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    Hector Lavoe & Willie Colon got back together to make a real "Mafioso" recording. Even though they had the reputation I think they felt the need to take it to another level. So they made Juanito Alimana, about a dude who terrorizes the neighborhood like maybe "Pablo Escobar" ? Not sure who they were talking about, but at the time there was no one like Pablo Escobar.

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    OK, so you wanted lyrics, this is about a marica that came out in the 80's


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    Or what about El Gran Combo talking about racism in this track in the early 80's ?


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    I agree Yuca that Superfly was commercialy the biggest success at the time. But Curtis live at the Bitter End had even more importance, because that was Curtis Unplugged.
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    Cortijo y su Combo - Watergate
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    It's a character loosely based on a number of persons in the music industry who had "juice" or were well connected. That even when they got busted, they were able to escape the consequences. Thru bribes or other means. This is a Tite Curet composition and has nothing to do with Willie or Hector trying to convey anything personally, as much as it was Tite drawing from real life that they were all exposed to while under FANIA.

    ALIMANA is the Spanish synonym for rodent or pest.

    JUANITO can best be translated to mean JOHNNY.

    And that's all I have to say about that... :muted:
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    Alimana could also be "doble sentido" for "Mala Mana"
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    I was singing "El gran varon" in the shower to my girlfriend, with improvised mambo section; then I said - "It's a great song, but maybe you don't want to know what the lyrics are about" :D :D
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    Some deep lyrics:
    Willy Meléndez - Inteligencia o Nada

    la no existencia es la felicidad de todo
    la inteligencia una experiencia cruel
    si tú más sabes más te preocupas de todo
    si nada sabes tú no tienes padecer

    la no existencia es como si fueras nada
    si nada tienes nada puedes tú perder
    como eres nada, nada puede hacerte nada
    como eres nada, tú no tienes padecer

    nada, nada, es mejor vivir sin nada

    tanto que tuvo en la vida y al morir le quedó nada
    pero qué chévere que está mi guaguancó
    pero qué chévere que está mi dulce amor
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    Some funny doble sentido lyrics
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    Does anyone find that some lyrics turn them off?

    There was a song I used to love, musically its great, but I dont speak Spanish. I know many words due to the topics songs often touch upon, and I know some basics, but many words I dont know. One day I heard the word for "sinners" in the song. So I sat down, translated slowly, and found out the song was calling on people in the Santeria culture/religion to stop sinning, and convert.

    That really rubbed me the wrong way. I dont mind people having their faith, but when people or songs proselytize to the point of guilting people into converting, I just dont like it. People obviously have every right to, but now I cant listen to that song.

    And its not that. I have found songs that structured a story where someone hitting someone or making them cry was justified, or other unpleasant things.

    Most of the lyrics I have translated or examined have been fine, but occasionally one throws me for a loop.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Yes. Before I understood Spanish there were songs I liked and then stopped liking when I finally understood what they were about. In my case it's the misogynist songs that turn me off- I haven't run into a religious song where they were guilting people into converting or even talking about sinners a all so that hasn't been a problem for me.
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    Yes the religious ones are rare. I can only think of 2. Usually when there is an issue, its misogyny or violence.

    Still, the vast majority of lyrics overall I have found to be cool, when I've taken time out to translate.
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    Talking about double entendre:
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    whatever that is about went way over my head
  16. rafa

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    :oops: I don't dare discuss these lyrics in a public forum.
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    ok so I can remain blissfully innocent of the true meaning :)
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    Examples please?
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    I dont remember song titles well, it would take me quite some time to track any particular one down. If I can make some time this weekend, I'll try to find one or two.
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    Thanks. If you don't have time to summarise lyrical content/the reason why you dislike the lyrics that's fine.

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