How long were you stuck in the 'beginners hell'

Discussion in 'Just Dance' started by hasters, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. hasters

    hasters Changui

    In the spirit of the thread "why do followers improve faster than leaders" (fascinating read, I've read every single post in it.. i have too much time on my hands i know lol..) I thought I'll ask the salseros here how long it took them to get past their sticking point and hit that point where improvements came alot quicker. What did you do to get past it and what would you have done differently?

    I definitely have not gone past my sticking point and often i struggle on the dance floor... gotta push past the pain barrier i guess..
  2. chrisk

    chrisk Super Moderator Staff Member

  3. Blair

    Blair Descarga


    Have set and ask ask ask ask ask ask ask, blitz it until you get passed it.
  4. acpjr

    acpjr Tumbao

    Do shines and lots of them. Video record yourself as soon as possible.
  5. SnowDancer

    SnowDancer Clave Commander

    Still stuck in salsa hell. It's like a cat chasing a string that's always out of reach.:)
  6. Salsa Bear

    Salsa Bear Sabor Ambassador


    I struggled through it for the better part of a year, began feeling like I was pulling out of it, then crashed and burned, due to a number of factors. I'm still very addicted to Latin music and dance and continue studying the music and culture. I may tackle the dance again if and when the planets are properly aligned. ;)

    (If I wasn't so stupid, I'd have saved my money by not taking classes and just spent six months in Cuba; great way to learn Spanish at the same time, eh?)
  7. salsamarty

    salsamarty Rhythm Deputy

    I would say about a year. That's when I left the dance studio and started going to clubs. I also started dancing with people other than my wife. It is very important to dance with a variety of people which is why they rotate partners in class. It can also help to try out different instructors. The occasional private lesson can help too. I was able to do all this in year 2. I should say that I didn't start dancing to anything until I was in my 40's. I was a slow learner at this. Having watched beginners enter the scene and progress I still would say that it takes 6 months to a year to get our of hell. Probably longer for leaders than followers.
  8. malcolm

    malcolm Sonero

    Probably a year the first time around, but it comes back in fits and starts when I forget that I'm only doing it for fun.
  9. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

  10. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    I got out of it, now I'm back in it!

    On the other hand being in a town mostly dominated with novice dancers, at least I don't have a great deal of pressure while I sort myself out again!

    On the other hand my Bachata seems to be going nice places, so that's something I guess.
  11. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    I too have just recently returned for my regular appointment in Salsa Hell... I might start being eligible for discounts soon
  12. kbitten

    kbitten Clave Commander

    today I remembered this thread when I saw this video :!/video/video.php?v=240638490859

    kadu and larissa are partners and when they decided to "learn" west coast swing, you can see the leaders hell thing..

    larissa is dancing with jordan like she already knew the dance (just because she has excellent following skills) and kadu is pretty much struggling wiht tatiana to do the basics..

    Thank god I am a follower jajaja
  13. DancingGuy

    DancingGuy Rhythm Deputy

    I'm still in Salsa hell and will always be there.
  14. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    I doubt that. At some point your body will get used to whatever you're doing, it'll become a habit and you'll have more mental energy for other things.
  15. suitz

    suitz Nuevo Ritmo

    Tonight, I just got an upgrade in Salsa Hell...

    I got the following message at the club:

    "For being a regular visitor, we would like to show our appreciation and extend your stay with us for free... We hope you enjoy your stay..."


  16. DancingGuy

    DancingGuy Rhythm Deputy

    That's not entirely true. It depends on the person. My father has been dancing with my mom for a few years and is still struggling like a beginner. He is off on his timing 95% of the time, he still can't lead properly, and is having an extremely hard time remembering certain steps. In the words of my mother, "he's awful." But of course, she told me that when he wasn't around. ;)

    Part of the issue is they never went consistently. They would go for about 2 months for lessons and then they go on a 3-4 month hiatus. Then go for another 2 months of lessons and back to their hiatus again. Currently, they're on a hiatus again, but it looks to me like this one is permanent because my dad seems to have given up and my mom has given up on him. But what I'm getting at parents have been taking lessons on and off for about 3 years and my dad is not even close to escaping beginner's hell. He is stuck there!

    So my point is... Salsa is hard!! Very hard! Depending on your natural talents, some may get through beginner's hell very quickly, some may take a while and some (like my dad) may never get past it, sadly.
  17. azzey

    azzey El Sabroso de Conguero

    Not surprising. Dancing once a week for a year still is not enough, so someone who goes for 2 months out of every 6 is definitely not getting enough practice.

    In the beginning I was doing 4 classes a week for the first 6 months and dancing after every class with every girl I could. Over the last 9 years I've done even more. If you want to be good at something you have to put the effort in.

    No, all that proves is that anything that you need to learn that is different to our current learned behaviour needs consistent daily practice.
  18. DancingGuy

    DancingGuy Rhythm Deputy

    Yeah. Well, I guess that explains why my father never learns. He puts absolutely no effort whatsoever. He just goes because my mom goes. But you can tell that he has no interest in dancing.

    I take classes three times a week, go to socials occasionally, and I practice my footwork at home by myself as much as I can. It may not seem like a lot, but it is a lot considering how busy my schedule is. But I'm a motivated Salsa freak, which explains why I dance better than my parents even though they've been dancing longer than me, lol.

    Basically, my salsa hell is rather unusual. It was definitely hard during my first few months, but during my 4th month of dancing, I seemed to have gotten past it. My group instructor teaches blazingly fast, covering around 7-8 turn patterns in a one-hour class. It was extremely hard at first, but I was shocked how I eventually picked them up so fast after going to class for a while. Even the girls in the class were so impressed. But in our last class, I struggled a bit. I blanked out when dancing with a couple of the girls and really messed things up. But after about 5 minutes, I was back on my feet and rolling again. But as you can see, my Salsa hell came back during those 5 minutes. It was scary! So, sometimes you think the Salsa hell is gone, but occasionally, it comes back to haunt you.
  19. wildbill20056

    wildbill20056 Sabor Ambassador

    Just wanted to pick up on this. Would you say that your class vs social dancing balance is very heavily in favour of the classes?

    If so you might want to try to increase the latter till it balanced out, even if it meant sacrificing some class time.

    Why? Well a) It's good to never lose sight of the fact that the classes are ultimately to increase your ability in social events and b) Practical application of your skills is as good a learning process and tool as the classes themselves.
  20. DancingGuy

    DancingGuy Rhythm Deputy

    Nobody goes to the socials at my dance studio. It's so bad that the owner cut down and now, socials are only held once a month and the price dropped from $10 to only $5. She's probably desperate for people to come! But yeah, it's pretty bad. So many people in class, but very few at the socials. Not good!

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