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Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Chris_Yannick, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Where I live, there were not any options to learn more than the basic step. Thank goodness for you tube and Addicted to Salsa for showing me more moves. I would watch the videos, practice what I could at home, and then meet a friend to practice with before social dancing to work out the kinks. Worked great! Five years later, I still try to learn moves from videos, especially Cuban moves that aren't typically taught anywhere.
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    This is a really interesting discussion. I can say from experience that learning from Youtube as a beginner is a terrible idea. I started out learning Cali style and Cuban rumba from Youtube and ingrained so many bad habits. Took me twice as long just to get past what was ingrained. This was ESPECIALLY true for Rumba. I spent just a good 4-6 months just going over the muelleo.

    But I WILL say given 6-12 months of solid practice up under a teacher face-to-face to the point where you can learn somewhat on your own without the teacher needing to break things down constantly... only THEN will learning from Youtube take you from the average joe into the envy of your studio.

    While the other students sits on their loins waiting to be spoon-fed the information from their teacher, the Youtube autodidact is already going to be trying their hand at new ideas, and ways of moving to the point where their style and particular flair will develop early. That as well as the completely unique skillset you are going to gain from constantly watching and taking moves from others is what will fling you into superstar status in no time.

    Self-learning even through Youtube is something that in almost all cases (except at the very beginning of your journey) can only make you much better and set you apart from the rest.
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    Ohhh... Are we talking about partner-dancing? Sorry. Youtube is a definite no-no then. You are only going to learn that from constant practice with a partner.

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