Kizomba at a salsa night

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by suitz, May 9, 2011.


Kizomba at a salsa night

  1. Yes please!

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  2. Just a sprinkling...

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  1. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    Just for you wildbill... ;)

    I think kizomba is ACE and must absolutely be played at EVERY single salsa night whenever wildbill attends! :D :lol:

    All in favour? :tongue:

    Seriously... discuss... :argue:

    I hand over to you wildbill... lol.
  2. salsashoes

    salsashoes Sonero

    no never . go to a kizomba night .
  3. DJMarco

    DJMarco Changui

    These days I play kizomba more than bachata and the crowd loves it :D
  4. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    May I ask why more than bachata?
  5. DJMarco

    DJMarco Changui

    Both are played but I prefer kizomba/zouk a bit more myself, also the people are loving it more and more so naturally I play sometimes a bit more of one than the another.
  6. Salsa Student

    Salsa Student Pattern Police

    There's a local Bachata social that plays the occasional Kizumba, actually works out quite nicely (and yes I do realize this was a tongue in cheek thread aimed at Wildbill).
  7. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    There's no kizomba in my area - many of the kizomba songs I heard in London are considered zouk songs here (zouk is quite popular).

    (There's a bit too much of zouk, bachata and merengue played at salsa nights here to my liking :()
  8. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    MacMoto you officially have my undivided attention... where is this place you speak of?
  9. MacMoto

    MacMoto Administrator Staff Member

    You mean you like the idea of a night of 2-3 salsas followed by 2 zouks followed by 2 bachatas followed by 2 merengues? :eyebrow: I'd be very happy to swap places with you then...
  10. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    Only the bachata interests me... :)

    The rest I can tolerate...
  11. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    Kizomba, Zouk and that whole family should start up their own scene. They have enough variety of cash generator inspired dances under the umbrella to do so.

    Heck I'd rather have reggaeton! At least it has some relationship to Salsa, especially if we get into Salsaton territory.

    I'd rather not even tacitly support people teaching this 'interesting new dance family' by supporting venues which play it, thereby fuelling the dance classes of the people parasitising latin dance to promote it and make cash from it!

    I don't like Zouk, I don't like Kizomba. If they were people I would send them to Coventry! kk?

    Sure salsa nights can use a change of pace as provided by a sprinkling of Bachata, merengue, I throw in the odd Cumbia even, but at worst you are playing Salsa 'cousins' however removed.

    However for those who love Salsa and are responsible for the scene existing at all, we only have so many hours to get through a limited playlist which will hopefully throw up tracks we love already or will love on hearing.

    You start diluting the playlist even further with 'Kizomba' (I use the word pejoratively) and the chances for those tracks to appear goes lower and lower till the Kizombies are having a great time and the Salseros are having an 'ok' time. No thanks.

    Raaaaaaage! :p (You'd be amazed I am the cheeriest, easiest going Salsa promoter going in person, but I do have strong views :)
  12. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm with MacMoto - and particularly WildBill... The problem in Australia now is that salsa seems to be the only dance left without its own congress! There is the Sydney Bachata Festival, Planet Zouk and so forth, but Sydney Salsa Congress is no longer :eek: :mad: Actually, it's (now Sydney Latin Festival) done very well, with a Brazilian Room and a Salsa Room, which is great for people who like both kinds as they can move around. However, the performances are all mixed up - I'd be for a separate Brazilian performance night - I'm not that interested in watching zouk, and the samba I find repetitive and dull. Obviously, when it's experts dancing it's always a joy to watch - I didn't mind the west coast swing couple not dancing salsa as they were mind-blowing.

    At the Melbourne Festival, on Saturday night, we had to endure a 40 min set of zouk in the middle of the salsa, and bachatas in threes. Yes, I like bachata, but it was a little too much. At another party in Melbourne, the zouk room is next door and you can hear the beat over the salsa :rolleyes: In Australia they also play enormous amounts of chacha. The salsa is fantastic in Australia, especially Sydney; you just have to be prepared for a mix.

    I didn't like to say anything on this issue as so as not to offend Tocador or Poppa, but since WildBill has come out, I'm with him! Come to Osaka - DJ Angel plays just about only salsa all night! Or in Tokyo - a bachata and merenge every hour or so, then back to the salsa. Yay!

    (I'll go and hide from the backlash...;) )
  13. kbitten

    kbitten Clave Commander

    as long as they do it in separated rooms, I dont mind...

    or if is ONE song between five good salsa I wouldnt mind either..
  14. lolita

    lolita Capitán Del Estilo

    Imagine going through a department store where anywhere you look, there is a work of art by the legends like McQueen, De La Renta, Galiano, Dior, and all of a sudden you wake up to the unsweet reality of something lame like Jessica Simpson for Target!
    That's what zouk/kizomba/zachata are....Jessica Simpson for Target
  15. SoulStar

    SoulStar Son Montuno

    I am so with you on this. I haven't got anything against Kizomba/Zouk/Zachata but apart from being a partner dance, it doesn't have anything in common with salsa. To try and force it into the same bracket, is a disservice to both salsa and kizomba.
    Promoters, please feel free to flyer your kizomba events and to have them in seperate rooms but don't inflict it upon salsa dancers!
  16. Smejmoon

    Smejmoon El Sabroso de Conguero

    Can you tell me why? I must admit if I'd live in Australia I'd do zouk more than salsa, since I like that variety not one in Europe, but still... salsa is very strong in Australia; zouk dancers I know from Australia are very very good salsa dancers. I don't understand. My only explanation is the music. That there are people who just don't go extra step to adjust to salsa.
    Tell me why?
  17. azana

    azana Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not the right person to ask as I've only recently moved to Australia (and had never heard of zouk until I did!) I imagine because many of the large schools e.g. Latin Motion with Oliver and Luda, LDA with Jamie Jesus (festival organiser) and Spin City teach all dances and therefore wish them to be covered at festivals - ??? In Melbourne they also mix in tango, which I would have thought is popular enough to have its own scene. I have no problem with the other dances, just would prefer greater separation between them and salsa. At festivals I've attended here, there are often workshop slots with no salsa on offer. I'm happy to take bachata options, but not tango/zouk/bachatango etc
  18. SalsaGipsy

    SalsaGipsy Capitán Del Estilo



    OK, OK, I don't mind if it is in a separate room somewhere down the corridor.

    Personally I don't dance kizomba because the music doesn't move me at all and I don't want to watch it because there is nothing to watch - admit it, it looks boring. So, this is just lost time for me. If you play kizomba it would be strange not to play bachata, if you play bachata there will definitely be some chacha, maybe merengue and others - you end up with half of the time non-salsa music. Or worse. I did not come for that.
  19. SoulStar

    SoulStar Son Montuno

    This is my preferred setup -
    Salsa Room - Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata
    Alternate Room - Kizomba, Zouk, Lambada, R&B

    I don't care too much for Reggaeton and Merengue, I guess they would both slot into the salsa room, if people are especially desperate for it.
    For me, Kizomba really jars against the flow of music when it's predominately salsa, it only works in the same room, if put in just after a bachata towards the end of the night. Ideally Kizomba and Salsa should never be in the same room. That's my honest opinion, feel free to differ!
  20. olamalam

    olamalam El Sabroso de Conguero

    Listening to it is boring, watching it more boring, dancing it is torture!
    I had to attend a kizomba workshop just because my ex want me to do and it was how I felt, tortured! :)

    If people want to dance intimately, bachata meets this need, why kizomba?

    In Turkey, extreme nationalist men knock each others head with the corner of their head (instead of kissing from cheek) after shaking hands. When I see a couple doing kizomba, I feel like watching two nationalist guys dancing with each other :D

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