Javier Vazquez??

Discussion in 'Salsa Music' started by retprep, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. retprep

    retprep Changui

    Hey Everyone...im having Trouble Finding any of Javier Vazquez Mp3's ...does neone have ne ....and would you share?...or if not tell me where to get his music????
  2. Javier Vazquez was the main arranger for Ismael Rivera y Los Cachimbos... So you'll find many of his most popular works there. Prior to tha he was one of the backbones for La Sonora Matanzera. Javier did his own record - Javier Vazquez y su salsa "la verdad", a must have for all hard core salseros! He also produced one Adalberto Santiago and one Junior Gonzalez record... rather uneventful but if you're a collector you might find a couple of musical pearls there...

    Great works of his include - Se formo La Rumbantela, La China De Mi Barrio, Siguelo. With Maelo... Do I really have to name them?
  3. bqnm

    bqnm Sonero


    Agree 100%, a fantastic album. Most of the nights, I play at least 2 or 3 songs from that CD,

  4. Slawek

    Slawek Shine Officer

    Fantastic but hardly available. Couldn't find any internet store that still has it.

    Maybe my friend will find it in NY.
  5. Last I saw during that whole Fania selloff to Emusica, it was available on CD.
  6. retprep

    retprep Changui

    Yea i know its really hard to get....i downloaded sum of his music...reallly good songs...

    But its hard to find..

    i'll keep searching....

    Thnx every1
  7. borikenSalsero

    borikenSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Both albums (La Verdad & Javier Vazquez Y Su Salsa) with his band are sick!

    They are both available at Cholo's Record Store in the Bronx New York.
  8. Isn't Javier Vazquez y su salsa "La Verdad" one record? Is there another Javier Vazquez record?
  9. borikenSalsero

    borikenSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    No it's not. He had one self title album plus the second titled la verdad and a third something with montuno in the title. I own the first two...
  10. Really? I own the one with the broads on the floor playing cards.
  11. borikenSalsero

    borikenSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Check it out: shopping.yahoo.com/p:Javier%20Vazquez:1927189681

    copy and paste it...
  12. You're right! It turns out he has three recordings! I checked him out on allmusic.com
  13. borikenSalsero

    borikenSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    wow, so they are that hard to get online! tried a bunch of places and nothing... I didn't realize that....
  14. salcero2005

    salcero2005 Rhythm Deputy

    I picked his stuff up in Harlem a few years ago so you can probably still get the CDs at the usual spots.
  15. borikenSalsero

    borikenSalsero Rhythm Deputy

    Yeah, I got the first 2 form Cholo's at the bronx. Wanted to check online to see if I could find them so that retprep can get his hands on them.
  16. salcero2005

    salcero2005 Rhythm Deputy

    As an alternative, perhaps he can call one of the record stores in NYC and pay for the CD over the phone and have it mailed to him.
  17. CapricornDancer

    CapricornDancer Changui

    Source of CD titles

    Here's the best: it's used by iTunes for song titles and so on:

    He has only 2 albums there:

    Javier Vasquez / Salsa Y Montuno

    Javier Vasquez Y Su Salsa / Javier Vasquez Y Su Salsa
  18. danny67

    danny67 Changui

    I have seen several of his lps on ebay.
  19. djnik2003

    djnik2003 Shine Officer

    Hi all:

    Javier has at least 5/6 solo albums some of which are only available on LP.

    1) La VErdad on Tico/Fania
    2) Javier y su salsa on mericana
    3) Javier y su sonido 81 LP
    4) Javier presenta Fonzi Cruz - 1980s LP
    5) Javier y su salsa con Wuelfo on TEca LP (part of which is on the compilation Salsa y Montuno on CD)

    6) also Linda Leida w Javier Vazquez is basically a Javier Album

    Also, javier appears on tons of albums as ana arranger and band leader.
    He is one of the most influential and important musicians in salsa (in my humble opinion).
    e.g. almost all of Maelo's albums with Sus Cachimbos, many sonora matancera albums, chihuahua y su all stars on Fonseca records, yoyito cabrera, and many more....

    - DJ Nik

  20. TwoLeftFeet

    TwoLeftFeet Shine Officer

    Recently bought Javier y su salsa on CD, a bit disapointed with the sound quality, its quite 'scratchy'

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