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  1. dc

    dc Changui


    I'll be in Madrid for the first time in early March. I'll be staying at a place on C/Gran Via, 2 28013 Madrid (have no idea of course where that is).

    Anyway, I'll be happy for recommendations on clubs that are close by or easily accessible. (I understand they start very late and end around 5-6 a.m....big cultural difference to Washington!).

    I dance on 1 or on 2.


  2. luisco

    luisco Nuevo Ritmo

    I'm not from Madrid but since i was there on vacation about two Weeks ago I guess i can help, hope some madrileno can fill the gaps, Gran Via is a great place to stay since its in the middle of the city and you'll be able to reach most of the places easily either with the Metro or with the "Buhos" (night buses);there are a lot of places to dance Salsa in Madrid so its difficult to find the hot spots, luckily i had a local salsero to guide me around, the places i recommend are:

    ATOMIUM, c. covarrubias 21,
    Salsa Monday. Rest days, commercial and pachangueo

    AZUCAR, there are two: new: c. Atocha 107, old: Paseo Reina Cristina 7
    From Thursday to Saturday, 70% salsa, bachata 30%, no kizomba.

    CATS, c. Julian Romea, 4
    Sunday, SALSA session. Salsa with some bachata and kizomba.

    Thursday, Session from 22h to 1h, with 3 DJs (60% Bachata, Salsa 20% and 20% Kizomba).

    RAMDALL, c. Ferraz 38,
    Tuesday: Session Kizomba Nights, mainly Kizomba, followed by Bachata and Salsa.
    Rest days, Salsa with some bachata.

    SHABAY,c. Miguel Angel 3
    Wednesday, Salsa Session , salsa with some bachata and Kizomba.

    TROPICAL HOUSE, c. Gran Via 54,
    From Thursday to Saturday, primarily Salsa, Bachata and a room with little of Kizomba.

    PARCHE, c. Ayala 120,
    Wednesday: Kizomba session Nights, mainly Kizomba, followed by Bachata and Salsa.
    Rest days salsa with some bachata

    The best ones were the new Azúcar (great on Fridays and Saturdays), Ramdall , Tropical House (Thursdays) and on Sundays Cats.

    I dance mostly on 2 but also on 1, and don't like Bachata, or Kizomba that much.
  3. dc

    dc Changui

    Thanks, luisco. Sounds like all the info I need.
  4. Salsayogi

    Salsayogi Changui

    I will be going to Madrid in feb. Is this list still good? Are there any updates?
  5. Dionne

    Dionne Changui

    does anyone knows a good salsa in Madrid this Christmas? 24, 25 & 26 December 2012?
  6. canei

    canei Son Montuno


    I put this together on another thread last month. Will copy it here. As for Christmas parties, I guess most of these will be open, but I haven't seen them advertise anything for Christmas yet...

    OK, I've added a whole bunch of extra info apart from answering the question, since I haven't seen another thread about Madrid here.

    As far as I know in Madrid clubs don't really divide themselves by style. A club may have a higher percentage of dancers that dance one style over another, but you will always find a mixture.

    Having said that, seeing someone dance on2 here is a real rarity, though I have no doubt that they exist.

    I guess you would be staying in the centre? so I'll lay out a few places near there.

    All these clubs open at midnight. They might be open for classes beforehand, but the music won't start until 12.00

    -Ramdall: (C/ Ferraz 38) Open everyday except Monday. Higher percentage linear styles.
    -Azucar: The original (Pº de Reina Cristina, 7) is open everyday except Monday, and the new one (C/ Atocha , 107) is open Thursday to Sunday. Both lean more towards Cuban, but again I stress you will find a mixture of styles in every club.
    -Tropical House: (Plaza de los Mostenses, 11 esq. Gran Vía 66) open Fridays and Saturdays only, it has been ages since I've been there, so I have no idea what its ambiente is.
    -Keeper: (C/ Juan Bravo, 31) Sundays. So I've been told, there's two floors so it tends to split into one floor for cuban, one floor for slot styles.
    -Juanchito: (C/Fundadores 7) Fridays and Saturdays. This is a Colombian club, and it sits right on the border between a dancer club and a latino club.

    If you can handle yourself in Spanish, here's a pretty up to date list of all the clubs, however a lot of the ones listed are out in the satellite suburbs, so check the location first!

    Also that is just a list of the 'dancer's' clubs, I'm can't even begin to go into all the latino clubs.
  7. Dionne

    Dionne Changui

    Thanks Canei :)
    Are you staying in Madrid now? If there happens to be any Christmas events in these places, could you leave a note here?!
  8. canei

    canei Son Montuno

    Yep, still living here, until about Feb/March. You can find me in the new Azucar most days it's open. As soon as I see anything posted for Christmas I'll let you know :)
  9. canei

    canei Son Montuno


    Dionne, you wanted christmas, new year/info.

    Usually you get a free drink if you bring a copy of the flyer. Not sure if it'll apply christmas/new year

    Tropical house new year's even flyer - vieja en tropical house.jpg

    Both Azucares christmas & new year's flyer -!/photo.p...286131506.5253.100000773065630&type=1&theater

    Ramdall put up their flyers on their fb page usually 24 hours in advance.!/

    Also here the put a daily list of what's open
  10. EC Netherlands

    EC Netherlands Changui

    Hi, I don't know where to start a new thread here.. so I post it here:

    I will come to Madrid for a few days and I would really like to dance salsa.

    I'm dancing Cuban salsa for a year now.

    I know that I can go to discos and bars to dance salsa, but I was actually looking for lessons in this period.

    I think most courses are not open for 'strangers'? Do you know whether there are workshops or 'bootcamps'? Where can I find information?

    If there is no salsa workshop, it could also be other latin dance.

    Does anyone know a good agenda or website for further searching?
  11. sallykks

    sallykks Changui

    Hi, i will be in Madrid on Feb/5, 2016 and would like to go salsa. any recommendation ?

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