dancers naturally think the first 3 steps should be quick, I used to think like that as well.

    I have to watch the video slowly again to make sure.
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  14. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    No, it is not! It is no less or more structured.
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  15. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    That is not necessarily correct. Take a cross body lead double right turn for example:

    On2 = break step is on the 6th beat and the preparation for the turn is on the 1st beat. Gap of 3 beats.
    On 1 = break step on 1 and prep is on 3. Gap of 2 beats.

    The time between these two actions is different even though it's the same pattern.

    Once again on1 does not equal on2
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  16. Smejmoon

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    If you repeat it enough, will this eventually become truth? :D
    Even if the brand owner tell you the opposite?
  17. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    (a) On2 -- actual style nowadays looks more like this QSS

    ..1.2..3..1.2..3 - steps
    1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8* - beats

    (b) People dance variations from mambo/son/puerto rico 2 :

    ..1.2.3...1.2.3. - steps
    1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8* - beats

    (c) till what ET was teaching in nineties and people still teach. Also some dance that way.

    3.1.2...3.1.2... - steps
    1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8* - beats

    (d) Corresponding steps On1
    1.2.3...1.2.3... - steps
    1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8* - beats

    1 is brake step, 2 is after you changed direction, 3 is the longest step or one where you open up for cross body lead.

    Now observe that in each of those approaches time for weight transfers is different after steps 2 and 3. With exception of mambo (b) and (d) On1.

    I'll forego explaining how dancing on1 and on2 relates to music. That it relates differently is by definition.
  18. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    I hope all the letters and numbers in the table makes it more convincing. Otherwise I'm ready to show differences in person.

    Maybe it also explains why ET perceived his style as QQQ in video. You gotta be quicker with long step and this is also explanation why in oldskul ET2 videos feet were brought together after break step. You just don't have time to stretch it. You're stretching the short step instead. So it makes it more choppy and feel is different.
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  19. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    actually, I watched the video again. I still have the same conclusion.
    when he says "quick quick quick, quick quick quick" what he actually mean is 1,2,3 - 5,6,7.

    numbers tipically reflect to the steps when you move the feet. the bar has 8 bits but people do 6 steps and 2 pauses (Which not get counted)

    when people say quick, quick slow. they tipically refer to timing. like you can take the first two steps quick (1 beat each) and the last one slow (2 beats) or still do it quick but follow with a pause.

    but in his case, he is not doing that he is reffering to 1,2,3-5,6,7.

    However, its very interesting the way he explains it. I can do the On2 basic better now thx to his explanation. I just tried now and it seems natural.

    I was thinking in On2 you do the pause on the third step (the rock step) since you do the pause on third step On1 (the walk) but not he does that step quick (1 beat). this has blown my mind lol. its an eye opening.

    "the pause" it's the beginning of the next quick.
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  20. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    this is what I was thinking On2NY was (blending the 3rd step with the pause) but in the video he did differently.

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