How to find the beats on Salsa?

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by granrey, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Thanks a lot for this, devane! IE (which I seldom use) didn't display anything, which that page suggests means that it was pre version 5. I updated IE and confirm that this broke it too. So I'm at the very least going to have to recompile with a more modern flash compiler. Unfortunately, that involves finding the source files more than a year, and two OS re-installs, since I last saw them!
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    I really appreciate the time you spent writing this post.

    I watched the videos of "How music works 2" 3 times.

    I got admit it was really educational for me.

    There were couple things that I like to point out.

    I did not feel any beats on the clock. I just felt: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,/ LOL (I tried hard). I did not feel 1 and 2. However, I did understand the 1,2, when the lady was running.

    I did not feel the beats at beginning of the video, when somebody was playing a violin instrument and they added some drums to demostrate that it had a beat. However, i did notice the violing was following a cycle.

    I also felt when the two instruments were kind chasing each other because one was one beat behind.

    I've been listening more salsas and the these information is being really helpull.

    I think I can find the one on any salsa that I listen right now. What I'm still strugling is to find the others. As I said before, I'm dividing the cycle in 8 spaces.

    This part is hard to explain but I noticed when the music gets faster or slower is kind like if he cycle is shorter or longer and i still find "the one" on those circunstances. I guess that should be good news. In other words I pretty much have an idea all the time where I'm at on the cycle even though I can't count or feel the beats.

    What I notice too is that certain instrument that was making a sound on 1, later on on the song it dissapears and when it comes back the sound now is done on 5. Could it be that I simply got lost? I have repeated couple times on the songs that I noticed the change and I still get the same result.

    by the way, I'm also finding "the 1" even though when is implied.

    Anyway, this weekend I'm planing to watch videos of people dancing salsa with music dancing "on 1" and see if my counting matches their dancing.

    That should tell me if I'm finding "the 1" correctly.

    thanks Guys.
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    LOL. maybe you could sell yourself to science. I bet some psychologist would love to do a project on that!

    It could be that you got lost, or it's perfectly possible that you are dead right. Although salsa dancers count to 8, the music doesn't always go in 8s; sometimes 4 beats are added or skipped for effect. Usually this will happen on the quieter, jazzy parts of a song. Since you get the same result on multiple listenings, I reckon you've probably got it right.
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    Wow this thread is a gem.

    I would suggest to moderators to make this one and a couple of other threads regarding timing/find the beats in to a sticky.

    Granrey: I skim through the thread and right now have to run. Let me say something in short - you at least have a head start of listening to the salsa music for many years. I can completely relate to your challenges in finding the beats . I have had the same problem and continue having so (you can say my ability to hear the music in a salsa composition is below average). Sometimes I wonder if I am musically dyslexic if there is a such thing :) Theoretically I do know how to find beats in salsa music, one of my problem is I am extremely indiscipline (in trying to put it into practice). So if along with the hearing as an exercise you also start practicing with your feet, you will get there twice or thrice as fast. The various exercises suggested in the link somewhere above are very good. Don't skip them, try to do those exercises for 15-20 minutes everyday for a few weeks (or more as needed). You will see a drastic improvement in your ability to step on the beat (without consciously counting).

    Don't try to match your counting by watching people dance unless you know for the fact their timing is good. A lot of even good dancers during the dancing tend to drift off by as much as a beat or two and then come back. Many are off by plus or minus half a beat during the entire dance.
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    I'll do that if you dig up those other threads for me ;)
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    I did do that if I could only figure out how the search functiom works on the site :( In past I had very little success in searching some thread that I know exists.
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    I went to the salsa merengue site and for sure there is a big improvement.

    I can find not only beat 1, I cand find others too.

    I will continue the routines they explain. Now, the salsamerlizer makes sense.

  8. agarcia97

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    try this

    jai and candys timing CD is pretty good. It goes over both a 3/2 and 2/3 clave...helps you identify the total 1-8, 1 and 5, 2 and 6 for all different styles.
  9. opm1s6

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    jai and candy's stuff overall is very good. I rate them as instructors although I've never taken a class.
  10. granrey

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    I decided to bring this back from the grave for the Lol and in case someone has the same problem lol.

    all these people did helped me to find the bit in 2008 and I've been dancing a lot of salsa. it's almost 9 years lol
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  11. Peason

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    It's not only finding the beat that changed in these last 9 years :D
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    Geez, we did unleash a bit of monster, didn't we :p

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