how many of you dance On1 with feet together okn beats 4 and 8?

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as the title

  1. feet together on beats 4 and 8

  2. offset on beats 4 and 8?

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  1. granrey

    granrey Sonero

    I'm curious about this based on my other tread.

    for instance, if you watch this video, you will see this guy teaching to dance with feet together on beats 4 and 8 but as soon as he tries to demonstrate, his feet are offset..... but it seems that people that dance On2 think that most On1 dancers dance with feet together.

  2. dav7802

    dav7802 Son

    Not me. My teacher doesn't teach feet together.
  3. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    For me, when dancing on1 I use either feet together or not depending on the next action. For example if am going to do a 70 I will close the feet on3 to block the lady, but if am doing a CBL I will remain with feet apart and to the side to build the momentum. So "it depends" is my answer (shame that we don't have that option).
  4. granrey

    granrey Sonero

    I mean your basic sequence, no particular moves.
  5. granrey

    granrey Sonero

    you forgot to vote lol
  6. G809

    G809 Changui

    I don't think it's about on1/on2. It is just easier to learn and pick up the movement this way for an absolute beginner so that's why it's taught.
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  7. Offbeat

    Offbeat Maestro 'Fania' Pacheco

    I agree with above. It is a teaching tool. It's just that the instructor either doesn't recognize that it or fails to enlighten the student.

    I have seen in other dances where a teacher where clearly says, this is only to help you learn, please do not dance like that socially.

    I don't think I see anyone dancing on1 with feet together. It will look awkward and interrupt the flow.
  8. Jag75

    Jag75 Shine Officer

    In class instructors will teach beginners to put feet together - this is a choice and for some people this actually works better, because they then can more easily "get" the basic step. It doesn't work for everyone, though.

    Personally I find it awful, but as others have said Frankie Martinez teaches this way for his reasons, and I'm not really one to question him - he's an incredible dancer.

    One thing though - if you're in a very tight dance floor then this is acceptable - many dance floors in NY are very tight indeed, and people generally do only back steps then together, unless initiating a CBL.
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  9. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    They need to join my beginners class !!...
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  10. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    There is nothing wrong with closing the feet on 3 and taking time to transfer the weight for 4. Salsa dancing is not about travelling. Yes, if you are advanced you probably like to travel but I see a lot of people who do not place their weight quickly enough on the moving foot resulting in a number of awkard looks (like sticking your foot out) to getting out of time. In latin the smaller the better! So I vote for feet together on the basic.
  11. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    It depends who I'm dancing with and how fast the song is. Traveling salsa can be fun and somewhat smoother, but staccato salsa with feet together can also be fun.

    We should be careful is disparaging not just on1, but 'feet together.' feet together is not the same as 'beginner.' normally what we associate with beginners is uncontrolled bounciness, movements that look robotic, that coincidentally gets paired up with feet together. In other words, they rarely know what to do with that pause when their feet are together without looking awkward.

    If you look at a good rumba dancer, they certainly have a way of making 'feet together' look natural, and still flow. Beginner rumba dancers, same bouncy problems. Too elastic, like they're sinking into the ground rather than responding to it, using it. So it depends on the music and my partner. Both ways feel fine, whether on1 or on2.
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  12. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    You would be well recd, IF it was 1950 !!... wanna get smooth ? then travel. Stopping and starting is a very unatural action, and IF you had taught as many students as I, you would probably change your opinion .
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  13. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    Apples and Oranges
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  14. vit

    vit El Sabroso de Conguero

    By stopping and starting, do you mean the moment when the feet are closed, or when doing the forward/back break step ?
    Because, if/when we close the feet, we don't have to stop and start the body ... during break steps, we have to ... ;)
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  15. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    We could make arguments for everything, and that's why it's dangerous to say one way is right versus another.

    I would say, you 'start and stop' just the same when you are traveling, with a more dramatic shift in momentum when you 'break' than when you step feet together, whether on1 or on2.

    When I step feet together, or at least step very very small, I feel a lot more centered and in control, which is very useful when the song is either very fast, or the girl understands that motion more easily. The momentum doesn't shift as dramatically when I'm breaking, because I'm not 'marching,' like beginners do... just shifting weight.

    I tend to 'travel' more, if the song is slow enough to give me the space to do so. But dancing feet together is sometimes nicer, more relaxed, and sometimes even more romantic if you're dancing with the right partner. Not to mention that in the wrong hands/feet, to my untrained eye, that 'traveling' motion looks a lot more ballroomy than feet together.
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  16. dav7802

    dav7802 Son

    Aren't they dancing on2. Lol. So they are doing feet together on2. Not on1.
  17. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    All of your post is opinion ( which is fine ) But, I base my post on empirical and factual evidence of having taught both methods to get what is an easier passage of development, into a smooth dancer. If you prefer the stop and start method fine.. but that is not the method I now use and I abandoned the other over 40 years ago.

    I should emphasise that the "travel " I teach is very minimum, but the feet DO pass .
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  18. terence

    terence Maestro 'Descarga' Cachao

    When closing the feet ( centre ). That is exactly how of school Mambo was taught ( and maybe still is in chain schools ).In essence break steps are done with the body hence they are a form of "rock " step .
  19. elanimal

    elanimal Tumbao

    I agree, a lot of my favorite dancers step small but do travel, just very very small.
  20. Live2dance

    Live2dance Shine Officer

    I think we are mixing things up. Closing the feet does NOT mean stopping. When we mark time in Rumba or cha we do not stop. I accept your expert opinion, however my experience having danced with beginners and intermediate dancers for almost 2 decades now is that when they do not close their feet in salsa, they become very messy. And it goes both for leads and follows. This is my personal experience.

    Adding a further element, when I first took mambo lessons in my BR dance club twenty years ago, the teacher was clear that in mambo you do not close your feet. In fact she noted this element as a big difference from salsa (at least Cuban style).
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