Legal age to dance bachata??

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by jaxsalsero, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. jaxsalsero

    jaxsalsero Changui

    I had an incident a couple of Sundays ago where I was dancing bachata with a 16 year old. :eek:(I swear officer she didn't dance like a 16 year old.) That story is in the funny salsa \dance stories thread.

    I don't think I'd be cool with my daughter dancing bachata till 18. What do you guys think? Any parents out there? At what age would you let your little girl start dancing bachata.

    ***Just for the record, I kept it respectable...***
  2. AguaDulce

    AguaDulce Pattern Police

    The cultural roots of Bachata are in the DR. In the DR, it would not be culturally abnormal for a 16 year old to partake in one of the countries indigenous dances like bachata. In other cultures, it might be different but that happens sometimes when people from different cultures attempt things that are not germane to their culture.
  3. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    Another thing would be whether it was with a group of people who, mistakenly, think that the only way to dance Bachata is with your groins in permanent communion.

    If it was a child of mine, I'd have no issues with her dancing Bachata Troy and Jorget style.

    If however we are talking those people who simply disguise their lack of ability to actually dance by hip locking for 3 1/2 minutes, then several people would be leaving the club with broken faces :)
  4. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    I am absolutely against it. I just feel over protective when it comes to those little girls who are supposed to be innocent.
  5. kbitten

    kbitten Clave Commander

    emily started to dance when she was like 15..I never thought she was that age first time someone said to me..

    so pretty much it depends on the lady and how she looks for you to discover her age..the problem I see with bachata ( and thats I discover it here in SF) is that most guys go to this dance to "put upon" girls ( I dont know if its the rigth verb) can dance with "hips locked in"and still show respect..

    here its very common bodies be closed when we dance, so we are used to it..

    I dont dance bachata but Ill never do it with you people kkkk. you have a distorted view of this dance hehe
  6. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Supposedly? But most of them these days are absolute devils :D On serious note, know enough horror stories of girls (not the salseras) causing or getting into trouble.

    Two summers back I danced Bachata with someone at a club. We had danced Salsa earlier. The club has a bar, so only 21 and above are allowed. I guess on Monday nights, when only salsa dancers show up, may be they relax entry rules. After the dance, I discovered she was only about 19! She was there only for the summer and her mom use to escort her to the club.

    I mostly sit out Bachata, unless I am dancing it with my partner or someone I know well. Once at a club everyone was out on the floor. A friend of mine who doesn't dance and I were only guys on the sidelines watching. And there was another girl standing near by. For almost half the song she kept on glancing in our direction hoping to be asked to dance. So, I did. I don't think she knew how to dance Bachata properly and was probably imitating what she saw others doing (immediately proceeded to flung herself in close contact and not following but moving on her own). Boy! did I feel mauled or what :D Had to apply restraints on her making my frame stronger and dancing open. For the records the mauler was probably thirty something.

    BTW in A/Tango it is not unusual to see young girls dance in close embrace.

    It is best to avoid dancing in close contact with younger ones!
  7. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    Why did you get that impression from SF ? You are imagining the problem :) It's not true. Most guys are infact intimidated to dance in close hold. Many who dance in close hold - know how to and aren't doing anything funny. There will always be exceptions (guys who take advantage).
  8. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Well, I wouldn't mind if my daughter were 16 and dancing with a guy about her age. It's nothing worse than the usual high-school dancing, I'd guess. But with old guys like you?:)

    Fortunately most of the clubs here are 21-and-over, but I know one woman who smuggled her 15-year-old daughter in once.:eek:
  9. opm1s6

    opm1s6 Sabor Ambassador

    What if the girl is 10 years old? I swear there was a Venezuelan girl who was up until 4am every night and was dancing bachata at the Punta Cana salsa conress.
  10. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    Here we go again...another one for the WEIRD SALSA journals.

    I've pretty much had it drilled into my head that salsa is NOT a social affair. I mean, sure, it's a "social dance" but in name only. People take salsa classes because they want to dance, period. Anyone who considers salsa as an arena for meeting people and making friends is a fool.

    So why should age matter?

    My favorite salsa event by far is an all ages night held at a local club. It often attracts huge numbers of people who are under 21 - and they're my favorites to dance with by far. There's a notable difference in personality, as in they actually smile at you. Many of them have never danced salsa before, so you don't have to worry too much about boring them to death if you aren't a great dancer.

    I haven't really paid a lot of attention, but I think I see other regulars (older guys) dancing with them as well.

    I also recall a student in one of my classes who was very young - maybe fourteen. Since we rotated partners, I danced with her several times and really didn't think much of it.

    Are you saying that older men shouldn't dance salsa with young women? If so, why? Dancers are essentially on public display, so most individuals are going to be on their best behavior.

    Regarding the original question, what does it matter? We're talking about social dancing, which means everything ends on the dance floor, right? Latin dancers often "flirt" with each other; so what?

    Then again, if I was a parent I'd probably be a little paranoid. Still, I think the dance floor is a relatively safe environment - there are certainly worse alternatives.
  11. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    You are being sarcastic at this stage I assume?

    Couldn't quite pick up your tone with regards to this statement from the rest of your post.
  12. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    No, I'm not being sarcastic at all. I've read countless threads and articles revealing that many salseros won't even date fellow salseros; they're there to dance, period. It's hard to carry on a conversation while dancing, and many people don't even ask their partners' names. Some salseros are downright unfriendly. (I've met some pretty frosty people.) And everything you do is hardly behind closed doors; you're essentially on public display.

    So why is it wrong for an older man to dance with a younger woman? Is it just some sort of social stigma thing - "What are people going to think about me?!"
  13. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    I call most of the above rude and wouldn't consider dancing twice with such anti social mood killers. Whilst I think the anti social have their place (in the corner away from the human beings) we shouldn't allow such crude behaviour to become an accepted norm.

    Sure don't date on the scene, it keeps life simple, but the fact is you should be a pariah as an anti-social person taking part in an incredible social dance scene.

    It's not younger, we are talking minors, not the same at all. The fact is whilst the anti-social people are around, there are also those who are there for 'more than the dancing and the chat.' In such a potentially sexually charged atmosphere, one must be careful to protect children.
  14. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    That is not what is being said. Responsible men of any age will dance appropriately with women of any age. Age is not the issue.

    All that was said was about getting caught off-guard. I think most of us on this board have danced with someone 15, 16 or 17 at one time or the other. But when that happens, we don't express sensuality aspect of dancing the same way we would with an adult.
  15. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador

    OK. I'll have to save my pelvic thrusts for the next generation. (Just joking!)
  16. lastquestion

    lastquestion Changui

    Well, people are people. Actually, I don't ask people's names, unless they are new people, mostly because I know who they are already! Unfortunately I forget people's names quite easily especially in salsa, because they are so many people coming and going, but I try to make an effort.

    Plus, it's so hard to dance with everyone you want to dance with before the night's out, so I generally don't carry many conversations and dance madly. I think a lot of people are like this. But after, when the music's done, I think people are pretty social.
  17. chr

    chr Shine Officer

    I remember last year at the PSP salsa festival an about 9 year old girl was placed second at the bachata Jack&Jill (with a random adult partner).
  18. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Oh, I think it's easy to make friends in the salsa scene, even if a few people are snobby or cliquey.
    Dating... that's another matter. It hasn't worked out for me, but it obviously has for the guys going out with the few women that I showed interest in!:confused:

    Anyway, like Offbeat said, we 'mature' guys definitely want to tone it down when dancing with minors; and I'd be very wary of an angry mom, who's going to be far more dangerous than even a large boyfriend.:) OTOH, I don't worry about the women over 21. If they want to dance sexy with me, it's fine, and it is just dancing.
  19. Ron Obvious

    Ron Obvious Shine Officer

    Well, salsa, like any hobby that takes up a many hours a week of your time, is a good arena to meet people. But so is also your work for instance. But because you also dance with (most of the time) with the opposite gender, I'd say those who say salsa is just a dance are simply lying (maybe to self).
  20. chr

    chr Shine Officer

    That's just bad logic. For example if you are hair dresser for females, does it mean it's more than just a work for you?

    Or, if I play chess exclusively with men, does it mean that it's "more" than just a hobby?

    Still, I can see your logic: of course dancing may be more gender-specific, than other hobbies or occupations, since the fact that my partner is of the opposite gender is essential. However, even that does not necessary imply anything in a particular situation:

    For example, if I tend to compliment women for their dresses (I don't compliment men, so it is focused on the opposite gender) it typically does not mean anything, other than that her dress is OK and I try to be polite. It could mean a lot of things in certain rare particular cases, but generally: it is just socializing.

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