Is it fair to ask partner to not dance salsa etc. outside of salsa?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by Dancer10, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. SalsaGipsy

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    WTH? :eek:

    You go to her and tell her that your friends don't understand this dance and think that she is cheating on you with her dance partner. It makes you feel uncomfortable that they think this. You've tried to explain this to them but they don't understand.

    You discuss this with her, make her understand the situation. If she has the tiniest bit of empathy and cares for you, she will most probably suggest herself to tone down the dancing in this company. If not, you can suggest it carefully. Continue talking until you reach a solution to the problem.

    The passive-aggressive approaches and manipulating you partner to feel insecure may work short-term but are very, very toxic in a real relationship.
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  2. dav7802

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    Reminds me of the show "Pickup Artist" and the stuff they would teach the guys in how to pick up girls. It was really fun to watch.
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  3. granrey

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    she is gonna say: "do you think I'm cheating when I do that?"
    him: "no....."*******
    her: "good because I don't care what they think"

    ****** which is a big lie and real manipulation by saying the problem is the friends. he is the one really concerned. Friends have no saying in relationships.
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  4. SalsaGipsy

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    You are projecting too much. The OP has stated that he doesn't have a problem with her dancing in general. Therefore he doesn't think she is cheating when dancing. He does care about what his friends think though.

    If that's her final reply after the whole conversation, then she really doesn't care how he feels. That relationship has a problem deeper than just dancing. That's a whole new conversation.
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  5. granrey

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    being honest. I LOL while typing these things.
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  6. LarsM

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    If nothing else, granrey's proud status as a PUA and men's rights advocate/redpiller has been revealed. Honestly thought PUAs were extinct, but here we are.
  7. Offbeat

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    Extinct? Did they all start out hanging at salsa bars ? :D
  8. LarsM

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  9. granrey

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    PUA do no look for monogamous long term relationships. which I do.

    PUA look for casual encounters with the only criteria being if they find these women atractive, regardless if these women find them atractive or not. they do manipulation to convince women into accepting/like them. in the other hand in trying to find out if they like me or not (I already like them, otherwise I would not waste their time)

    Red piller/MGTOW consider almost imposible to have relationship with women and pretty much avoid them. I personally think is very doable you just have to find the right woman.

    Right men advocates and Feminists. I'm personally in between them. men have to learn to understand when a woman says "no" means exactly that, regardless if she just used body language rather than words. Women have to understand a man will not pursue anymore if she said no.
  10. MrR

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    I would also not credit your position the honor of being an "artist" or and "activist".

    Sounds more like some backwater guy stuck in the mindset of a ghetto version of a telenovela.
  11. granrey

    granrey Tumbao

    this is somehow an "improvement" which tenelovelas are you watching?. what were you trying to do?

    the funny thing is that months later you were able to be alone with this woman (even though she rejected you and now she has a bf ) while she was in a drunk state talking how she wanted you to be more aggresive at the time of the rejection.

    there are so many things wrong in your story and I'm still curious which tenelovela are you watching. are you "el ursurpador"? lol
  12. Marcos

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    I can't believe I agree with so much in this post. BTW, for Americans the sports guys reign supreme and will talk about sports everywhere to everyone. I bought my 5 year old son a cool looking Miami Dolphins hat as a souvenir from my Florida trip, and they will start throwing stats and names at me like I care about the team.

    Yet nobody comes up to me at the gym and asks me about salsa turns when I wear one of my many congress/festival/band shirts. :(
  13. Dissonant Harmony

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    They often ask me if I do Ballet / Salsa, but that's because I dance on the treadmill. :p
    -And between sets. :troll:
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